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✨POST WORKOUT✨ I maybe one for long captions but there's nothing more to say when it comes to finishing up a workout and giving your body the right stuff. My grab and go @advantedge protein shake is 👌🏽 and easy. Don't leave behind the stuff you need to fuel your body and your mind. #ad #LoveSquad #ControlWhatYouCan

Go look at your social feeds .. 98% taking the easy way out .. how about shutting your fucking mouth and putting in the work to fix it or ... understand it's out of your hands and addressing what u can !!! #berealistic #controlwhatyoucan #focusontheupside

Nothing can stop gods plan.

Sometimes small changes can make giant differences. Balance and momentum. Both serves look similar until after contact. On the right, her control of balance and direction allows intention.
#epicvolleyball #playepic #controlwhatyoucan #volleyball #intentionalplay

Happiest hospital bed! 💙 #controlwhatyoucan

Today's line up.

ToMorrow is surgery day! Eyes forward full focus for what's coming my way!! I can not wait to start moving in the right direction... game on! Going to rehab like no one else 😝💕 #workhard #beproud #focusonfutur #controlwhatyoucan #nutrition #meditation #reading #project

There’s only one Az| Y a un seul Az 🔝🎼⚽️😎 #controlwhatyoucan #france #soccer #usa #toulouse


Take whats given and make it work - #controlwhatyoucan

We are what we repeatedly do... #controlwhatyoucan

I get asked bi-weekly if that super foods shake 🥤the kiddos and I drink daily is healthy & safe?

Humm 🤔

Let me ask you, are those Doritos and Dt.Dew you and your kids consume healthy and safe?
Did you know that we could actually out live our own children ☹️? How? Because of the crap our kids consume nowadays via the Standard American Diet (SAD). Do you know what 2 veggies are kids favorites? Let me enlighten you....🥔 and 🍅 Cool right? Ya, except it’s in the form of French fries 🍟 and Ketchup 🤷🏼‍♀️. So, go ahead and keep asking if my shake is safe cuz I love talking about how flipp’n safe & amazing it really is!!! AND I love the fact that I KNOW in our household 🏡 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 WE are getting a good daily dose of fruits, veggies, vitamins, minerals and a whole gamut of SAFE super food nutrition.

Sprinkle that glitter ✨
The world needs kindness and shining moments.

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Love this🌷 #controlwhatyoucan

Relationships should be give and take, if you’re the only one giving its time to re-evaluate. #controlwhatyoucan #detox #giveandtakerelationships #claritytochaos #findbalanceandthrive

Ah Friday afternoon.
Tea, feet up, good read and comfy pants....
Off for some dinner this evening and drinks with the girls! .
How was your Friday?

Enjoyed meeting the whole family. They were all very sweet. Thank you again for allowing me to shoot your family portraits. #GQ #Family portraits #Canon #controlwhatyoucan #loveisstrongerthanhate

Friend, I’m learning to use pain, frustration and uncomfortable feelings to #motivate me rather than hold me back.
Remember that you are in control of the way you look at life. Instead of getting angry, find the lesson (hard right?!) In place of jealousy, feel #admiration. In place of worry, take #action. In place of doubt, find your #faith!
Your response is more #powerful than your circumstances! So let’s turn our uncomfortable emotions into #fuel... Gas up our tanks and do what we can do.
You + me both sister 💯💋
#controlwhatyoucan #havefaithintherest #takeaction #youcontrolyourfeelings #motivation #inspiration #fuelthatfire #positivity #energy #drive #youarestrong

I set myself the intention last night to get up before everyone else today, to fill my own cup before I needed to start filling others, this is a HUGE step for me, as I bloody hate early mornings especially in winter when it’s so dark, but I set my alarm anyway for 6.20 as F has been waking around 7 lately.
Why do kids always have to ruin good plans?! 😂 fucking 5.40 she was up needing her cup filled 🙈🙄😅😴 Anyway I’ve told her to lay quietly/go back to sleep now, and am about to sneak downstairs alone to sit on my ball, drink something, stretch, journal, and look after myself for a while.
I won’t let this set the tone for my day - I just plan to nap later when she’s at preschool!
I encourage you to do the same. To accept that some things you can’t control, just let them go and focus on how you WANT ago feel today.
Also if you’re one of my gorgeous pregnant ones getting close to your babies EDD - seriously, make some plans, nearly all kids love to mess them up so I feel like the law of averages means the more plans you make the sooner they’ll arrive 😂 *disclaimer - this is clearly a non scientifically backed claim!!* #kidsruineverything #earlymornings #toddler #goodintensions #fillyourcupfirst #controlwhatyoucan #letgooftherest #kidsruinplans

Out of the galaxy donuts! 😋😋😋 .

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Often when I'm talking to others about essential oils or natural living, people say things like "It's so overwhelming," "I don't want to make any mistakes," or "I want to do better, but I don't even know where to begin." Here's my answer: "You need this -- the Premium Starter Kit." How is it so simple? Here are a few reasons:

1) This amazing kit is your foundation. It has everything you need to get started.

2) It's the best value around: 11 bottles of oil, a diffuser, and more, for over 50% off the retail price. #yesitstrue

3) It gets you a 24% wholesale discount for life. Even though Young Living's products are invaluable, I would never want anyone to pay full retail price, that's just silly.

