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Might be a spam coming up
Picture from @flawll.ess - - - - -

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Awwww. I'm glad this worked out for you💕

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Confession #195! Sorry for not being active I haven't been on this account for a while😁 thank you for all the people still following💫

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Lowkey wishing I had a boyfriend but like I wouldn’t like being called a loser even though this is super cute. It’s just my preference 🤷🏻‍♀️

Me with any guy that gives me more the five minutes of their attention


Holy cow. The last confession is trending. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways I also have trust issues and it sucks

good thing you don’t have to deal with them anymore

✨has anyone been two-faced to you?

Wow I haven’t had a confession in days but this ones a long one. But I find it hilarious because I’m imagining their face when the brother woke them up 😂😂😂

I’m so sorry..


one of my biggest flaws too 🙄

✨what’s something you do that you know you should not?


✨what stereotype are you closest to?

i feel your pain

✨do you feel like there are a lot of pressures on people in your age group?

Lol I’ve been so inactive now I actually promise I will be posting from now on. Also comment below if your 12-13 girl to get a ibf

I can relate😂❤️
QOTD: Are you pumped for 2018?

Aww I feel so bad for her rn.. 🙁
QOTD: How often do you get hurt?
AOTD: Physically, Not much... Emotionally, a lot... :(

You shouldn’t do that. You should find your inner beauty and I’m pretty sure your prettier than me🙃
QOTD: Where Are You From?
AOTD: Canada💖

OML! You don’t deserve such an idiot like him! He probably hasn’t even seen how beautiful you are!❤️
QOTD: How Old Are You?

I am too. Anyways if I gave y’all my sc would you wanna start a treat with me? Just asking. If you do drop it in the comments. I’ll add you when I wake up. Btw you’ll know who I am sooo

I feel the same. I have a journal that I write my problems out in and it helps a little because it’s better than nothing

Lol I wish I could think like that but you’ve got to remember those anti social people and people with anxiety. They tend to over think situations so something that happens in high school can impact them for their whole lives

Dude I’m going to join cheer next season. I was suppose to join last season but I missed the try out day😕 but does it really impact your life that much because I’m trying out when I’m a junior which is next year. Please tell me someone cause if it takes a lot of time I need to learn how to time manage my schedule

Already gave advice in dms
QOTD: Do you regret something that you’ve done?
AOTD: Yes.. :(

*sigh* how uneducated are you honey? Surgeons are probably one of the hardest workers around the world. They spend a lot of hours doing surgery TRYING THEIR BEST to save someone. And stuff goes wrong sometimes. They can’t help it. And most of the time they are accidents. Stuff like that happen all the time. Don’t hate on surgeons. They don’t deserve your hate for the long hours they work trying to save as many lives as they can. And this sounds personal. If you lost someone important to you because of a surgical error then that’s your problem sweetie. Bad things happen from time to time. You don’t have to move all your hate to all the surgeons around the world because of one surgeon

Yo what? Bruh honestly I see nothing wrong with it. Slobs are people aren’t clean. And assuming your clean then you good

Finally posting loves 👌🏽

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday I just didn’t feel like it 😊 and if you can’t read it, it asks “what do u want gone from your life?”

Maybe get to talk to him more and sees if he’s fake or not || #confession #confessions #confessionaccount #confessionaccounts

Let’s just hope he likes you!!! || #confession #confessions #confessionaccount #confessionaccounts

i haven’t rlly seen sponge bob bc my mom thought it was inappropriate growing haha

Your 5th and 16th recent emoji is your reaction to your crush rejecting you.

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Have you ever send in a confession before?
Send me any confessions you have.

I don’t know how to feel about this 😕

Ummm thank you. Idk why you like me so much because I’m kind of a loser but I’m really thankful for your kind words. 🤔 a YouTube channel I would... but I’m not creative at the least so yeah. But again thank you😘

Aww shucks 😂

If only that happened in real life 😫

Happy turkey day gobble gobble

Qotd: Would you eat the food in the background?
Aotd: Duh

Send in more confessions! 😊

Honestly something I would do

Sorry it’s a little blurry

Nobody should make fun of you I go too and I honestly think it’s amazing so don’t listen to everyone else

I guess y’all don’t want a shoutout 🤷🏻‍♀️ btw I’ll do it every week. Soooo you better do it right next time

Something I would do if I had a job 😂😂 #petty

Hola everyone

I know this is tmi but I’m taking a shower right now and I’m to lazy to do anything. Lol also I’m watching the simpsons while standing in the shower for twenty minutes. Oh yeah I’m thinking of doing shout outs. Yeah I know I’m small profile but never hurts to try. My next post will have the info. Which won’t be for like another hour because I’m taking a shower. Peace✌🏻

Congratulations 😊

Btw she sent this part after I edited this. “I know I’m to old for dolls and I’ll get judged by your followers. But please understand how they make fun of me for playing with it. I’m so scared to be made fun of that I play with them when everyone’s gone.”-anonymous confessor. •
Okay so I get where you’re coming from. But I find it kind of weird how your own parents judge you. They are your parents. Anyways yeah I do think you’re to old for it but if it makes you happy then go for it. Get some new friends if they don’t like that you do that🤷🏻‍♀️

I kind of cropped this bad but I’m to lazy to fix it. Anyways it’s okay sweetheart. I understand where you’re coming from. People always focus on the bad. Never on the good. Why else do you think the news only puts bad things on it instead of good things happening around the world. It’ll get better💖

I’m so bored 😫

I think you should tell her how you feel and if she still wants that then just break up with her

Same except for the drunk part

Honestly same chocolate is life 🍫🤤

😂😂okay then

I had to delete a couple post because of a repost issue with @ cconfe.ssionss so I apologise for the lack of content:( (Tags below🌻)

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That’s just rude 😑

Yes! Anyone else??! (Tags below🌻)

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