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If you’re working hard and feel like something’s missing, maybe you need to slow down and give yourself a retreat...⠀

I'm hosting a workshop, "Unleash your Soul's Purpose", this Sunday during the Woman Unleashed Online Retreat! ⠀

I'd love you to join HERE --> http://bit.ly/wunleashed ⠀

(it's free)⠀

Over 60,000 women have joined! ⠀

Come have a sacred experience where you’ll be doing Mini Workshop Sessions + Art + Journaling + Dance + Yoga + led by world-renowned speakers, artists, teachers, authors and healers from all over the world!⠀

Come! --> http://bit.ly/wunleashed ⠀


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When someone says “grow some balls” they are implying that male genitalia represents strength.
When someone says “don’t be a pussy” they are implying that female genitalia represents weakness.
Why is that when the pussy is the most powerful thing on the planet?
It literally creates life and GROWS A HUMAN.
It has caused wars, religious upheaval, and has brought powerful men to their knees.
It is sacred, powerful, holy.
Pussy holds ALL THE POWER.
Balls can’t do that.
Ladies, don’t forget how fucking powerful you actually are.
Just my thoughts for today #pussypower
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Less is more....happy Friday #somatichealings
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Next Sunday we are participating in the event “No culture left behind” in Beirut, organized by Zavarian Student Organization and focusing on ethnocide. We will be there with a stand selling our colorful products, catch us from 18:00 to 21:00, entry is free!
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Summer holiday coming up and you're planning your last-minute dash to the high street to pick up holiday essentials?

I'm not sure why, but despite only needing beach clothes for 14 days of the year, I would regularly go shopping with a long list of things I "needed" to take away with me that I would only end up replacing for next year's trip.

I am constantly trying to remind friends and family how easy it is to get secondhand but brand new swimwear online. And holiday coverups a-plenty in charity shops!

Bon voyage! ❌⭕❌⭕

Production day in my studio today! I love these little yogini's....they each contain a little piece of me and my hopes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
BLOOM no matter where you're planted.
Let GRACE in and let LOVE out.
SPIRIT & WISDOM always near.
TRUE NORTH always within.
#yoginiforlife #yogaart #artthatinspires ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Because Friday. And Sunny. And together they might be my favorite combination! 💕 .

Glad to end this week soaking up the sun with a homemade ice coffee.
I’ve been having one of these weeks where everything seems to be going wrong. Big to small. An important lecture I was preparing for moved from July to October, a collaboration I’m working on is now on hold, I spilled my smoothie this morning... you get it... One of these weeks...
Maya Angelou’s quote kept repeating in my head “you may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” it helped me getting through the week! .

I’m a big believer in - everything happens for a reason, and not in some woo-woo way, I believe in it because I experienced it over and over again. Plus, the only other option is to resist what’s happening and that’ll probably make things worse (what you resist persists).

So instead of asking myself - Why did it happen TO me I’m asking myself - Why did it happen FOR me. .

I believe we all have a ‘life curriculum’ and if we embrace all events as part of it we’ll discover that there is always a lesson to learn and a opportunity to grow.

I think the universe has given me some extra time to create more content for you! So what would you want me to write about? What are your biggest struggles these days?

Forget about coffee! But first ... Skin Trip! 🥥🥥🥥📷 @handfuloflemons

Balanced af lmao 😂

Question for the day! 🤔 What if we received every child as they are and not what we want them to be? Would love to hear from you on how different the world would be?

#iamunique #iamme #childofmine #iamlight

Embrace the Grace! 🙏🏽
The world is filled with people who trigger us! That’s ok, they aren’t going anywhere! 🤷🏾‍♂️
However, it’s our own responsibility to understand what is underneath the frustration.
I’ve met a lot of angry people and they are victims of their own accord.
We want to win and be right all the time. It can feel good. But where do you realize your sanity is worth more than being right or being the victim.
Victim can show itself in many forms. Just note how you speak about the situation:
If you use “they”, “them”, “she” or “he” you are blaming. 👇🏾
If you use “I feel”, you are identifying your part and you will get closer to what the trigger is for you in that situation.
People don’t look to anger you, if those are the people you have in your life, find new ones. 😁
Be well! ✌🏾❤️🙏🏽

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Yesterday was the Summer solstice and we took full advantage of it! We took a walk up some hills just north of Nottingham to watch the sunset and it was stunning! This picture was taken at about 9.30!
I love the long days, I always have more energy, more motivation to get things done! How did you spend yesterday? Did you take advantage of the sun?

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@floreslane and I will be launching our new #Momlife candle on June 27th and 30 % of sales will be donated. Make sure to shop on these days if you’re looking to put your money where your mouth is 💕Save the date and share it with your networks! 6.27-6.29 30% of sales from participating shops will be donated to @aclu_nationwide @raicestexas We CAN and WILL make an impact. Thank you thank you thank you for the support! @heymamaco @heymamas4change

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