Londe's oils are made to help you self-nurture, slow down and connect with the natural world, so it was important to me that no animals suffered in the process. Our English Rosemary Botanic Body Oil is registered by the Vegan Society - the international standard for authentic vegan products. This means it's free from animal-derived ingredients (which in skincare can mean honey, beeswax, gelatin and certain types of collagen and lipids). We use vegan manufacturing processes and of course, no animal testing. We've loved working with The Vegan Society team and are proud to support the work they do to protect this earth and its creatures. —
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No matter your colour or background, there's always a way to make a difference, with a conscious mind. 📷 Photo credit: @Pinterest#inspiration #repost

無論你的顏色或背景, 總有一種方法能發揮作用, 有意識的頭腦.
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@jamesbowdown recently visited with @homeofmillican it was a pleasure to share my process of using natural rocks and sediments
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We’ll see you at Women’s Health LIVE! Festival…
This November WH launches the ‘Coachella of Wellness’ – a full weekend across 3 main stages with WH cover stars, social influencers, and celebs talking 2019 inspo & trends.
Plus movement classes and the most IG-worthy market with the best local designers.
The programme lineup differs each day but on both days, you’ll also have the chance to take part in beauty pop-ups, stock up on festive season gifts and try the latest movement classes.
PLUS there’ll be food trucks, healthy meals, bubbly, live DJs and more fab entertainment!
2 days. 3 stages. 50 speakers. 35 brands. And only 1 place to be…

Get your tickets here: https://bit.ly/2NpBUvj
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Happiness is not about getting what you want all the time, it’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it 🌱
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Respetamos el medio ambiente al ser tintes producidos por vegetales naturales.
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Homegrown apples, cinnamon, brown sugar and soya milk porridge - feels like pudding for breakfast! #vegan #apples #autumn #naturelovers #conciousliving #food #foodphotography #breakfast #nourishing #nourish #vegetarian #organic

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Reversed Warrior 2 strengthens and stretches the legs, groins, hips, and the sides of the torso and waist. It improves flexibility in the spine, inner thighs, ankles, and chest. It also builds strength in the thighs, shoulders, and arms 🧘🏼‍♀️

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This weekend I watched ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ with my 7 year old son 🔮 It was speaking so much to the Consciousness vs. Unconsciousness happening on Earth 🌏 Loved when the young girl resonates with Rumi’s “The wound is the place where the light enters you” 💡💓 [📸 I spied a 🦋 in the cracks today]

Reading has very quickly become one of my favourite and most routine hobbies. Whether you read novels or plays, newspapers or magazines, non-fiction or fiction, I think if you can find something that inspires you and encourages you, you’re onto something wonderful 💫⠀

For me, it’s the perfect way to start the day. It puts me in a great mood and I always seem to get more done if I’ve given myself something to be excited about. At the moment, ‘Light Is The New Black’ by Rebecca Campbell is my go to, and I’m loving every page - please let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for the reading list! 🔮📚

We all do it. Pushing our emotions to the side. We do this for many reasons but holding onto, suppressing or avoiding negative feelings does not mean they no longer exist; in fact the longer we suppress the more the feelings deepen and reflect in other parts of our life. The Buddha once was asked “what is anger?” His response “it is punishing ourselves for another’s mistake”. When we look at the affect of anger on both our physical and energetic/emotional bodies we begin to see meaning behind the Buddha’s response.
In Chinese medicine the relation between an emotion and an organ are mutual. The health of one affects the other. Kidneys relate to fear, Lungs to sadness, Liver to anger and so on, excess and held on emotions create imbalances and dis-ease and vice versa; an unhealthy organ creates an imbalance in emotions.
Our seven main Chakras are also connected to our emotional state and again reoccurring or held onto fears and emotions can affect or block the associated chakra.
So how do we move these heavy emotions and allow a harmonic flow of energy through our chakras and organs. It all comes down to understanding our lesson and finding compassion. When we can allow ourselves to feel the emotion without judgment and when we can open our hearts and pour out compassion towards ourselves, the situation and the person who hurt us (growing from the experience) we release the “stuck” energy and restore balance and allow a more harmonic flow and better health overall.

Think a little less, live a little more ❤️

On my sewing table today, an adorable custom order - His and Hers reusable shoe bags for a cute bridal party gift! No more disposable plastic bags to pack shoes for destination weddings - how adorable are these fabrics? 😍😍😍

Perhaps we’re allowing too much emotion to be attached to our dreams. We allow our fears, self doubts, resistance, limiting beliefs to cloud our better judgements of just going for the things we want. Even if we could very well have the thing and then some.
And so we don’t even try. We give up at the first sign of hardship. We throw in the towel and give up on the dream - the very thing that could change our life and potentially the lives of others.
I wonder what the world would look like if we stopped allowing our emotions to dictate if, when and how we did things. What our lives would be like if we instead of stopping simply because we felt fear or doubt, pushed harder, pushed through and pushed past it.
I wonder what my life would look like if I stopped attaching my own emotions to my dreams. What I could accomplish by ignoring the bullshit in my head and doing the damn thing anyway.

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