The Hyperextension Dilemma- ELBOW EDITION 💪⠀

⁉️ Last week when I did my #cirquephysio instagram live on hyperextension, most of your questions were about ELBOWS: what to do in handstands and aerial, and do elbows have the same rules as knees?? Since there were so many good questions about this, I thought I’d turn it into a post all of its own. ⠀

⚡️DISCLAIMER: there is an APPALLING lack of literature on this topic. As such, this post is almost ENTIRELY formed by my opinion and experience as a physio working with this population, and as a circus artist with substantial elbow hyperextension. The ideas in this post ONLY apply to the NON-INJURED artist. ⠀

🌸Here are the most COMMON questions from last week, and my answers/thoughts: ⠀

1️⃣ Do I handstand in a straight vs hyperextended line? In my opinion, NO. This takes WAY more energy and muscle groups (muscleS that are much smaller than the analogous groups in our legs), and I’ve seen many tendon overuse injuries as a result of hyperextended handbalancers attempting to handstand “micro bent” with straight elbows. Because we don’t walk around on our hands all day, I see far less repercussion from weightbearing on hyperextended elbows versus knees. ⠀

2️⃣How do I protect my hyperextended elbows so that I can circus FOREVER? The answer to this question, ironically, does NOT lie in our elbows! The best thing we can do to protect hyperextended elbows is to ensure we have enough STRENGTH and MOBILITY in the joints above and below- in our shoulders and wrists. For example: if you lack overhead mobility in your shoulders OR if you lack wrist extension mobility, guess what takes up the slack? Yep…your ELBOWS. To mitigate elbow injuries in the hyperextended handbalancer, we must first ensure our shoulders and wrists are appropriately mobile!! Now, go back and re-read this bullet point, replacing “mobility” with “strength at end range.” If our shoulders and wrists are SUPER mobile and LACK strength, this also causes more stress to be absorbed at the elbow. ⠀

👍 ALRIGHT- What questions about your hyperextended elbows do you still have? Leave ‘em in the comments 👇, and I’ll answer them in my next post!

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I am beyond grateful for the connections I have made on instagram. I am grateful for the constant encouragement, movement inspiration and thought provoking posts from all of you. Although no medium will ever replace the power of working one on one with a coach I have grown in both my yoga and acro practice pouring over videos and admiring poses seen here.
I have had a goal to be positive in my posts and except for a few occasions I have. I want to pass on unique content that is clean and easy to learn from. I have had a goal to bring more art to my movement while continuing to work on new skills as well as refine old. I also want to continue down the path that I have enjoyed most and that is collaboration. I rarely post yoga photos even know the majority of my time is dedicated to that beautiful practice. The reason being, I love to work with others. I am a painfully shy extrovert that loves being around others. Thanks for having me as part of this beautiful IG family🙏🏻
Let me know what type of content you enjoy and what you would like to see more of🙏🏻
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