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Inspiring Living Room by @henriknero 😍

Nipple twister
By @totoro.tot

#God has been #real #Good to me. "That's Enough For Me" will always ring out from my soul, if he never do another thing, he's already done enough. #smooth #worship #contemporary #inspirational #urban #sinner #friendly

photo by @wgesicka | DM to submit #thetaxcollection


I love me some styling -- and these shelves are no exception. Going to be getting my styling on tomorrow for a little shoot and I can't hardly wait! 🙋🏼

The Imago mirror, designed by @formafantasma as part of the Delta Collection exclusively for Giustini / Stagetti Galleria O. Roma. For this collection, the designers have been particularly attracted by mundane objects of the Imperial Rome and while some artifacts have served as inspiration, others have been directly sampled and carefully updated for the contemporary use. A comprehensive selection of pieces from the Delta Collection will be on show at The Salon NY 2017 (Nov. 9 - 13) - Booth A3.

#formafantasma #thesalonny2017 #delta #collection #contemporary #design #mirror #brass

The Colourful & Very Different
Graffiti Splashback

Looking to add colour, style and an unexpected dose of excitement to your kitchen?

Graffiti has come a long way from its street origins, finding its way off trains, walls and buildings and making its way into residential homes.

This colourful and very different street inspired glass splashback will transform any kitchen, bathroom or laundry into a work of art, bringing street style indoors with a burst of colours and adding some creative flair.
More and more homeowners are willing to use this unique and energetic art form to infuse some life into their homes.

Displaying a bold glass splashback such as this will be an instant conversation starter and highlight of the space, giving your home an edgy, street savvy feel while doubling as beautiful artwork.

Finally carving out some time in the studio. I only have a moment here but it feels good.

We as artist create because it's our nature to do so. Sometimes without reason and solely out of necessity. The necessity to release the build up inside and allow the wonder of our minds loose to wander free through the nearest medium. ✨ I create art because I am art.

More from the shoot will be on the site once we are done rebuilding. Stay tuned.

Открыт набор в начинающую группу по contemporary dance в Томске.
.▪Программа занятий.
- Классы будут направлены на изучение и осваивание базовых аспектов contemporary dance.
- Научимся понимать и разбираться в технических особенностях этого танца.
- Самостоятельное применение всего изученного материала.
▪Дополнительная информация о проведении классов:
- Уровень подготовки не имеет значения
- Дополнительного набора в текущую группу не будет.
- Группа будет носить закрытый формат занятий
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kiss the earth that birthed you.

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