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Throwback Thursday! Was going through some pictures on my phone and found this. Got called to do a quote, this was someone's repair job. It's almost like a work of art!....almost! I was having trouble believing someone would do this. #tbt #disasterdecks #diyfail #contractorproblems.

Makes me so mad seeing this stuff!!! #contractor #contractorproblems #vancouver #notacontractor

And done! Now if I can just find the other end of that darn tracer wire! #contractorproblems #contractorlife #flybytheseatofyourpants #cwhcinc

In case anyone is interested in reading this story I wrote about @elvinngchoonsiong and his new house and home reno woes - link in bio! 🔨🏡🏗 #elvinng #homerenovation #contractorproblems #homedecor #8daysmagazine

This makes me laugh. This adjuster was pretty cool even though I made him move his test square a few times. I still couldn't get 11 hits to fit and he insisted on a 10x10 square as opposed to a 5x20 (or any other parallelogram I could come up with) #getcreative #roofing #adjusterlife #contractorproblems

Thanks for the delivery but ummmmmm.... ya #contractorproblems 😤

Who decided to put this tree in the middle of a deck we're building 🌳🔨 #rootsonroots #contractorproblems #ongradedecks #joisthangers #london

That moment when you get too much money out of the ATM...don't worry it's only like $75 dollars, I'm not rich! #afghani #Afghan #Afghanistan #contractorproblems #kaf

At little Home Depot arts and crafts this Saturday. Alex and I built a flower pot, which would have gone faster if his Father wasn't a Contractor. We had to lay everything out and follow the plans...lol. #lindemannbrothersinc #saturdayproject #homedepot #kidcrafts101 #contractorproblems


❤️❤️❤️❤️. My morning snack happened a bit earlier this morning than normal. Oh well. When I went to put my lunchbox together this morning I realized I was short on fruit so I might be finding a grocery store this afternoon to fill that void 🍇🍓🍎🍌🍑🍍🥝. We are working for the city of Riverdale today and it is finally sunny. Yay!

Load 'a Cats...too bad ours is the one with the blown drive hose...again! #contractorproblems #thisaintgonnabecheap

Well, so far we have a lovely pit just waiting to be filled with concrete. Rain rain go away...🌧🌧🌧.
#homeimprovement #backyardtransformation #patiodesign #uglyduckling #thepit #dontfallandy #grillingseason #contractorproblems

We've been back home #Seattle and busy taking care of our #homerenovation issue. Wish everypawdy a great week day.

Do you feel overwhelmed like I often do?? Here's what helps me. LISTS!! Sales calls and follow ups are hard on me, I'm much more in my element actually performing work (patching roads). I made a list of all the people I need to follow up with this week and broke it down in to 3(ish) categories. Low priority will get done if I have time, mid priority might not get done this week, but the top group will definitely get done! And a little extra category are the ones with the stars next to them, they will get done TODAY. Breaking things down into smaller milestones is the only way I can get things done without freaking out.

Afternoon desk situation. Lists, notes, colorful pens, affirmations and getting things done!! My biggest challenge in working from home is keeping my desk clear of clutter and distraction. It takes daily effort to keep this desk in working order. Otherwise, I get really worked up over the mess and the chaos. And yes my desk is a folding plastic table😬😬. We aren't buying any new furniture until we buy a house....so whenever that happens I'll be getting a real desk.

Did your contractor not abide by the terms you settled on? Did they bail before finishing the job? We want to know about your home repair disasters!
Share them with us using the hashtag #fixitrate 📱
#homerenovationproblems #homerepairfail #homeremodeling #contractorproblems #homeprojectdisaster

This is my favorite picture from this week. We did some road patching for Lake City, GA (wish it was Lake City, MI so I could see my girl @esmusztombs 😞) and we were right next to an IMT drill rig yard. How fun is this? Is it just me? I don't know, sometimes I think my 7 year old nephew is the only one who gets me😬.

Job site snack today.....my favorite!! Luckily I washed these and put them in a container on Monday because last night I had zero motivation to do any fancy meal prep. I have a baggie of grilled chicken, some carrots, green beans, and blueberries for snacks and lunch today.

Oh it's getting real y'all. Between my demonstrations today my GPS took me down this fine little 'road.' I was on it for over a mile and all I could thing about was: 1) how blindingly red the clay was, 2) that it was a death trap, 3) how ridiculous it was that this is a real road on my GPS. I survived by giggling the entire way and rolling my eyes, also I drove slowly haha. But maybe it was good luck because I seem to have made 3 big sales today🤗🤗🤗.

Who decided to put this tree in the middle of a deck we're building 🌳🔨 #rootsonroots #contractorproblems #ongradedecks #joisthangers #london

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