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If you heard any of Trump's speech to the U.N. it was basically a drum march towards bombing Venezuela...... just days after they dropped the petrodollar....

*insert here some philosophical phrase about life like always people do under their swimwear/underwear photos on Instagram* #who #when #why #what #where #aliens #conspiracytheory #paralleluniverse #anotherdimension #notfromearthnotfrommarseither

Late post is better than no post🤷‍♀️

Boy if you don't stop that's my birthday and I ain't sharing the spotlight with nobody😒 #apocalypse #september23 #wtfisgoingon #conspiracytheory


"Ugh" (Conspiracy Bot voice) 😂😁😂

Hands up don't shoot

Stop killing us

Check out the new podcast, it's an interesting one!!
Somerton Man | 52
P.S. You'll literally laugh your 🍑 off when John tries to explain a muscular homeless guy 😂👌🏼

Two of the funniest to do it! Give em some feedback on Instagram, twitter, or Facebook!! #Hysteria51

Better than killing people because you're scared

One year of the best conspiracy podcast out there!! Cheers to many more 🍻🍻 #Hysteria51 #Conspiracy #KeepEmComing

Late post is better than no post🤷‍♀️

Do you guys like the new font I’m using? (The big paragraph on the second picture)

9/11 conspiracy documentaries and a cuppa while I wish for my nose to function normally😭
#conspiracytheory #911 #theworldisalie #thisiswhatilivefor

Lake Pontchartrain power lines demonstrating the curvature - Metabunk. A classic experiment to demonstrate the curvature of a body of water is to place markers (like flags) a fixed distance above the water in a straight line, and then view them along that line in a telescope. If the water surface is flat then the markers will appear also in a straight line. If the surface of the water is curved (as it is here on Earth) then the markers in the middle will appear higher than the markers at the ends.
This is a difficult experiment to do as you need a few miles for the curvature to be apparent. You also need the markers to be quite high above the surface of the water, as temperature differences between the water and the air tend to create significant refraction effects close to the water. However Youtuber Soundly has found a spot where there's a very long line of markers permanently fixed at constant heights above the water line, clearly demonstrating the curve. It's a line of power transmission towers at Lake Pontchartrain, near New Orleans, Louisiana.
The line of power lines is straight, and they are all the same size, and the same height above the water. They are also very tall, and form a straight line nearly 16 miles long. Far better than any experiment one could set up on a canal or a lake. You just need to get into a position where you can see along the line of towers, and then use a powerful zoom lense to look along the line to make any curve apparent. One can see quite clearly in the video and photos that there's a curve. Soundly has gone to great lengths to provide multiple videos and photos of the curve from multiple perspectives. They all show the same thing: a curve.

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