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Be confident in yourself, it's too much hassle trying to be someone else. The best is being YOU. Love Yourself. 📷@busoladakolo for @genevievemagazine

My big green eyes, photo makes me think of @doddleoddle song My Face #confidentyou #eyes #day9

As long as I have my coffee, I'm good 😉☕️💕#thinksocial #confidentyou #coffeelover

Be strong and confident because you only exist when they need you.

Fake friends are around when they think you're cool, True friends are around when they think you're a fool.

You don't need to show the world. Just stay true and positive. Support each one and another. : for those who've lost hope and trust....hang in there because after a storm, there'll always be a rainbow❤️ #inspiredaily #confidentyou

👠BE TRUE TO YOURSELF 👠PHANELLA: I do sometimes wish I was one of those people who could throw on baggy jeans and look effortlessly cool. But that's just not me. I love to look smart. When my hair is neat, shoes polished and accessories matching (🙈not cool, can't help it) I feel confident and in control. Added bonus that even my more casual outfits can transition seamlessly into an office by adding a jacket or changing my shoes. I shop in a few favourite shops, invest in pieces I love and wear them forever. So here I am flying the flag for dressing the way you feel comfortable. Because being YOU is always in style. And if you happen to find a backdrop that matches your outfit, even better 😜 😘 #ConsciousFashion #BeYou #StopDreamingStartDoing

This picture on the left was a year ago and the picture on the right was taken yesterday. Do you see the difference? I'm SO GOOD at hiding behind the cameras I can barely find pictures to compare too! You can't say what I do doesn't work. There is no denying pictures! I was tired of being fat. I was tired of being how most people say "beautiful for a big girl". I was tired of being "the fat friend". I was tired of hiding behind family, friends and objects to hide my body when it came to taking pictures. At some point in your life you have to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I'm looking for 3-5 girls to join your enough is enough journey. Join my weight loss challenge group today! Message me for details we have 2 months before we are officially in summer!!! #beyou #butbe #confidentyou #30daychallenge

Who is that beautiful human being?
Oh yeah it's me 😏🙃
#freedommakeup #summervibes #confidentyou

Did you know our company doesn't only sell toothpaste?? This cellulite cream has anti-aging benefits to help smooth and improve the appearance of skin firmness👍 The daily contouring moisturizer helps promote cell turnover, returning skin to its natural radiance😍 #celulitecream #confidentyou #beingingfirmnessback #firm #nocelulite


I had the pleasure of doing makeup for this beautiful bride Saturday! Hannah is a natural beauty and doesn't usually wear makeup so we went for soft, natural look for her special day! ☺️💍💄

There is no eclipsing your bright white smile! #loveyoursmile😁#confidentyou

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone has a smile on their faces like my beautiful sister here does! I did her makeup a couple weeks ago for a photo shoot they had and she looked amazing!

#IBS #BADSKIN #WEIGHTISSUES 💨💨 Out products helping out the lovely Charlotte 👏👏 ❗️IBS sufferer - always bloated ❗️Bad skin - red rashes & spotty
❗️Weight issues
❗️Low self esteem ❗️Tried "Lighter Life", "Herbalife", "Atkins", "5:2", "Lean in 15" etc - could never stick to them 👉 hello amazing products that simply changed Charlotte's life ✅ 3 weeks on the smoothies and premium capsules and she's lost 9lbs, happier and better mood in general, never hungry yet always seem to be eating, IBS not playing up and skin settling down. Overall more confident about my body and how she feels 💪

Well done Charlotte 👏👏 #onesimplechange #changedmylife #bodybeautiful #confidentyou #lovingyourselfagain #noregrets #happinesss

A brand new week has begun! Let’s add some colours to our lives, shall we?
Makeup adds the sparkle of joy, and happy girls are the prettiest!
Have a fantabulous week ahead to all beautiful people out there!

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Dark skin colour makes your eye makeup looks dull?
Here’s the tips – brighten up your eyelids.

1. Spread non-sparkling beige colour eye shadow on your eyelids evenly
2. Gently dab on your eyelids with your finger – from inner corner till end corner of your eyes
3. Apply the same beige colour around your eye bags with brush, spread evenly

Now, instead of dullness, your eyes look bright and vital!

#MakeoverParis #makeoverparismalaysia #StayBeautiful #WeLoveColours #StayGorgeous #BeYourself #BeConfident #BePretty #BeBold #BeautifulWoman #ConfidentYou #BeautifulYou #EyeMassage #BeautifulEyes #EyeMakeup


SANCTUS underarm whitening cream - No more embarrassment in wearing sleeveless!! Flaunt the confident you!!!!#bestunderarmcream #confidentyou #loveyourself #sanctusonline

Dina underwent chemo. Her lashes and brows fell out. She used Lash Boost for 12 week results. She is feeling close to herself again and loving her results. Message me to get on my Lash List or for more info! Lash Boost should be back very soon! 👀
#alwaysbeautiful #takethatcancer #feelyouagain #lashesfordays #thosebrows #lashboostforthewin #confidentyou #getonmylist #getyourown

Nobody like a know-it-all, so calm your farm and acknowledge that you don't know everything and no one needs you to. Although it can be very rewarding to develop your expertise in a particular topic, even the "experts" don't have all the answers. It is totally fine to phone a friend or take a question on notice and respond to it later. This is a far better approach than spinning BS to try to get yourself out of a difficult situation. #quicktips

Staying in your comfort zone is easy, nice, cosy and warm, but it will prevent you from moving ahead. If you don't challenge yourself, step outside of the norm or encourage yourself to try new things, you will miss out in the long run. I'm not just talking about new experiences either - you could miss out on discovering your true calling!

All about that contour and highlight!! ✨✨✨

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