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Com direito a cupcakes by @giovanadacia!

It takes thousands of soldiers to build a castle; millions of soldiers to protect its stronghold but it only takes 1 woman to build a happy home. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! :-) - forwarded text author unknown 😊📱

You say you'll give me Eyes in a moon of blindness A river in a time of dryness A harbor in the tempest But all the promises we make From the cradle to the grave When all I want is you. - U2 #genginsapgan #gi_themeclouds #gi_challenge_0412 #clouds #cloudporn #sky #skyporn #sun #awesome_shots #iphoneonly

Everybody please remove the ones youve added and keep your favourite. If there's more than one photo I cant choose one as a winner :( #contestsonly_day12 #versagram

"What makes me happy..." for #contestsonly_day12

Something that makes me happy: Take pictures

Day 12: Something that makes you happy ➡ Watch children playing! 👦👧👶💙💙💙✨🌟✨ @contestsonly #contestsonly_day12

#contestsonly_day12 :) we need more entries!! :) check the May Day Challenge post on my feed to see what the challenge is for #contestsonly_day13 and #contestsonly_day14 etc. :)

Here are the winners for some more May Day Challenges :D day 5, "bird" goes to @katinha07_omlig :). Day 6, "you" goes to @ohohrhen :). Day 7, "someone that inspires you" goes to @matlima :). And day 8, "a smell you adore" goes to @matlima again! :) great job you guys!! Don't forget to enter tomorrow #contestsonly_day10 and Friday will be "kitchen" #contestsonly_day11 :) and Saturday is "something that makes you happy" :) #contestsonly_day12

Murphys Irish Red

Yamaha Virago 250

Jantinha em casa...

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