When I was engaged I had literally no idea how to plan my wedding day. I just googled, googled and googled. I read so many posts and I was stressed out. It was a lot of information to take in. I had no idea what my wedding photographer would do for me besides just taking pictures. I thought she would just show up on my wedding day, take pictures, and that's it. I had no idea what to expect. I was overwhelmed.

This experience helped me realize what brides and couples struggle with. How are you supposed to know what you need and who to work with? We believe that YOU (and every couple) should have wedding vendors that serve you well and help your wedding vision come to life.

Today on the blog we're continuing to share all about the AOP Wedding Experience! Our first post was all about the value of an engagement session, be sure to check it out! Today we're talking about the guidance and planning you'll receive every step of the way with AOP - from timeline planning to vendor recommendations to all about how we communicate during the entire process. Head to the link in profile and head to the blog to read more! .
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Today is August 1st and after some hectic months I’m praying that this one is fruitful. I just completed my #contentmentchallenge and let me tell ya it was awesome. To clear the junk from my life and focus on what matters most: loving God and loving people. Not being consumed with the “stuff” and the earthly things but rather focus on what lasts longer. Here are a few goals for the month since I probably won’t get around to blogging them: focus on my physical and mental health + practice self care, get back into a workout and running routine, blog more, meal plan and prep, finishing decorating and hanging frames in my home. Declaring good things over August 2018.
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Starting a new #contentmentchallenge tomorrow (no spending on non-essentials for 3months) because of the #nsale and road trip 💸 lol Also seems appropriate because August is my birthday month and I've been processing through my expectations of where I thought I'd be at this age. Hoping to retrain my thoughts toward optimism in this season.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

Alright, y’all. I came across @nancyray’s Contentment Challenge and the Lord put it on my heart to follow through. For 90 days, beginning tomorrow, I will be focusing on contentment. This means, I’m giving up unnecessary shopping: Target, Amazon, Nordstrom (😮), Boutiques, etc. This also means I will be taking a social media hiatus - 100% off of Instagram, and only using Facebook from a computer for a 20 minute block each afternoon. My goal is to refocus my time and energy toward the things that matter: Jesus, my marriage, and my daughter. Instagram is my biggest weakness when it comes to impulse buys, discontentment and that feeling of needing to keep up with the joneses’. I need to discipline myself when it comes to making purchases, investing my time and feeling content with what I have. So, I’ll see you in 90 days, instagram. #contentmentchallenge

Before I went into yoga training someone told me they thought everyone should go trough a yoga teacher training. That idea seemed crazy to me at first. Even if it was accessible to everyone, it's not what everyone wants?
Before training I talked about how I never "wanted" or dreamed of being a yoga teacher but this opportunity was one I just couldn't turn down. Going through training the biggest thing I learned was that this^ is not yoga. The funny thing is that of the 8 limbs of yoga philosophy only 1 is actually physical. Literally. The way we know yoga publicly is that of the physical movement and yet, it's only a small 1/8 on the entirety of what a yoga practice entails.
Because of this, I learned a lot about myself through this training. We analyzed almost any and every thing and really talked about the hard stuff. One of the many many things I realized through this process is... I have a shopping problem. Big time. I use clothes and the purchasing of clothes, or home goods to create a temporary happiness for deeper issues.
My favorite compliments from others are ones about my style and the way I look, when they should be about my heart and head.
So tomorrow I start the #contentmentchallenge. Where for three months I am restricting myself from buying anything but necessities. This may be one of the hardest things I do to myself, but it’s FOR myself. For making me a better person. For helping me realize priorities. For helping me realize and understand the privileged life that I live to even be able to have this as an issue.
It will end around November, which means no shopping for new fall fashions. I’m nervous and excited and ready for this. If you want to join in I am going to be posting updates, struggles and the assignments that the challenge gives! If you done this before tell me about your experience in the comments! #baltimoreyoga #yogaeverydamnday

