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Frank is a backseat driver who insists on being a front lap driver. #controlissues #blindasthmaticfrankieboy

πŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Top priority is Ericka. If I'm not ok, I can't make sure that you are ok. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ #goslow when you handle me. πŸ™πŸ½ #controlissues 😁 #loveyourself

Recurve - Matrix
Assembled by @circle.glass
Mobius Borocolor "Vintage"
Color batched by @circle.glass
Assembled by @circle.glass
Photo by @circle.glass
Headed to @j.friendly
#fromscratch #controlissues #mobiusglass #mobiusborocolor #circleglass

When I realized the downpour missed my house.
I'll have to water now. Sigh.
#controlissues #wave3igers #louisvilleigers

This is the first haircut since we moved over a year ago and I'm crazy but I did it myself!!! Have to say I LOVE the layers!!! #nomoreblonde #gingeralltheway #ididitmyself #controlissues

The result of 16 straight days of rain and no sunshine= LOVING life!! #redneckfamily #controlissues #probablycaughtsomething

School's back; meal planning's back. #controlissues


Daily Tarot:
Page of Wands

This card shows up for me when I'm starting to push myself too hard. It says, remember that you're doing this stuff because it's fun. Don't squeeze all the joy out of your work because you're trying to meet some arbitrary goal. You're not playing life to win. You're playing because life is always new every moment, and you can learn to love the changes if you change with them. You can take something seriously and still let it be fun and surprising.
I was literally making a List of Things I Need to Accomplish to be Successful today, mostly to control my feelings of worry about the unknown. Rather than honoring my fear, my impulse was to numb it out with control.
I'm really glad I pulled this card and sat with it, because now I see some more of what was going on with me, and I don't have to continue the same way with that. Like, I can make a list, but rather than be all pushy and should-y, I can make a list of what I want to experience, and steps to get there. I'll be just as organized and efficient but I won't be making myself miserable by playing pageant mom to my inner child.
So if you're getting all control-freaky on yourself today too, see if you can pull back. See why you're reaching for control. Then find the original spark of fun in what you're doing.
#tarotcardreader #tarotreading #tarot #riderwaite #page #pageofwands #spark #fun #controlfreak #controlissues #magic #fore #alchemy #magicwand #beginnersluck #highlinenyc #sumac #autumn #fallleaves

It is time for that season of shacking up again but this time around it's on another level. Someone is definitely ready to take it to the next step and ask for some commitment. Your love life is finally ascending to the next level if both partners are on the same page. Stay true to yourself and also be committed personally so that you'll feel better about taking it a step farther. There are some control issues involved that need to be let go of so that things can unfold the way they naturally would. Only diamonds are a great outcome of too much pressure but if you are expecting one in your commited relationship its time to take the initiative and make the effort. True love isnt a job or a task so go with the feelings that exites in you to make advances at trying in your relationship. Those actions will allow you to open your heart where it was closed and heal those areas in the relationship that fell short. Also you will appear way more attractive to your love doing what you love to do so it's a win win!! Be creative when it comes to rebuilding with your partner and make sure you are fully engaged the whole time. No distractions allowed when you make this time, not a phone, tv, friend, etc should come in between the time you set to rebuild even if it's a 2 minute conversation with your love. Doing this exercise will strengthen you as a person and your budding union.
#engagement #controlissues #letgoofcontrol #maketheeffort #takethetime #attraction #dothingsfromtheheart #engage #beinthemoment #indulgeinthetime

#controlissues πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

When the chips were down,
Control would come calling,
wearing Caring's clothes,
willing to lend a hand
as long as we go
Back to Her comfort zone.

mind that your concern
isn't just Control
wearing Caring's clothes.

#codependent #controlissues
#compassion #fronting #wolfinsheepsclothing
#meanttobe #titfortat #lovecontrol #recovery #alcoholism #addiction #empathy #sympathy #confidenceman #conjob #honesty #selfknowledge #rebel #nonconformist #hardtimes #handout #poverty #priveledge

We finished our 6 Day Challenge with the idea of surrendering control. Oh man... It was so good. Jamie taught us about taking control of the things we can and letting go of things that are not ours to control.
Are you trying to control things you can't? Do you find security in your own plans?
Comment "me" below if you have some control issues... uh em.. I mean if you need to surrender things you can't control! πŸ˜‰

Oh you thought you were gonna steal this remote? πŸ˜‘ #thinkagain #controlissues #nothingismyown #journey #queenofthecastle #goldendoodle #myprettypoopsiewoopsie πŸ’œ

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