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OMG!!!! I almost cried!!!!! My dream since 04 meet one of my most favorite artists @lyfejennings i finally got to thank him for singing to my life, he asked me my name and said thanks for supporting. When I was 20 and my dude was locked up I played 268192 daily!!!! Got me thru some daaark times❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#lyfejennings #fannish #268192 #contentmatters #hellafamous

needed some help from my twin bro 😎🤙👊 #castingcouch #filmmaking #petergrosslaub #contentmatters #onthesofa @moodfilm.tv

Upgrade. Now the fun begins...

T David Gordon’s work is a great read to challenge our minds to think about the beauty of Hymnody in light of our contemporary pop culture likeings. A great read! What we sing informs what we believe. Had a hard time putting it down. Thanks @chadaknudson for the recommendation. #beareader #contentmatters #fbcreads

This has always been one of my favorite photos. A beautiful set I bought in 2003, when Tom and I moved home, purchased in Salem, my home. We used this set on a cute little front porch when we lived on Roanoke, here in Bend.
Our little family ate dinner on this set, friends and extended family. My sister-in-law told me she could never eat lamb, all the while having three servings of the Italian Roast I served.

They were starting to go by this point when I took this picture. The set was pristine when I purchased it, and amazingly cheap compared to Florida prices, where we lived for 14 god forsaken years, only saved by the connection to girlfriends I made, as I did not have family connections then. 💕

I still have the memory of the story I was given as I was paying for them. Because some stories though factual, are always gifts. Hurtful or happy, somber or embarrassing, nevertheless, a truth. I was at a yard sale I happened upon while on an errand. A little old lady had purchased them new and had the set in her enclosed sunroom the remaining duration of her life.

There are a lot of stories out there, little nothings, that make our hearts warm, pulse, memories made of fondness, sometimes soured over time. Always for some, never for everyone.
What a gorgeous evening here in Bend, at this moment. Perfect for a shift to gratitude, much needed here.
Dining memories. 💖🙏🏽💖 And now I need food.

Spelling it out! In Miami with a corporate event last week. A large part of it was a verbalization lab focused on content-driven learning. #contentmatters #corporateevents #stagedesign

A legenda que convence todo mundo a pedir o pudim. #contentmatters #pudim #dalvaedito #comida

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️dream come true me and my sis April met one of my most favorite artists!!!! LYFE JENNINGS!!!!! #lyfejennings #268192 #mustbenice #contentmatters #hellafamous


Good morning beautiful ✨ #contentlabnyc #wednesdayclub

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What's the reason your content is kinda blah right now?

Tuesday Tip! If you're an online brand, map out your content at every stage of the customer journey and develop a logical story for your customers to follow.
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I've been trying to get up by 5 AM every morning because I work best in the AM. It's a struggle but honestly, my brain just doesn't function the same in the evenings as it does in the AM.
One of the best things I've ever done for my business is admitting this truth.
This girl here is not apart of #teamnosleep. And I'm okay with that 😌
Good morning! 😘 Say it back.

If you're not already providing value to your customers through content marketing, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to build relationships, drive traffic to your site and grow your business ✨
The latest #bcblog is a crash course in #contentmarketing. 🤓Link in the bio! ⠀⠀
#contentcreator #contentmatters #inboundmarketing #blog #vlog #marketing101 #marketingtips #startuptips #entrepreneurtips #smallbusinessmarketing

Self-care is such a huge topic in today's business world. Like many, I've been a victim of my own abuse - skipping meals, not staying hydrated, sometimes not even brushing my hair (thank God 90% of my job is online). But there are other forms of self-care, besides getting enough rest or working out. One other form of self-care essential for entrepreneurs is getting help when you need it.
We (us entrepreneurs) pride ourselves on being able to juggle multiple tasks and being "self-made" but the truth is, everyone needs help.
This week I want to encourage you to take a look at tasks in your business that you can hand over, and find someone to outsource it to.
You can get further faster with a strong team.
Treat yourself 💐

We're headed to this city tomorrow for the @saphybris Global Summit. Can you name it? #sap #saphybris #globalsummit #tradeshow #coremedia #contentmatters

It's Monday. What's your motivation? What keeps you going, when you really want to just say F this?! Read my "why" in the comments.
SN - this watch is goals 😍

Internationalise your hospitality business, no matter you believe in your countries incoming tourism data (e.g. Bulgaria) or not. Hospitality is an online business . It is highly international. Take your chances. Make yourself independent. The sector is growing due to better access to information. OTA's made the start, meta gives clients the best prices, Hotels the best service.
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Im hella excited!!!! I juuust got booked to perform at @twinssocial first Saturday Open mic on Nov 4th!!!!! Go like and follow their page to get your presale ticket for $10 and keep up with their movement!!!!! My best gigs as an artist are ALWAYS in Oakland!!!! #twinssocialfirstsaturday #openmic #oakland #spokenword #contentmatters #communityfirst #hellafamous

Oakland has been celebrating the 51st anniversary of the Black Panther Party this weekend. Read this.... think this was 51 years ago that demanded this kind of organizing... look at now.... #blackpantherparty #oakland #powertothepeople✊ #contentmatters #communityfirst #hellafamous

Who says ur cake must b covered to make use of it for birthdays n occasions?Chocolate plain cake with coconut balls...... yum yum no mata d size, we dey for u. To Order urs today, pls call 08023869376 or 08136622721 or just send a DM n u b glad u did #contentmatters #plaincakesbydlafrik #plainchocolatecakewithcoconutballs #cupcakesizeavailable #nadworkweywedeydo #fordloveofcakes

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