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Idk what to post (forgot to watermark it 😂) ❤😂 #arii #ariisarmy #baddiearii #coolestwhitegirl #theylovearii @arii @arii @arii @arii @arii @arii

Rm; gayformaddie

Dt; @baddieariel cause he saw it first 😋

#arii #theylovearii #coolestwhitegirl #musically

ARII IS ACTIVE TAG HER ISKDJJDHFJ 😭💘 Arii if you see this pls like and comment @thetheylovearii @theyloveariismom #coolestwhitegirl #theylovearii #ariisarmy

sooo im currently working
on a video edittt💒💒
i really hope you guys like it!
it will be up later todayyy💒
tag ari & arielll☄
#ariisarmy #babyariel #arielsbabies #theylovearii #coolestwhitegirl


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left👶🏻 @babyariel
comment your opinion :) !

How’s your guys day?? @arii #coolestwhitegirl

babymarii tour plz @babyariel @arii @itsmarioselman :/?

:'( I'm so proud!!

a queen @babyariel

in a decade we finally get another #zariel pic <3 I hope it is confirmed and I hope they are happy @babyariel @bruhitszach

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bad baby <3

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bratz baby doll® @babyariel

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sunkissed queen @arii 🌊🔥

stolen from my favorite page @babyarielfairy 💖

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omg lol

Incase you didn’t know @kyliejenner is pregnant and the father is currently claimed @travisscott and @kinggoldchains claims it’s his baby😱‼️ follow @isaacsvideos▶️ for more videos and celebrity updates 🚨 and for more notification, turn on post notifs👸🏻


as still of today white people never know the struggle of being black😭☝🏾 @daddyciaa

idky but I just wanted to say happy birthday❤️ @heyomary💖
vc// @queen.haleyy__ 🔥

umm boonk gang whole lotta drug shit? 😭

Why you actin autistic ? @imwoahvicky 💀

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iPhone 8 is hot😍


wassgood? @xxxtentacion😧

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behind the ScEnEs😱

she killed that🤤🔥 @yvngcamila

happy 100k to the dance king himself @the0fficial.cam🔥

your 3rd emoji is your reaction🤤



i stg this is so relatable😭

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why is she so mad tho? 😭

"Got dem big guns man" 😭💀

💀 vc: @yaboi_kye

literally me @theylovezoe💚

cHiLd AbUsE @daddyciaa😂❤️

I love this app so much so you guys should check it out to get money💰 • link in bio• that isn't my voice it's a edit 💀

such a barbie® @nickiminaj
vc: clip from saturday night live🌌🌃

there is no comparison with them and the gays. that boy came out her stomach and now he in love with her. that is so nasty 😷

Port Saint Lucie Teens 😛!
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You know what they say , facebook is for old ppl 💀

that's my song bro 😂 @remixgodsuede

i miss west cary middle 😩 @omgitsjayyy_

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IRMA UPDATE : Do not put your generators in your garage and do not connect the generator to the main electricity. It can start a fire🔥 #HurricaneIrma

smh , and mine hasn't gone out hehe I'm always the lucky one 🙃

omg same


i can't 💀

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