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four years seems so long oml .. q : do you like the theme :)
@cakefessings helped with the theme 🎄
@fexxions is my backup so go follow !! 💗

relatable who can relate

fifty shades of confusing .. 😂

have you ever reunited with your best friend? 🎉

comment some good comebacks!😂 (CREDIT:WHISPER)

Sasha is an icon! (This was for a movie everyone chill)
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factssss 😴😭

i only knew since my friends told me 😂

IM SO SO SO TIRED #confession #confess #confessing


Qotd: Would you eat the food in the background?
Aotd: Duh

Then your friend can suck if that’s not really self centered like girl you do you if you like yourself go right ahead don’t let anyone say that your ugly or self centered or anything just bc you find yourself cute ❤️

Hahahahaha too much of a scandal for me to handle😂 happy early thanksgiving everyone!!🦃🍁
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"Mình có thói quen trc khi ra khỏi nhà thì ngoài chào người lớn thì còn chào mèo nữa :). Hôm đấy mình có hẹn với mấy đứa bạn. Sau khi ôm hôn thắm thiết tạm biệt em mèo xong mình ra ngoài cửa mà em cứ lẽo đẽo theo. Nhưng tại vì chưa đến đủ nên tụi mình đứng ngoài cửa nói chuyện với nhau, đỡ phải lôi xe ra lôi xe vào. Lúc đứng ngoài cổng nói chuyện em mèo cũng lẽo đẽo theo ra cùng, mình phải "đuổi" em vào vì sợ em chạy ra ngoài đường. Rồi đến lúc mọi người đến đông đủ rồi mình mới quay vào nhà dắt xe ra. Thì thấy em mèo nằm yên trên yên xe chăm chú nhìn mình. Nhìn đáng yêu kinh khủng. Lại đứng ôm hôn em 1 lúc rồi mới đi được. Bây giờ, cứ sau 1 ngày dài mệt mỏi, lại nhớ đến cơm mẹ nấu với 1 cục lông ấm áp đang đợi mình ở nhà là bao mệt mỏi biến mất hết.
(Em mèo nhà mình là mèo mướp nha)"
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Ok now that’s way to far ma dude 😂🤦‍♀️

Lmao I use to put a fork or a spoon in the microwave 😂🤷‍♀️ how about you guys?

She just said he’s cute and girl you might not get the hottest guy and it doesn’t matter if you have the hottest guy what matters in the connection is way far from being cute 🤦‍♀️

Oml 🤦‍♀️ these kids 😂🤷‍♀️

me rn // do you have this kind of relationship rn?

I agree to disagree it depends on the situation and circumstances of what’s happening. If you can’t leave the relationship because your scared to them I understand💕💔💓.

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nancy and johnathan are we out! who’s next?

Does your school have a school nurse or psychologist? If not try speaking to a close teacher, talking to people helps a lot.

Why I make my face suffer neglect?
I’ve had a VERY busy few months with college apps and deadlines and I felt guilty going for a facial #confession because my nails will actually look bad but my face I can get away with (I tell myself) ... so it took my eczema flaring out of hand for me to go into @thefaceplaceja today but you know what I‘ve set up my standing appointments until April because it’s that important for me to take care of my self whether it’s immediately apparent to the outside world or not. Charlene @thefaceplaceja calls and so nicely and gently yet firmly encourages me to remember this.
Thank you @thefaceplaceja it takes a village! #cellumaRedLight #collagenMask #noMoreDryPatchOnFace #noPatchyPatchy #nowforthiswhitespot #filterFree #honest #InRealLife
On that note — FACEPLACE HELPS ME STAY ON MY A-GAME I’m back on it and @thefaceplaceja is giving away a luxury treatment to a lucky #makeitcountdownto2018 online training participant!! Register now - Gustazos.com -> Jamaica for #earlyBird 54% off discount and #linkinbio📲💻 for regular!! So excited for us to all plan, design and live our best lives - bring on the JOY - and crush our goals!! #visionBoardTraining #highPerformanceHabits #winning

SWIPE !! i thought i’d start adding these :)) comment your birthday 💗

Girl don’t fw him!! Confession #16
- send confessions thru dm
* what’s the first letter of your crushes name?
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