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With the Spirit of togetherness, 2018 will be ours. With Business Dev and Consumer Loan Team. Ba oin sai fiar buras hamutuk ho ita. #BDD #Consumer Loan

You can be the most knowledgable person in the world, yet if you do nothing with it, what's the point. How often do you seek knowledge; read a book, attend a course or seminar, watch a webinar etc etc and then don't do a single thing with your new found knowledge? I know I have done that plenty of times.
Time to move from being a consumer to a creator.
Instead of reading yet another book, go back to the last one you read and write down 5 key takeaways. Take those 5 things and make an ACTION plan for how you will implement them into your life or write out what you learned from those 5 things. Whatever. It depends on the book. Just do something with the information you consumed. 👊

“Bring your innovation lifestyle” - come to Pakuwon Mall 24-28th Jan 2018

‍ 💢Imam Ali's letter to Malik al-Ashtar


Trade and Industry ✨Treat #businessmen and artisans well, and #advise others to do likewise. Some of them live in towns, while some move from place to place with their wares and tools earning their living by manual labor. Trade and #industry are the real sources of #profit to the #state and the suppliers of #consumer goods. ✨While the general #public is not inclined to bear the strain, those engaged in these professions take the trouble to collect commodities from far and near, from land and across the sea, from mountains and forests and naturally derive benefits. ✨It is this class of peace loving people from whom no disturbance need be feared. They love peace and order, indeed they are incapable of creating disorder. Visit every part of the country and establish personal contact with this #class , and inquire into their condition. ✨But bear in mind that a #good many of them are intensely #greedy and are inured to #bad dealings. They hoard grain and try to sell it at a #high #price and this is most harmful to the public. It is a blot on the name of the ruler not to fight this evil. Prevent them from hoarding, for the prophet of #God had prohibited it. ✨See to it, that trade is carried on with the utmost #ease, that the scales are evenly held and that prices are so fixed that neither the seller nor the #buyer is put to a loss. If in spite of your warning, anyone should go against your commands and commit the #crime of hoarding, then deal him appropriately with a severe punishment. 🔜To be continued

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