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Drowning in what we've become... #converge

never forget it

Day 22 of #mayvinylchallenge - sealed release/never listened to.

Converge - Jane Live, John Dyer Baizley edition, 2xLP transparent green, lmtd 500, converge cult.

Wolves in the Throne Room - Demo, clear vinyl, ván records.

I agree with @jennn_erator, I don't usually buy records intending to never listen to them. However, these two are exceptions, I guess.
So this converge record remains sealed because I have another variant that I've listened to many times. It's all the same, so I left this one sealed.
As for the wittr demo, I don't really know why I've never listened to it. I own Diadem of 12 Stars, and figured the songs were recorded as I was supposed to hear them on that album. So now, it's kind of become a thing for me; I haven't listened yet, so there's no need to do it now.

Sometimes I listen to music while I hike, here's some hardcore thrash metal motivation for ya! 🎧 Converge - Last Light. (Give it a listen if you're into that kind of music) 🤘🏼

i need you to be the strength of widows and soul survivors
i need you to be as fearless as new mothers and new fathers
i need you to be the hope of hearts who lost true love
i need you to be the might of their first kiss
i need a purpose and i need a reason
i need to know that there is trophy and meaning
to all that we lose and all we fight for
to all our loves and our wars
keep breathing
keep living
keep searching
keep pushing on
keep bleeding
keep healing
keep fading
keep shining on
this is for the hearts still beating.
.. yes I've posted these lyrics before.. but just try not to be pumped by them 👊🏼👊🏼 #converge #metal #motivation #pushpeaks

#fbf to the temple of leaves in Los Angeles right before #wildheartworkshop at @yogalastudios with the super busy @artofloving Yoga does not look or feel a certain way it just teaches us to look and feel. #holyshitimalive #yoga #converge


Confluence 😌 🌅 #converge #kaunascity

Stoked to add this to the library at the office. So much amazing inspiration within these pages. Love Jacob Bannon's passion and commitment to everything he puts out.

#seedanireadbooks #colour #abstract #officelibrary #designordie

#Nowplaying Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind #Converge #AllWeLoveWeLeaveBehind

Gym pics are douchey but here's one on arm day anyway #nerdswithguns #converge #chinismywife

Listening to Part 2 of this story while god mg through the Dunedevil book all created in the C-Scape Dune Shack within the Peaked Hill Bars National Historic District in Provincetown, Massachusetts. #converge #supermachiner #wearyourwounds #artandmusic #art #music #records #recordcollector #cds @converge @jbannon

My old album collection. Had a couple hundred more without jewel cases that I tossed this weekend. I have @spotify and no CD players anymore 😔#metal #converge #deathwish #everytimeidie #metalcore #lambgoat #hardcore

You have walked the fault lines
And you have crossed them all
This world doesn't fight you, you fight yourself
Thinking we fail you, you fail yourself


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