Take a quiet breath, close your eyes and look within within; by honestly analyzing our shortcomings and the processes of our own minds, we can find a path that will lead us in the outside world. If we know ourselves well enough, we won't have the questions: "what do I do now?" or "what is my purpose?". By understanding our individuality, our own inner workings, we will find all of the answers are already within ourselves. We simply have to act on them. If we do what we feel is true to ourselves, we will find that life eases into a flow of contentedness. We will find ourselves more generally satisfied and fulfilled with the quality of our lives.... 🌿🍃✨ #quotes #motivation #inspiration #content #contentment #contentmentishappiness #contentmentchallenge #selfcare #selflove #selfunderstanding #selfanalysis #truetoself #infj #introvert #purpose #lifepurpose #meditation #spirituality #bonbuddhism

Finding peace and happiness within what you have already. Stuff is just stuff #debtfreecommunity #contentmentchallenge #thingsdontcreatehappiness #frugalliving Repost @thrivingwithless

Being content is when you're able to enjoy the space you're in at that moment, while still working on goals from a place of gratitude. Dont be afraid to embrace contentment, everybody has a season of being content.
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Frugal brunch. Revamped our breakfast leftovers into a yummy quiche 😋 and of course frugal cappuccino #contentmentchallenge #frugalliving #debtfreecommunity #debtfreefam #mealplanning #leftovers #budgetingmom

If we took a good look around our homes, I could guess there’s a lot of good stuff that hasn’t been appreciated in awhile. I’m trying to find contentment in what we already have #contentmentchallenge #debtfreecommunity #debtfreefam #minimalism #frugalliving #nonewthingsinJuly repost @mybudgetlife86

It's Thursday and I recently noticed I have a button missing on my shirt. It's those little things that can throw off our day, right? A phone call, the jar that just had to fall off the counter, or the person in front of us who is not quite sure whether or not they should drive above 10 mph.? Yeah, it makes my skin crawl just thinking about some of those things!
What if we saw those interruptions as opportunities? What if the missing button today (for me) was a little relief from the humidity, or that fun conversation starter with a new person?
I am good--really good at sweating the small stuff. What if...what if, I was content with the temporary detour and open to what it might bring my way?
THAT is definitely part of the "secret" of being content! Phlippians 4:11-13-->Check it out! Have a GREAT one!

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Throwback to our very belated honeymoon 2 years ago. AKA: Our "We haven't slept in over a year and need an effing break!" Vacation... 😂

Harper was 15 months old. For the first 9 months of her life, she woke up every 45 minutes. Every 45 minutes! Can you imagine that kind of torture for 9 freaking months?! I was a zombie... A mombie, as they say. Yet I pushed myself to do more and I beat myself up when I couldn't muster the energy to do all the things I thought I had to do.
I put too much pressure on myself for too long. I always knew it but didn't know how to stop. I see mom friends all around me struggle with the same self-sabotage. It effected me as a whole, and that trickled into my marriage and my relationship with my children.
My anxiety was through the roof & I started blaming everyone around me for driving me mad, all the while truly knowing I'm the only one who could do the work to fix it. I started playing the "once we have (blank) then I'll be happy again." More money, a new house, a nicer car, trendier clothes... At the end of 2017 I felt an immense tug in my gut. A voice in my head was telling me I needed to stop the games and get to know myself again. Through a divine breadcrumb, "Contentment" became my word of the year. & I strived to be grateful for everything I already have, eventually learning to be grateful for everything I already am.
Through it all I'm grateful for this man's unconditional love and support. He holds a safe space for me to be me and as I learn and grow, he opens his heart to learn and grow with me. 💓

Feeling ABUNDANTLY blessed this summer & this season. 💗☕️💗☕️ As many of you know, we’re walking through a season of infertility, and to say it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever walked through, is an understatement. BUT God has been showing up for us in so many ways, maybe not in the ways we would have hoped for yet, but He is for sure in this season.
He has surrounded us with the sweetest friendships and community, He has given us SO many opportunities to enjoy THIS season right now and all the beauty tucked into it, He has grown our marriage closer, He has brought us JOY & contentment in this season - two things I never thought I’d be able to say in this season and we are so grateful.
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that yesterday’s message at church was all about prayer & praise. So here’s to praising Him through it all. 💗🙌🏼 There is beauty in this season. 💕
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Each person must live their life as a MODEL for other.
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