It was a lovely reception! Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your accomplishment, Bree! #ClassOf2018 #WildcatAlumni #ContinueToStrive #TowardsExcellence #MyHair 🙄 #GoodCake 😋

Thank you to the Ladies of Gamma Sigma Omega & especially to my Lady Lashonda for inviting me to speak at your 21st AKAversary! #ContinueToStrive

The day that u start living your life according to other people's opinions, will be the beginning of the end. I've learnt a lot from Dj Sbu and I was more focused in the clothing industry which is something I'm passionate about. I'm gonna knock in every door, I'm not afraid of No, I'm not afraid of rejection, independent of the validation of the world, independent of the feedback that I will get while trying to make money. I believe in myself. It is the spirit of doubt that is the orchestration of the devil that stops us from achieving the things we want



Officially 6.5 months pregnant!!! I only have 14 weeks left before our little girl arrives! I feel like I'm not even close to being prepared... So I better get on that! Baby is anywhere from 13.6 to 14.8 in long (I would have a better idea if baby didn't curl up into a ball every time I have an ultrasound done) and weighing between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs! I haven't been able to work out at the gym, where I feel I get a more intense workout because my hubby has been gone for the last 2 weeks. But he is back for 3 weeks before he leaves again so hopefully I can take advantage of that! Weight gain is going perfectly with the guidelines of 25 lbs, which I would love to stay close to... we will see what happens when it's 120 degrees outside and the water weight starts packing on!
#BreeInspired #FitnessJourney #ContinueToStrive #FitnessMom #Fitness #FitLife #FitPregnancy #26weekspregnant #6.5monthspregnant #Preggo #Preggers

Empowerment 🙌🏾💪🏽 So proud of my sister and I on how far we’ve come with our crafting business @created_twice_ and it’s just the beginning ♥️ I commend all my lovely ladies on achieving your goals! #continuetogrow #continuetostrive

This whole staying organized, and giving good pregnancy updates... hasn't been my thing for the last 2 weeks! Currently 25 weeks and 3 days... so pretty much 26 weeks! Which means I'm 6 and a half months, which means I'm 2 weeks away from my 3rd trimester! My uterus is as big or bigger than a soccer ball so that's kinda neat! Baby girl still likes to stay low and hit, kick, roll all over my bladder! My skin is becoming more and more sensitive so I now get hives on my elbows from certain shirts... off and on hives on my hips and stomach.
#BreeInspired #FitnessJourney #ContinueToStrive #FitnessMom #Fitness #FitLife #FitPregnancy #25weekspregnant #Almost26weeks

I don’t even understand how my baby girl is TWO YEARS OLD today!!! 😩😩
She is the best thing that has ever happened in my life, and every day fills me with happiness. Not only is she my best friend, she’s also my NOW REGISTERED Emotional Support Animal (ESA). To say that she has saved me on the days where I feel like I’m being swallowed whole, would be an understatement. She is truly a gift 💕.
Happy Birthday, Harlow Belle! 😘

Happy mother's day! Motherhood isn't always easy but doing your very best shows how strong you are and continue to be!
#BreeInspired #FitnessJourney #ContinueToStrive #FitnessMom #Fitness #FitLife #MomsAreAwesome #HappyMothersDay

Salam Negaraku Malaysia,
First foremost, I would to express my best wishes to all the Pakatan Harapan leaders and supporters for wining the GE14 & formation of Government. Yes, we admit our lost and we do accept with full heart the ‘VERDICT’ of the people, no doubt on that.
From this GE14, the Youth group has proved that they were the actual ‘Play Maker’, in other words ‘Penentu Negara’. This indeed a good sign and marks the ‘Dawn of the Youth Empowerment’ nationwide, for the betterment of the country. Not a single youth will be left out anymore in anyway, their needs and necessities will be taken into consideration in every policies and implementations of the country.
And to all my Barisan Nasional comrades, this GE have proved us all wrong, it’s a great LESSON for us. Even I’m saddened by the loss of few good leaders who I have served with and who I believed have served the people rightly all these while. Definitely new policies & changes have to be brought in to our party, the defeat we face today doesn’t mark the ending of BN, but it marks the ‘REINCARNATION’ of BN. If we have made it for the past 60 years, for sure we can make it happen again in 5 years time, so don’t give up yet, we have lots of homework to do ! Let’s be the Best Opposition the country ever gonna have !

