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Selina is a gorgeous and very flexible young lady. It's her first picture here on Flexible Repost, but I think this we see of her here. ❤️ So please follow this adorable beauty for more pictures and updates. 😊♥️😍😙
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#pdbrasscocoon inspired by @w.rychlewicz 😍 Zrobilam, nie umarlam, na razie nie wyprostuje tej nogi, ale jestem mega dumna I dziekuje kolezance za nowa figurke 😘

Time is the most valuable currency. 💸
There goes another second...
And another...
And another...
And another...
You never get them back. THEY’RE GONE. ⏰
• 💃🏼 Life is short, every hour, day, month, year we get older 👵🏼 and what have YOU accomplished? 52 work weeks? Time away from your family? Having to say “no”? Not having to pay late fees? Are these accomplishments? •

HAVE YOU EVER “budgeted” your time and figured out that the majority of it has to do with you away from friend, family, fun... because you HAVE to work to pay your bills. Is that LIFE?! •

Being on the other side. I’ll tell you right now im working towards never giving MY time to a “JOB” every again. 💯 I know for a fact that the legacy I’m building in this business will be residual for the rest of my life. 🙏🏼 pretty crazy that it all started with just wanting to make a couple $100 a month! •
It is possible with the right mindset, focus, & hard work... to break free of that rat race just like I did. 💫 I am telling you that if YOU start today, you will be one ☝🏼️ step closer to freedom. ✨ And for the cherry 🍒 on top - qualify for a $5,000 bonus that you’ll earn in 60 days or less. Talk about a “Tax return x2” 💯

I’m just saying... stop wishing for freedom. If you want it - make the time to create it. 🙏🏼

Hi 👋🏼 GET TO KNOW US! My name is Kristina Kislyuk and I joined the team in November. I was doing rhythmic gymnastics since I was little and finished almost 9 years ago🤷🏻‍♀️😄 I feel very happy and grateful that I am training again as I couldn’t even dream about coming back to the carpet. I can’t wait to compete on my first world championship this year, travel around the world 🌎 and share this amazing experience with my girls 👯‍♀️

La talentosa @lu.lobroff 🔥
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