Day one of the Synergy Dog Sports training camp with Shade Whitesel, Sarah Stremming, and Amy Cook just ended. Fun time with lots of nerdy stuff, communication clarity, asking for consent in training and trials, and toy play!
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It’s sad that the college fratts feel like they have to make banners with captions such as “ stop the violence” “no means no” this is not okay. CONSENT MATTERS. Rape allegations, assault violations should not be taken lightly. The number of humans that have been violated that don’t speak up is astonishing. But I don’t blame you, being raped or sexually assaulted is A LOT to process it has such a powerful effect on the whole mind and body sometimes it takes years for rape victims to recover - so when people ask WHY NOW I say WHY NOT I say STAND TALL AND SAY IT AGAIN. This is more than a #metoo movement but thank god that’s a start. We need to stand together, help one another, support each other. If the system fails to offer resources for support then BE THE SYSTEM for your fellow sister or brother. Offer advice, offer a shoulder, offer a hand; a hand to hold through the process. Most if not all rape victims suffer from PTSD so I ask WHAT THE FUCK IS OUR MENTAL HEALTH SUSTEM DOING IN PREVENTION OF RAPE!!!!!! we have to break the violence if not for ourselves for others and we have to be able to hold space for our fellow victims but also for the Ones victimizing. They need help and support to, this is a red flag of some serious mental health issues what are we doing to help these attackers??? Putting them in jail? Guess what rape happens everyday in jail too.. we need more resources in the system to help both. So I’m going to do what I can to help who I can who is suffering. Whether a victim of rape or an offender. I offer my services FREE of charge. Whether it’s a restorative yoga session which has been linked to dramatically help those with ptsd, anxiety,depression or a shoulder. Somebody to process with. No judgment. I love you all of you and I’m here for you. All of you xoxoxooxox

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retreat fam '18 (swipe to see the hottest pic of james 🔥) #imsorryjames #donthaveanypicswithjustyou #ugavemeurconsenttopostthis #consensual #bettertogether😔👊 EDIT: KZL shirt belongs to @nisyatiffany

We went to a birth workshop with @frombumps2babies last night to talk through what to expect in labour and birth, and to start writing a birth plan. Feeling a lot more informed and less anxious about the unknown now. Looking forward to the next workshops with Linda and to some hypnobirthing sessions 😍🌈💙 #frombumps2babies #birthplan #birthworkshop #antenatal #antenatalclass #labour #birth #hypnobirth #hypnobirthing #positivebirth #dueinnovember #32weekspregnant #duenovember2018 #pregnant #pregnancy #preggo#preggers #beinformed #knowyourchoices #consentmatters

Wise words from #blakeboles. *How are we to teach the very important lesson of consent if we don’t practice consent with our children? Especially as it relates to their learning endeavors and the personalized nature of information seeking and gathering. *What if we stopped trying to stuff our kids with facts and information for the sake of passing tests or jumping arbitrary hoops and instead, collaborated, observed, listened and genuinely communicated with them in order to support a life direction that is as customized to their needs as their emotional and physical ones?


I had no intention of posting tonight. And yet I feel moved to do so. I have to do my part to change the narrative. ☮️
Out of all the amazing people here on IG, there is no doubt some have been victims of sexual assault, harassment, abuse, etc. I just want you to know, you are supported, you aren't alone, no one has the right to judge you. As a mom of two boys, I will never excuse any behavior as "boys will be boys, so it doesn't matter." Because humanity, respect, consent and love should be our guiding principles, not excuses. My pastor posted this and I want to share part of his words...."You DO matter. Your integrity matters. Your identity matters. Your voice matters. You are amazing."
I pray for you a sense of peace. An understanding of your own amazing, remarkable strength. #bestrong #youareenough #consent #ibelieve #consentmatters #victimblamingiswrong

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