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Relationship's goals! Ship Titanic tenggelam habis. ❤️

Cute ikaw kayo what kind of fan are you ME US #CONSISTENT #KAMPANTE @gmapublicaffairs

Ano kayo dito mga ka ADN 😊
@Regranned from @ndf_intl_ofc - Cute ikaw kayo what kind of fan are you ME US #CONSISTENT #KAMPANTE @gmapublicaffairs - #regrann

This video is from last winter. One of the most surreal, emotional and rewarding moments in my life. I started this whole forex thing with the expectation of being able to elevate myself financially. Like many who enter this industry, I was infatuated with the financial by product of trading. I was chasing the dollars. I was oriented around the financial benefits of trading but wasn't working hard enough to develop the skill in order to generate the level of value I desired. Psychologically speaking, things began to click when I detached myself from money and began focusing purely on mastering this craft. I was no longer putting in the hours so I can buy Louis this or Gucci that, I started pursuing greatness. You see, success in any discipline is the combination of mentality, skill and experience. All three things require time to develop. You become the person you strive to be in your mind before you do in real life. You have to embody the characteristics and develop the work ethic to create sustainable value before you ever reap the fruits of your labour. When I started making money in forex and transcended from 4 figures, to 5, to 6 and then 7, nothing about my mentality or work ethic changed. The experience and skill set that I was building during the years before I became successful was finally starting to pay off. I didn't anticipate the financial magnitude that was starting to come to fruition. I developed and perfected my plan and was just executing it day in and day out and shit just started to stick. The video you see above was a pivotal point in my life where I began realizing the fundamental components of why I started becoming successful. I had executed trades that morning, by the afternoon some news had played out and when I pulled up mt4 on my phone, I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. I started shaking and couldn't stop for at least an hour, I had to pull over and catch myself. Anyways, the point is, success comes with time. Your journey required maturity before the fruits blossom and often times you won't realize the magnitude of your efforts until you step back and realize how far you've come. Failure is the greatest teacher.

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I started #weightlifting in August 2016, so it's only been a little over a year. Before then, I had never done anything active, I never even played any sports, I didn't even run track. I wanted to! But I just kind of wasn't allowed because of things I'm not about to get into right now lol 🙄

I'm not really into posting pics of popping the #peach but I really am always so amazed by how much my body has changed within just over a year of being consistent. And what's better is that I don't plan on stopping any time soon and am still seeing #changes, which gives me so many exciting goals to keep working towards!

Just a reminder to everyone that it's never too late to start, or even pick it back up. Your body is capable of so much, your mind is capable of so much! The only thing you really need is the #effort to #impress yourself with what you can achieve once you decide to stay #committed and #consistent. And that doesn't apply to just the #gymlife, but really any #goal you've got a #passion for :) ❤️

The moment you have all been waiting for.... A smile! Haha. Although I don't nonverbally show it through my posts, I am a very positive and a happy person! I am always looking for the positive side of things in life even when things look like it could not get any worse. This happiness that I feel with life reflects in the gym and fuels my workout with the right mentality. You don't know how much a smile could do for a person. It changes their thoughts when they see a smile and could totally change their outlook on the day. Spread positivity and happiness everywhere you go and help those who need it! We all have our bad days in which it is perfectly normal to feel sadness. It's an emotion and you have the right to feel anyway you'd like!

CONSISTENT. 🙌🙋🙌😊❤ #KampanteLang @Regranned from @ndf_intl_ofc - Cute ikaw kayo what kind of fan are you ME US #CONSISTENT #KAMPANTE @gmapublicaffairs - #regrann


I took 2 weeks off to let my body heel up after my last powerlifting meet. My body feels great and I'm excited to see what kinda strength this next training session will bring. #shoulders#fitness#fit#athlete#athleteintraining#workhard#consistent#lift#trainhard#marinopowersystem

This isn't the worlds best visual transformation. Although, it's there. A 40+lbs difference lies between left and right. 👀
But, as we rolled back into my buddy's house this evening, I couldn't help but to ponder other differences. 🤔These two photos are five years apart. On the left I was JUST learning to ride. I didn't know how to clutch, I hadn't yet fractured my wrist ((trying to learn to snowboard! 🏂)) and I was rocking this hunky Honda. Jeremy snapped this picture after I took 35 mins to just get up a mile of super mellow single track. I was STOKED! Because I did it! 🤘🏻And it was my first single track. ..
Then reality hit. This shit was hard!! I often found myself horrible out of breath, dizzy, and exhausted. 🤢 Dirt biking is NO JOKE! Trust me, it's not just sitting on a motor! I had ZERO endurance and cried on the trail more than I'd like to admit. ..
I finally decided to make a change. I decided to take this coaching thing seriously. To dedicate myself to bettering myself. And ITS PAYING OFF! 👊🏻👍🏻🙌🏻 I ripped out another 20+ techie miles in no time tonight. Not slowing down the bros, not out of breath, and not dropping the bike every 3 minutes. It's not because I've been on my bike all summer. It's because I dropped the weight, increased the strength and endurance, and boosted my confidence. ..
ALL BECAUSE OF MY JOB!! This #transformationtuesady brought to you by COACHING! 😍😍 Still taking on new clients, peeps! Change your 🌍 with me!