4) It gives you access to our online community where you can start with basic, non-threatening info and then dive as deep as you'd like.
5) It comes with YL's Stress Away blend -- which gets me through every single day. #becauselife

I was once afraid to get started, and now I could never imagine looking back. My family's lives are forever changed. I feel fantastic knowing I'm doing everything I can to keep them healthy. Let me help you and your family get started.
Spend 30 minutes with me, will you? I'm going to be doing a Facebook live class in the next week to help break down any fears or apprehension you may have and to answer your questions. You at your house, me at mine -- who wants an invite? Even if you can't join live, you'll be able to catch the replay. Let's do this!! #itdoesnthavetobeintimidating #StressAwaywillgetyouthrough #oilsforwellness #knowbetterdobetter #bethegatekeeper #livehealthy #controlwhatyoucan #becauseyoureawesome #imhereforyou #becauseiloveyou

Last week I got in all 4 workouts with only one getting cut 20 minutes short which meant I had to omit one exercise and a last set of another. I call that pretty Damn good when I have 2 toddlers in child care.
Well this week, one has a cold and the other came down with Croup (a cold, but worse!). This is what us gym going lifting moms call "life getting in the way". This is okay. So far I have only missed 2 lifting sessions. I have a minor ankle and back thing going on anyway. I probably need the rest. I am missing the iron and my mood is starting to tank. This could also be because it has been overcasted, raining (3 days) and cold (2 days). BUT I am not going to lose my gains. Also because my nutrition and deficit are under control, I will not gain weight or binge either. I am not as hungry which keeps the urge to eat compulsively at bay. I am keeping up with house work to get my NEAT up also.

I probably should be doing some kind of home workout, but I am just not an overachiever. I will get back to lifting as soon as I can, but for now I am enjoying cuddles and rest.
#life #sickkids. #allthecuddles #lifehappens. #controlwhatyoucan

Sneak Peek from Sunday. These two were so sweet. Loved meeting your family @michelely1 #family #controlwhatyoucan

Congratulations to this mommy-to-be. Legend is lucky to have you as his mommy. #newmommy #family #canon #controlwhatyoucan #loveisstrongerthanhate

Glad I had the opportunity to capture this sweet family. Jacob is an awesome big brother. #family #canon1dx #controlwhatyoucan #loveisstrongerthanhate

Needed this today.
Long day
Want to stay on my couch but I'm gonna drag my ass downstairs and press PLAY because I KNOW I will feel better afterwards.
#controlwhatyoucan #justbreathe #sweatitout

If fear paralyses you,
You're lost.
Forgetting pain is convenient.
Remembering it, agonising. But recovering the truth is worth the suffering. - Cheshire Cat •

#neverletthefearofstrikingoutkeepyoufromplayingthegame #hustle #truth #pain #recovery #mentalhealthawareness #staystrong #digdeeper #controlwhatyoucan

You Have POWER over your MIND, NOT outside Events. REALIZE this...And you will find STRENGTH ~#MarcusAurelius~
#MovingForward #FreeYourMind #StrenghtWithin #MindOverMatter #Stronger #ControlWhatYouCan #You #ControlYou #Mindfulness

Never lose sight that you are in charge. No matter what the situation might be - adapt, overcome and move on. Distractions and obstacles are no match for a strong and dedicated spirit #controlwhatyoucan #mondaymotivation

Here's to a crazy busy work week ahead!
Cheers to this girl who still gets up to do the things she has control over!
54321 GO!!! With Go-go juice in hand of course🤣🤣🤣 #melrobbins #hecticholidays #controlwhatyoucan #metime💕 #over45

As an ode to our cancelled event, and the year that has been, we are meeting up and having a drink or two anyway! .
If you are a women from the west of Melbourne or Geelong, and run your own business, we’d love to meet you and hear about your business! .
Tag a friend - .
Friday 8th December 7pm - @540_on_barkly 🥂😊 DM so we can confirm numbers

Proud of this young lady. Winter Ball was a success. #collegelife #canon1dx #controlwhatyoucan #loveisstrongerthanhate

In sales there’s always something you can complain about. Don’t pull your hair out. Control the things you can control, and look for the good in all things. .
#sales #salespeople #salesman #complain #complaining #complaints #hair #dontpullyourhairout #controlwhatyoucan #control #lookforthegood #good #carsales #jonathansewellsells #problemsolver #jss #enterprisealabama #alabama

Senior Sunday. Had a lot of fun with this young lady. Thanks Carly, you where awesome to photograph. #senior #grad18 #controlwhatyoucan #loveisstromgerthanhate #canon1dx

Haven't shared my meals in a while... meal prep complete!! This is my meals for just 2 days.. #mealprep #failingtoplanisplanningtofail #controlwhatyoucan #healthandwellness #eatforfuel


Mixing your drinks ain't big or clever. I'm getting too old to be going out and mixing drinks like I'm 18. It's 11pm and I'm still dying 😂

Brixton is live though. As much as I hate London as a place to get around, I adore its nightlife. Especially places like Brixton that are proper London. Not that id know what proper London is lol These hangovers are definitely worth it.

Moving onto my post. Last night I was also able to put to bed some stuff. I say able, I think I had no choice. I finally accepted that it was out of my hands, it was out of my control so I had to let it go.

It's never a comfortable realisation something you tried to make work was ultimately something you couldn't fix. It kind of feels like failing. And that's a feeling nobody likes.

Your life will become better the better you get at caring about the stuff in the green. That's where your focus should be. Everything else will be in the pink, and no matter how hard and desperately you try to affect it, everything will play out the way it's ultimately meant to.

As the year draws to a close, we all become introspective about our years. This year has been something else on literally every front. But it's not been boring, that's for sure. I just have to get better at controlling what I can. And everything else will just happen I guess.

Photo credit: @humblethepoet


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#sundayfunday - the day we start to fear Monday and traffic jams! 😝 Anyone have any tips on getting over THAT fear? 😅 Anyone? #controlwhatyoucan #takecareofyourself #livefearless

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