So, I hope i have answered to all the questions & messages I been receiving. During election period, we might be enemies with different political views and stand, but out of that we are still good friends, especially to those who felt offended with any of my post or comments. And yeah for those who asked me whether I will switch side now? Haha....my answer to them is no matter what happens, I will always keep my head high ‘Forever MIC, Forever BN’ !
Thank you everyone ! Have a great day ahead ! Cheers ❤️ #PemudaMIC #BarisanNasional #SayaTetapPilihBiru #ContinueToStrive #LessonsLearned #VerdictAccepted #WillBeBackStrongerThanEver #Pembangkang #Next5Yrs #ibooven

Always continue strive even when you feel you're at your Peak. #motivation #continuetostrive #continuetobebetter #repost @thegoodquote

Sometimes, you just gotta motivate your DAMN SELF during these workouts 🤷🏼‍♀️ .
Can I just say, I looked for abouuuut 10 OTHER THINGS to do, INSTEAD of pushing play? TEN. I went to Pinterest, my favorite shopping website, registered for a damn RACE... all because I didn’t want to workout .
Do I WANT to workout every day? Nope. I sure as shit don’t. I don’t like to workout. I have other things I’d rather do, I have things I’d rather go. I don’t like it .
But...✋🏻. Here’s my thing: I GET to workout .
I GET to wake up every single day and push play .
I GET to find the strength within myself .
I GET to see muscle definition in my body that I’ve NEVER seen .
I GET to feel sexy naked .
I GET to feel motherFUCKIN unstoppable .
I don’t want to; I GET to. I don’t have to; I GET to 👊🏻 .
I GET to inspire others by the simple fact that I don’t fuckin WANT to workout. How CRAZY is that?! I change lives, every damn day; because I don’t WANT to workout! .
Do you GET to workout too?! Do you want to GET to workout with me? Because I’d love to have you join me. Truthfully! The more, the merrier! 💕 .
You ready? Let’s do this👇🏻

Yesterday I realized that I've lost weight and I was bit depressed but i quickly reminded myself that weight fluctuates,not so long ago I was 78kg.Today i feel so much better.Now you might be asking yourselves why I'm sharing this well I'm simply sharing this for people that experience the same thing and feel like giving up.Giving up is not an option.you gotta keep going and remember why you started#ContinueToStrive♥♥until you smash that goal😅😅😅in case you forgot why I'm your wcw😗😗

A post before bloating back to reality 👊🏻 fitness should not end with summer though #goals #workout #fitness #asian #md #continuetostrive #selfie #summer #2018

(2) Two years ago I look back and I have accomplished so many goals and dreams of mine. I take them for granted now but not so long ago I was aim for them and now there accomplished. #ContinueToStrive ❤️

4 sweaty and HOT AS BALLS miles last night 😩
From being sick, to not really working out, to then having my cat go missing for 5 days; LAWD knows I needed that! 🙌🏻
I don’t know about you, but when I stray from my usual routine (eating well, working out, feeling NORMAL-ish), my entire system gets thrown way out of whack 🤦🏼‍♀️
It’s not easy to get back up when I’ve fallen down so many times; but if I continue to TRY and continue to get up and not just lay there?! I’ll shock my own damn self with my own determination! 👊🏻👊🏻

Pregnancy update! Sitting at 23 weeks... so close to being 6 months along! I have reached an awkward stage where my pants obviously don't fit anymore... but maternity pants are still too big? My baby is moving so much more, she now likes to wake me up about 6 am with her body movements. I still have been able to work out 4 to 3 times a week. Still have that rash but the hives have gotten more prominent. My home heath clients are now noticing and asking if I am pregnant, and my son tells everyone that I have a baby inside my belly! Can't wait to see baby girl at my next appointment, and hopefully I am further along than they think! Did/does anyone else secretly wish they were one week further along then they really were/are... I know I am probably in denial but 17 more weeks seems so much longer than 16 right now!

#BreeInspired #FitnessJourney #ContinueToStrive #FitnessMom #Fitness #FitLife #FitPregnancy #23weekspregnant

We've all been in this position before. 💜 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
#; #continuetostrive #thistooshallpast

Where did the “Monday’s are the worst” mindset come from? Who started it, and why? What makes Monday’s the worst day ever for people? .
Truthfully, I’m asking. Why can’t we look at Monday’s like we do Fridays? Why do we have to start our week with the mindset of “this is gonna suck”, and then wonder why our ENTIRE WEEK sucks? 🤔
How you start your week, translates into how your week will be. Did you ever think of that? If we started our weeks with how we start our Friday mornings — WHOO HOO ITS MOTHER FREAKIN MONDAY!!! IM GONNA WIN THE WEEK, I AM ALIVE, AND I AM AMAZING! — I think you’d all realize that Monday’s really aren’t the culprit of our unhappiness; your mindset is 🤷🏼‍♀️
So today I’m ecstatic that it’s Monday. I’m happy to be alive, to have the sun hitting my face, while I sit on the porch of my new home, which I own with my boyfriend, that has our crazy dog and wild cat inside, and I’m able to hear the birds chirping and feel the season changing...
Even though it’s Monday 💕

Last day - what a great experience for team BALOS. Tough teams but battled for every point. #continuetostrive @susanbacey @usta #ntrpnationals

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