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All Smiles

Gotta love a toad’s expression, warts and all. This juvenile american toad was one of many I came across at the Sydenham Nature Reserve BioBlitz. They can be quite loud, with breeding males belting out a monotone trill that can last up to 30 seconds. Although dawning a cantankerous look, I find them to have a pretty stoic air about them. Just don’t expect them to smile for the camera.

Come relax and enjoy footage of Paul and Cristina's recent trip to Svalbard, Norway!

As children we are very curious, but as we age this curiosity disappears. We no longer marvel at the things around us and instead complain. Imagine how much we could learn if we continued to employ this child-like mentality in our work, relationships and free time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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We've found the little guy that Ali was talking about, he's not doing very well, but hopefully he'll come through. He's got some of the best people caring for him right now. 🐘.. Learn more about this important ecosystem and JOIN & SHARE the movement. https://www.lovetheleuser.org @earth_warrior_muzza .
Help us directly with a contribution to our Forest &Elephant Patrols! Link in bio :)
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Act 3 — Hopperpalooza ‘17. Judging by his razor stubble & the slightly groggy look on his face, I'd say this fellow has been at Hopperpalooza for at least a couple days.

Not positive who this hopper nymph will grow up to be, but based on that big grill built into his face and based on the number of adult Sharpshooters in the area, I'm guessing that's who he is, too. Possibly a Paraulacizes irrorata (Speckled Sharpshooter). Holler if you know, though.

I'm fascinated by the idea of Sharpshooters having a facial pump powered by large muscles, all of which is hidden behind that grill.

In this photo, you can see the "straw" under his head that our hopper friend will poke into the plant to drink its sap, convert the sap into honeydew, & then "sharpshoot" the honeydew out of ... well ... let's just say out of his other end.

Sometimes, you can even hear the popping noise as the honeydew shoots out.

The 7 year-old in me loves this. 😊ㅤ

Virginia, US. Photos taken of wild critters where I find them. No posing or pestering. Corrections welcome to my critter IDs. Photo taken with Nikon D750 & Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro lens & Raynox DCR-150. Handheld. Diffused Nikon SB-400 flash.

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This year's @bigpicturecomp winners are a showcase of amazing creatures and gorgeous environments—some threatened, some thriving—from around the globe. Here, a group of Japanese macaques form what's known as a saru dango—"monkey dumpling"—to keep themselves warm. From photographer Alexandre Bonnefoy & 11 more at biographic.com. // #wildlifephotography #conservationphotography #photography

Sunrise at Big Ben, London
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Photo by @ablokecalledtom

Cookenia speciosa siendo.
Dato curioso este hongo esta en el billete de 10mil colones costaricenses.
Época de lluvia, cuándo la vida florece en el trópico.


#spadefoot and characteristic spade on hind foot used by this fossorial species to dig burrows.

#herpetology #ctherpetology #conservation #conservationphotography #macrophotography #ctwildlife #frogsofinstagram #amphibiansofinstagram

Belfountain Conservation Area - Caledon, Ontario [May 27, 2017]

Sometimes empathy feels like a curse. When you care about other living beings, it is as if you have not been made for this world. The consideration for the other species that share this planet with us almost does not exist. But the money, which only exists in our heads, this receives our full attention. We are focused on an unreal, imaginary world as we are on our way to destroy OUR real world ... <br> <br> --- PORTUGUÊS --- <br>
As vezes a empatia parece uma maldição. Quando você se importa com outros seres vivos, é como se você nao tivesse sido feito para este mundo. A consideração para com as outras espécies que compartilham esse planeta conosco quase não existe. Já o dinheiro, que só existe em nossas cabeças, esse sim recebe toda a nossa atenção. Estamos focados em um mundo irreal, imaginário, enquanto nos esforçamos para destruír o NOSSO mundo real... <br> <br>

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I spent yesterday at the 'Protection Camp' near Leith Hill, Surrey to observe the eviction of protesters from a site designated for the exploration of oil by Europa Oil & Gas. The protesters have been camped out in a 'fortress' since October trying to prevent oil drilling on Leith Hill. The eviction was granted by the High Court after a 7 year planning application battle. Europa have been granted permission to carry out up to 18 weeks of exploratory drilling.
I was allowed on to the edge of the Protection Camp where barriers had been erected around the camp the previous day. On site were the Bailiffs, Europa Security, Surrey Police and Specialist Group International; recognised experts in 'protester removal'. There were also a group of protesters outside the barriers, as well as those still in the camp, and allegedly some in a network of underground tunnels.
These photos tell the story of a conflict between man and the environment we will continue to see until we are willing to see the world and all it's living beings as one, and accept that what man does to other living things he ultimately does to himself. Arne Nass, one of the most influential environmental thinkers of the 20th Century, known as the 'father of deep ecology' championed ecological wisdom. Deep ecology seeks to develop wisdom through a self-realisation that we are all part of one interconnected system and only once we realise this can we feel empathy for other living things and feel a desire to protect non-human life. The events at Leith Hill are part of a wider capitalist desire for more. In this case, the 'more' is gained at the expense of other living things. The question we should be asking is do we need more? In the case of oil, this is a complex question but the solution may lie with the individual. The oil here is unlikely to be used to power our homes; the demand will be for use in cars, planes and plastic. We need to look within to ask what do we really need and how we can provide for our needs without excessive and what is currently a catastrophic over reliance on the natural world. #leithhill #oil #environment #conservationphotography #visitsurrey #conservation #cleanenergy

Sometimes we over-think. We spend so much time calculating, analyzing, contemplating on what our next move will be and you know what comes out of it? Nothing. No action, no movement, no steps forward. Today, I propose we do more and think less. Life is too valuable to not live it to the fullest.
Are you a doer or a thinker? ______________________________________________
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White Rhinoceros / Rinoceronte Branco (Ceratotherium simum) .
www.l8photos.com .
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Divers below!! I thought something was tickling my belly.. BUBBLES! 🌊🌅🌌

Flood reflection horse #conservationphotography

Hualalai was in full glory today and check out that ko'oko'olau (Bidens menziesii) in the foreground. Bidens is a genus of flowering plants found throughout the world in the sunflower family. Thier biggest characteristic for which the genus is know for is having two sharp pappi at the ends of thier fruits. These structures help embed the fruits in feathers, fur, or skin of passing animals so the seeds can be transported and start new populations elsewhere.
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The perfect rosette pattern of a leopard captured by @richard_zaayman_ .

At AfriCat our research teams makes use of snippets such as this one to help identify individual leopards who have not been collared yet. These individuals are picked up on our camera trap footage or are spotted by our Okonjima Field Guides whilst out on drives in the park.
#AfriCat | #Namibia | #leopard © Richard Zaayman

Panda-monium. A Chinese friend called me last night asking if I would be interested to photograph pandas in the wild next year. My trips are locked in for 2018 but it's such an exciting idea to meet these gentle monochromatic animals face to face. Let's see how it goes. At the meantime, here's a close up, taken in a zoo. Wild population of pandas vary, estimation shows that there are about 1500 individuals living in the wild. Some reports show their rise in population has reached to a significant number of 2000-3000 in the wild. Their status is reclassified from endangered to vulnerable, and is probably one of the best rebound stories of a species today.
400mm | 1/160 | F5.6 | ISO 400

North Island robin (Petroica longipes). Female top and male bottom.

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