Checkout this beauty for Transformation Tuesday 😍💪🏼
This is my sweet friend @julianne.gault ... she was like most of us and just wanted something to help her get in shape and stay consistent & what she found was that challenge groups, nutrition plans, & these crazy at home fitness programs CHANGED HER LIFE! .
It's more about what she gained than what she LOST!
•She beams with confidence, • found her purpose &
• is helping others do the same
❤❤❤ I love that through my coach life I get to meet awesome ladies like Julianne. I love seeing her transformation change from the inside out as I watch her coaching business grow! .
My next challenge group starts Monday the 23rd! You too can make fitness consistent in your life when given the right tools! 💥JOIN US!!💥 #transformationtuesday #fitgirl #getit #consistent #dedication #willpower

Ewe Ellinghaus of @cadillac in conversation tonight with @beripics of @ivyconnect. Very interesting take on the strength of German companies vs. US companies and what the future of car companies will look like. 👏🏻

The last thing I wanted to do this morning was to get out of bed and go to the gym. The battle with my mind went on for at least half an hour. Eventually I got up, went to the gym and gave it all I had. On the days when you really don't want to show up, show up and own the positive feelings that flow from your body afterwards. Consistency is key 🔑 @atfbrighton @juliettevagg_pt

Can I just say that some days really suck😔!!! I'm not here to complain or rain on your parade but, today was one of those days when I was hanging on by a thread #iwantedtoscream and it felt as if the universe was out to get me😯
I know that many times through social media people tend to form their own idea of the life people are living by the pictures they are posting and FYI there's always a story going on behind the scenes. I may post pictures of myself smiling and at the moment I usually am because my life is pretty damn good compared to where I have come from but, that doesn't mean that I don't have personal issues going on too. For months I've had a few different personal issues going on and right now I'm not at liberty to share the whole story but, one day that may change so, for right now I just needed to let you know that I'm human and I have struggles too.
My life is far from perfect and some days I swear if I could crawl in a hole and hide I would #momlife #myjob #myrecovery #myrelationship all drive me crazy but, at the end of the day it's mine and I know matter how bad it seems at the time there's always a light at the end of the tunnel😇. Today may have been a day from hell #carproblems #sickbaby #personalstruggles but, if there's one thing you need to know is that I'm here everyday #consistent and #committed because that is who I am and know matter what is going on behind the scenes I am here to stay👊❤

Some photos of the course recce for @challengearuba on Sunday! Windiest place I’ve ever cycled, more so that Lanza (at least it was today) and it’s relentless. It’s beautiful when you’re by the pool. That said with all the windy cycling I’ve done, I’m feeling comfortable and relaxed on the bike. After this mornings run I was racing kite surfers down the seafront which was ace! Can’t wait to give that a bash again. The last time I kite surfed it was in Northumberland with @ka_kitesurfingofficial (cannot recommend it highly enough!). Not sure on the temperature but it’s hot here right now and the sea swim will be epic!!!! Can’t wait for this last race of the triathlon season

I got a quick 30 min upper body workout done after along day at work!
Time to tuck Ryan in!
Oh I'll be feeling it tomorrow!
#fitnesslifstyle #consistent #pennsylvaniagirl #fitmmomma #happier #healthyjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitness #feelbetter #upperbodyworkout

"I shall rise, said the man on the ground. I shall win, said the man that look defeated. I shall prosper, said the man covered in dirt... and so he did!" - iNDOMiTABLE MOTiVATiON |_
Don't be afraid when all seems lost. Just know that you will find your way as long as their is faith in yourself and your mission. You won't be tired, hungry, stressed or worried forever. Just keep focused and keep moving forward. Can you do that for yourself?

GOD OF THE HILLS AND VALLEYS! When that ocean of doubt comes please don’t let me drown in my sorrow. God you know my faith in you is strong but this is when I need you most 🙏🏽💯🎯 #GodOverEverything #Faith #Changes #Uplifting #Uplift #PositiveLife #PositiveLiving #PositiveWays #Motivation #Succeed #DestinyChasers #Greatness #IWillNotFail #Winning #Victory #PainIsStrength #PushThrough #FitLife #Fitness #Push #Pray #GiveItAllToTheManAbove #FaithInAction #Consistent #PositiveChanges #NewWays #NewLife #Exceed #GoalDigger #Goals 💪🏽🦍🔑

Almost Christmas 🎄
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✨transformation Tuesday ✨ I accidentally deleted my last post 🤦‍♀️ I've been slacking in the fitness and wellness department. When I started my #weightlossjourney I was #candid #nofilter #noexcuse I think that was one of the reasons why I was so #committed to the program. I believe that when you put it all out there, you become more #consistent bc you have an audience watching your moves, and feel a personal obligation to stick to it. It took me years to get back to my pre mommy body. My new goal is to ⬆️ #muscle by sticking to #asthetics and #strenghttraining #workout this is my #beforepic to my #newbody #goals #dontquit #dontgiveup #keepgoing #fitchicks #fitmoms #fitnessmodel #fitlife #fitgoals #transformation #transformationtuesday #beforeandafter #weightlosstransformation #weightlossprogress #youcandoit

Persistent...consistent! Legs were the workout today. Squat variations, leg press variations. Heavy weight and reps! Constant building! Did you get yours?? #girlsthatlift #fitness #fit2017 #fitnessmotivation #quadsquad #thickfit #thickthighs #fitmom #strongisbeautiful #strongwomen #fitnessjourney #myjourney #persistence #consistent #motivation #inspiration #aspiretoinspire #selflove #blackeverything #legpress #quads #glutes #squats #liftheavy

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