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#repost @daphneposh . IT is an enemy of the state & a traitor. #itmfa #enemyofthestate #comradetrump #traitor

Alex Ovechkin. Ovi is abso-fucking-lutley jazzed right now cuz Comrade just got inaugurated. Spinning and lit up like the lamp after a fuckin' siracha cheddar rip. We have a silly lil' microcosm goin' on here boys: this Borscht breathing Rusky is captain of the Washington Capitals and now Comrade Trump's red square orange skin, Stoli sippin', mini mitts is the president. Ovi you treasonous fucking spy, Nostrovia tô you two fucking comrades of peculiar flow and country. @capitals #comradetrump #redsquareorangeskin #ovirussianspy #trumprussianspy

admittedly, i don't get out much these days but as of today, when i do, safety pins are not enough. i want to send a loud, clear message that the majority of americans are not bigots but welcoming to all; that we unequivocally reject the white nationalism of #comradetrump and instead are inclusive and embrace all colors, creeds, genders and orientations. diversity is strength.

Lots of fake Time magazine covers of Trump going around.
#trump 💩 #comradetrump #trumpski 🇷🇺


FoxNews is running out of crazy-ass sheriffs, so they took a page from Westworld and created their own, “Sheriff Joe(y)”. Joey is programmed with 10 phrases, which is one more than @stevedoocy and he shoots his gun in the air anytime someone says the words, “Hillary Clinton.” Donald Trump asked Fox for more on-air guns, and Sean Hannity now plans a segment where he just waves his gun in the air for 15 minutes at guests and asks “What collusion???”. #trumpsucksbonoboballs #trumprussia #impeachtrump #maga #robot #comradetrump

Mormon prophets foretold a king would save us from an orange-haired tyrant (some translations say baboon) named Trooomp, although we can safely assume this is the @realdonaldtrump. The savior’s name is Burger King, or perhaps Mitt Romney, and he will neutralize the tyrant with trans fats and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, rendering him harmless and bedridden from diabetes. #trumpsucksbonoboballs #trumprussia #comradetrump #maga #burgerking #savior #jesus

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