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Love your jiggle ~ @bodyposipower
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i have still yet to reach my goal of total acceptance and self love .
but im trying, i really am.
it's not easy in the slightest
i have doubts about the way i look, come across and how the way others perceive me. .
it's hard to get to that point of feeling 100% in your skin both physically and mentally. i set goals for myself, i try and remain as positive as i possibly can but sometimes life just gets to you and you lose yourself in drama, stress and doubt. .
it's OKAY if you don't feel great or positive or happy all the time. you're human!
people have different emotions and just being content and happy all the time makes you robotic, it's not normal.
bad days are there to make you feel human again.
ive been pretty ill these past few weeks and really haven't been feeling myself. ive been feeling low energy, down and just plain flat!
but it's given me time to really think deeply about things, about my life. .
it gives you clarity unlike when you're on a happiness high and your mind fogs up. well - at least that's what happens to me lol.
when things are going well you don't want to question it in case you jinx it or something. but questioning things helps you understand, so question everything! .
the answers will become so clear and you'll feel lighter energetically. .
ive been questioning things about myself whilst feeling down and it's helped me gain more strength to continue helping others and sending out positive vibes to those in need. ✨✨
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I am the master of my own thoughts
My mind will obey only me..😎
Pic credit: @neha_bandodkar7
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They took my balls and shaved my leg BUT still thriving #staystrong #confident

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It's been a long week but I'm pushing through #longweek #browneyes #crazy #loveme #confident #movingon #humble

Confidence is built from doing something that scares you over and over and realizing you didn't die. -Charlene Johnson
We all have fear!🙈🙈🙈 Fear of rejection.
Fear of failure.
Fear of success.
Confidence comes from doing things that scare us anyway!✨ #morningmotivation #punchfearintheface #girlboss

👏💥WATCH THIS WHOLE VID. SO IMPORTANT. Gia, you are an angel, 🔁 ily 🔁💕.
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Like @thesassytruth_ explains in the above video, "Every trans person has their own journey, their own story, their own perception of self and their own perception of their body." Here Gia talks about why it was so important for her to transition in order to be body positive, as well as mentally healthy and happy. "It’s just something so exhilarating of seeing your body start to look like what you've always felt like it should've looked like," she says. 🌟🌟🌟Stay tuned for more videos with Gia! 💫💫💫

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It's Affirmation time! As usual!. Tag a friend, share this and of course, say it over and over and over again..UNTIL it seeks all the way in. You matter babe. You certainly do matter over everything else. Have a great day. Much Love! Miss Trish xxoxo  #affirmations #humpday #loveyourself #confident #success #entrepreneur

God created us to do amazing things! He gave us the #strength and the #ability to accomplish every obstacle put in our path and complete what we were called to do🙌🏼 Be #confident and have #nofear in your journey💪🏼

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