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Repost (without caption) ! This video is soo funny and cute! 😂😍❤🍨💓 #arii #ariisarmy #baddiearii #coolestwhitegirl #theylovearii @arii @arii @arii @arii @arii @arii

Ugh. I wanted to meet her soo bad. But unfortunately, I'll never meet her ❤😢 I wonder if she could come to Tampa again, but I know that I'll never even meet her :( Second, I really want her to follow me soo bad. Because she doesn't even care about the haters said about her. Even with her red hair, she still looks very beautiful in it. She is very kind and sweet to her supporters whoever she meets. I wish that I had the same feeling when I met her. I know she is gonna follow me but I really don't know if shes gonna. I want her to notice me more but Idk if she wants 😕😰❤
#arii #ariisarmy #baddiearii #coolestwhitegirl #theylovearii @arii @arii @arii @arii @arii @arii

Idk what to post (forgot to watermark it 😂) ❤😂 #arii #ariisarmy #baddiearii #coolestwhitegirl #theylovearii @arii @arii @arii @arii @arii @arii

keep arii happy at all costs ☹️❤️
@arii #arii #ariisarmy #theylovearii #coolestwhitegirl
creds to @ariisteam ily

The coloring flopped 🙄😂 o well
rm; trillxnique

dt; @exclusiveariel cause she has always been a great friend 😋💜 Tag Ari 💕 @arii

#arii #theylovearii #coolestwhitegirl
#musically #thetheylovearii

idk if I like this
comment opinions!
#ariisarmy #coolestwhitegirl
@thetheylovearii @thetheylovearii



as still of today white people never know the struggle of being black😭☝🏾 @daddyciaa

idky but I just wanted to say happy birthday❤️ @heyomary💖
vc// @queen.haleyy__ 🔥

umm boonk gang whole lotta drug shit? 😭

Why you actin autistic ? @imwoahvicky 💀

follow me for more freaky videos @isaacsvideos🍑

This the shit I do when I’m bored @imwoahjay 💀

iPhone 8 is hot😍


wassgood? @xxxtentacion😧

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behind the ScEnEs😱

she killed that🤤🔥 @yvngcamila

happy 100k to the dance king himself @the0fficial.cam🔥

your 3rd emoji is your reaction🤤


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