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There will always be somebody who is luckier than you, just like there will always be somebody who is unluckier. We can’t decide which reality we are born into, the environment we are born in or the family that we are given. You should appreciate and be happy for the life you were given because there is always someone who was born into a “worse” environment than you. But that does not mean you should settle, as if that wouldn’t be appreciative of you. If you are unhappy with where you are in life, with the people you associate yourself with, with the job you have, it’s up to you to change it. You are not doing anyone a favor by settling for the things you get, going through life as if it’s something that’s just happening to you and your just supposed to enjoy it as much as you can. And if you were born into a reality that contains more obstacles in your path towards a goal or a dream, where your peers might not have those same obstacles, you shouldn’t feel like you can’t do it. Having more obstacles in your way, more things to do, does indeed make the process “harder” for you, but it also presents you with an opportunity to grow stronger as a person and to learn things that your peers won’t be able to. Whatever you choose to do in life should never be based on the thought that you should do it because everybody else is doing them. What others do and don’t do in their life should not determine what you do and don’t do in your life. You should only do what makes you happy, what makes you feel healthy and whole, what makes you feel like you are making this world a better place for someone. Life is not just about having a job and paying the bills, life can be so much more than that if you truly want it to. It doesn’t matter what you tell me or anybody else about if you are happy or not, what matters is what you tell yourself. If you lie to yourself about being happy, thinking that you are only unappreciative but really you are miserable with where you are, you will do more harm to yourself and the people around you than you do good. If you are happy that’s great, I’m happy for you! But if you’re not, just know that you can be but it’s up to you.

My favorite place on earth. End of the road, Big Island.
Big Island is a place of bounty.
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Snagged this one while Aaron was in triple-threat position ready to catch Keller 😂👏#mtprinceton #siblinglove #contemplate

Found this somewhere around my phone...probably wondering about life
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Short but sweet little rant on the blog this morning --->>> https://kristenbennettmusic.com/2017/03/28/re-learning-the-art-of-learning/

I'm currently booking Summer 2017, so I'll have a lil update for you guys soon. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #inspire #create #blog #learn #learning #art #learninganart #inspire #spring #consume #contemplate #relevant #improve

The adventure in which I have started so passionately is not over–this adventure with its doubt, failure, the dreariness of no progress, then a glimpse of light, a hope, a hypothesis confirmed; and then after weeks and months of anxious perseverance, the intoxication of success.

Words by Simone de Beavoir

Art by Unknown

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When you suddenly contemplate your life.......Well he troubles us, so it's only fair if we trouble him right? 😜#alaskanmalamute #tydus #contemplate #life


Mountain thoughts and snowflake wishes ❄️ 📷@justanotherultra

Creativity is infinite and non linear, like time, abundance and love. In experiential terms this means whatever your personal Guernica is will likely not come out once a day from 9-5 every day until it's done. It will be sprinkled all over your life with a neon flashing sign of excitement on it saying "pick me!" . Creativity expands in all directions. Cook well - paint well. Dance well - write well. Excitement relates these "unrelated& #34; activities and lets you know that you're on the right path. Yes discipline is healthy, but excitement points you to what you should be working on. It takes practice to trust your excitement as part of the process and know that even if you're "doing nothing" you're leaving nothing undone. It's harder to be than to do, trust me. This is one of the key inroads into editing out the primary illusion of "lack& #34; that linear time tricks us into. Also essential for capitalizing on your creative work.

If a project isn't throbbing with joy, begging you to work at it, swallowing you into it, making you feel alive - step away! It's okay. It will get done when it needs to be. Even if it means you get a wild hair up your ass and pull a totally joyous all-nighter to do so (Van Halen's manager taught me this). As you do nothing and leave nothing undone you'll start to notice the elasticity of time. You'll see the sun stand still, you'll age in reverse, and a big aspect of the "running out" fear so many experience in this life will dissolve as you realize that your habit of trying to outrun a clock that is ticking against you wasn't bad, it just wasn't real.

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I snapped this image at the summit of Whistler in Canada. As soon as I reached the top they closed the lift down due to a white out. The prevailing blizzard created this beautiful unique pattern in the powder. As grateful as I was for the image the commute south did not hold as much excitement. With only a few feet to be able to see ahead of me I slowly made my way down to the chalet to a most welcome Bloody Mary. #waterislife #nature #leicaxu #leica #whiteout #blizzard #snow #whistler #canada #britishcolumbia #white #design #designinspiration #decor #artphotography #🔴📷 #ski #skilife #grateful #truewealth #wabisabi #tao #zen #meditate #contemplate

Both #modernScience and #mysticism agree that the human cannot evolve any further than this unless significant #cosmic changes happen. Any further #evolution will only happen consciously, and the possibilities are endless. And the best part is that you can choose to start evolving right now, nothing is stopping you #Namaste🙏💜💕 #contemplate #consciousness #mind #awareness #awakening #inspirational #africanAwakened #motivational #eudaimonia #meditation #yoga #innerEngineering #spirituality

Good morning Instagram family! I hope my inspirational quote for today gives you insight into your life. Big Hug

Conexión. Trabajar tu lado femenino y masculino en espejo. Tu compañero es tu espejo. A través de este trabajo consciente eres el Observado y el Observador.
Aquí con este ejercicio de liberación emocional acompañada de la magia de la vibración de #cuencosdecristaldecuarzo exploramos más allá de los límites de nuestras estructuras de pensamiento. 🙏🏻 En el taller Mirar en Color. www.ginafegali.com

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Every little thought about my past and future bounce back and forth in my head,like a game of Pong.
Instead of getting frustrated with myself because I can't sleep,I simply just let myself stay up,untill im really ready to calm my nerves and my mind,and drift off to sleep. I hope I get sleepy soon. #insomnia #energy #latenights #earlymornings #sleeplessnights #resting #thinking #anxiety #restless #contemplate #sleep #overactiveimagination

This probably is the last project we'll ever make. #acoustics #Project #contemplate

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