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Holy crap aha this is lowkey smart tho...but terrible for him

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i'd think of cinderella tbh

did she overreact? 👀

comment your zodiac sign♒️
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agree or disagree?
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omfg😂; what's your favorite social media platform? [@opinionetc]

comment your sexuality and gender! 🌈
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Living in this society for quite a while, I have come to realize how badly is the fact frowned upon that a girl has too many guy friends.
Most of the readers here might feel this is shit but its one of the #ConfessionsOfAGirl that its quite easier to talk to guys.
So let me clear this out, its always, always easier to talk to someone from the other gender and talking to more than 2 humans is not creepy. Friendships are just based on the comfort level one shares with the other and its never wrong it you don't belong to the same sex (come on. Its the 21st century after all)
So yeah I talk to guys more than girls, but that doesn't mean I am playing them or losing my character.
This is my 1st confession! Comment below to let me know yours (guy or a girl, doesn't make any difference)
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THESE ARE ,,RULES/INFOMATIONS" for sending confessions
- its anonymous
- I won't accept racist confessions or something like that
- if I sent you ❤ it means I have seen ur confession
- after its made I will message u with ,,made and will be posted soon " or something like this
- its okay to send more than once
- I will try to help u if its a confession where u need help
-if u have any questions message me
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What's the most trouble you've ever gotten in at school?

What are your pet peeves?

dm me guys💕💕🌴 advice for her?? tag your friends🤛

🌹고백...그게 뭐라고
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DM me your unpopular opinion about Ed Sheeran and I'll post it anonymously👊🏻

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