Attended a march on my lunch break today where underwear was symbolically laid on the court house steps in protest at comments made by a barrister at a rape trial about the fact the young female complainant was wearing a lace thong.
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Noch nie habe ich so viel und so zutiefst berührt geweint im Kino
Ein Harter Film über die unterschiedlichsten Lebensrealitäten und Geschichten von Frauen* auf der ganzen Welt aber eines haben sie und wir alle gemeinsam. Das Patriarchat das systematisch Frauen* und weibliche Sexualität unterdrückt und verurteilt.
Feminism is for all women*, everywhere and with every story!
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A man accused of raping a 17 year old girl in Ireland was not charged because one of the pieces of ‘evidence’ excusing him was that the girl was wearing a lace front thong.
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is consent except coherent, verbal, permission.
How many more rapists are going to be excused because the victims are blamed?
It doesn’t matter for a second what that 17 year old girl was wearing.
If she didn’t give consent - it was rape.
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I was dressed as a sexy cheerleader at a costume party...
I was bending over to reach something from across a table when I felt it.
A slap on my ass.
A stinging, unsolicited, humiliating slap.
I turned around to see a guy dressed as a fireman laughing. "You show off an ass like that, you're asking for it to be spanked!" he chuckled.
I'll never forget the sense of violation I felt in that moment. The shame. The powerlessness, watching him laugh like it was one big joke.
I'll never forget wondering if what he'd said was true - that I'd somehow invited his touch, by wearing a short cheerleader skirt that night. And most clear, is my memory of how quickly that feeling turned to anger as I realised NO ONE has the right to touch my body without my consent, no matter WHAT I'm wearing.
I'm willing to bet every woman reading this has a similar story they can share. And for those that are brave enough, I'd love you to do it here. Because staying silent only allows the ignorant to stay ignorant and the oppressed to stay oppressed.
What I'd love too, is for the men reading, to tell me how YOU'VE been affected by sexual harassment - have you witnessed it happening to woman in your life? How did you deal with it? And how do you deal with it as a man when fellow male colleagues or friends make sexually inappropriate comments or advances toward women? How are those of you with daughters raising them to understand what consent means? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Ready for a new #episode of #ConsentMadeSimple?
We find ourselves in a bar with lots of people around and talking. One person walks up and offers a compliment and then a very forward and direct way to ask for consent. Would this kind of scenario happen in real life? It could. Would it necessarily end this way? Not always.
There is nothing wrong with being direct in what we are seeking. This kind of approach may be off-putting to some kinds of people but others may find it refreshing and in line with what they are looking for. The biggest and most important part is that consent is obtained and respected.
Learn more about #consent
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***Setting Boundaries is Awesome*** On a path towards conscious evolution, we sometimes find ourselves caught up in a quest to be more open,
more loving,
more giving
to the world around us.
This desire for compassion
comes from a place deep within us.
It calls us to connect, to dive fearlessly into self and other.
Even the midst of a gooey,
of bliss... *Setting Boundaries is Awesome*


I have realized that the clearer I with my own Boundaries, with a capital B,
the more fully I am able to show up and love those around me.

The more I learn to step up and declare my needs as important and valid,
the more the universe responds in support of my declaration.
The more I shape the borders of my integrity, and stand proudly in my own self-worth,
the safer it becomes to open.

By knowing my boundaries,
I know my limits
By knowing my limits
I know my potential.
By knowing my potential
I can open to the world ***Setting Boundaries is Awesome***
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Consent matters.

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Please consider this.
It does not matter who your caregiver is, Obstetrician or Midwife, if your ‘choices’ are given to you with a tone intended to create fear behind them, the yes that they hear may not be full consent.
Our throats close in the presence of ‘authority figures’ and our ability to ask further questions before giving consent is often hindered by fear of:
•being seen as ‘difficult’
•not finding the most intelligent words
•being ‘dropped’
•not knowing what to ask
I encourage you to ALWAYS ask questions. To find support who will put you on a pedestal as the Master of your experience. To hold off on saying yes or no and simply asking for time to think. To ask ‘how is this benefiting me and my baby’. .
It is not consent if you are made to fear saying no.
Thank you Christine of @5elementsbirth for sharing this image.

Let’s teach them early on that #ConsentMatters

Thought I'd post this because I've been writing a story about a journey of a guy who used to be in an abusive relationship ~ ☎️
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Don't wait until this happens to your child. Start to #SpeakUp now. You can do so through the link on our bio above ⬆️. #ModaCasting #ProjectConsent

Oh my lord this is so fucked up!!!
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Just me and my best friend Harry, engaging in some consensual cuddles. Not only is consent sexy, but it’s also absolutely essential. •
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Halloween is over sadly, but this still remains true for me and lots of my friends. I'm a #demigirl who prefers they/them/their or ze/zem/zer. I know it takes time to adjust, but effort is appreciated and loved.

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The worst part of being a #sexworker has to be all of the fertility questions. The imposed impregnation fantasies are horrible and rude. As someone who faced 2 years of daily turkey basters and hormones, and 3 #miscarriages before finally conceiving a #highriskpregnancy that has left my body scarred and with lasting injuries, your questions and assumptions are a slap in the face. I realize that your questions come from selfish ignorance, but my immediate reaction screams to humiliate you without mercy and show you what it feels like to cry on the bathroom tiles in agony. I’ve learned to silence the demon that demands your blood as penance for your deplorable manners, but she waits beneath the surface cursing.
With any luck, and a small miracle, I’ll be going into next year as one of the youngest women in my state to receive a complete hysterectomy. I’ve already been through #menopause once, bring it 2019. I look forward to a fully sterile life with no worries, and just maybe, painless sex for the first time ever.
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Not gonna lie. I got excited for today’s challenge because I got to break out the sparkly pen and use my planner supplies. #plannerchick #plannersgonnaplan #NaNoWriMo #nanoday10 #igauthorsnano #igauthorsnovember #igwriters #igauthors #nanowrimo #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #romanceauthor #consentmatters @occ_rwa @nanowrimo

Tonight @8pm! "I said to Hank Williams, how lonely does it get?
Hank Williams hasn't answered yet
But I hear him coughing all night long
A hundred floors above me, In the Tower of Song"

When Leonard Cohen sang these words, the Tower of Song was a metaphor for the inspiration that flows between songwriters, each toiling away on their own, but connected by their shared craft. Moved by this concept, celebrated BC singer-songwriters Oliver Swain and Glenna Garramone, collaborated to produce a project that is a dialogue through song and a tribute to the legendary songwriter.
Reimagining both rare and classic works of Cohen, the duo have crafted a sound that resonates with both longtime Cohen fans and a younger audience.

Tickets online and at Lyles Place

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