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OK ya dumb but I found funny so it being reposted. #ControversialTruth

Regrann from @absar8055 - regram @dickbanks03xx
Some strategies work no matter what century It is. - #Controversialtruth

Regrann from @mass.awakening - This is how the world really works. The common man, is at the bottom. Unless you swear allegiance to Satan it is unlikely you will go beyond this perpetual cycle in this world. Only Jesus Christ can break us free of the bonds of the world and sin! Once we are born and receive our SSN. Then we are constantly vaccinated. We are sprayed periodically with toxic chemicals from chemtrails. Water is fluoridated, our food is filled with processed chemicals and gmos. Almost everything on TV is to keep us distracted. This system is designed to keep you under control enslaved to debt, apart from Jesus and in the dark. Its time to BREAK the CHAINS!
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@Regrann from @thepoorguy - Esteban Santiago, a U.S. citizen and Iraq War combat veteran, told the FBI voices were urging him to fight for ISIS before he allegedly gunned down 13 people, killing five, at a Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport baggage claim carousel. A law enforcement official says he told the FBI that the government was controlling his mind and was forcing him to watch ISIS videos.--------------------------------------------------------- If you are being personally targeted for abuse by other users, please dm me a pic and I will look into it. Arguments and discussions are still allowed. Remember that people are assholes and it is allowed on this page. It is if you are being singled out that I will take action. Trolling is still not welcome and will result in a ban. Please keep it civil. Win your arguments with evidence not insults
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We are called to be a generation that loves, speaks truth and takes action in a culture that is swayed by social norms! #counterculture #strangersbecomefriends #friendsbecomefamily #findliveshare #controversialtruth #youngadults

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