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Subway 50/8th. товарищ козырем #ComradeTrump #NYC #resist #leica #monochrome

Alex Ovechkin. Ovi is abso-fucking-lutley jazzed right now cuz Comrade just got inaugurated. Spinning and lit up like the lamp after a fuckin' siracha cheddar rip. We have a silly lil' microcosm goin' on here boys: this Borscht breathing Rusky is captain of the Washington Capitals and now Comrade Trump's red square orange skin, Stoli sippin', mini mitts is the president. Ovi you treasonous fucking spy, Nostrovia tô you two fucking comrades of peculiar flow and country. @capitals #comradetrump #redsquareorangeskin #ovirussianspy #trumprussianspy

#repost @daphneposh . IT is an enemy of the state & a traitor. #itmfa #enemyofthestate #comradetrump #traitor

#ComradeTrump couldn't even manage an icebreaker with the #Australian PM and Turnbull is a conservative. #nevermypresident #idiotTrump

admittedly, i don't get out much these days but as of today, when i do, safety pins are not enough. i want to send a loud, clear message that the majority of americans are not bigots but welcoming to all; that we unequivocally reject the white nationalism of #comradetrump and instead are inclusive and embrace all colors, creeds, genders and orientations. diversity is strength.

Slow claps for @nixonlibrary. Such good shade. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #comradetrump #comey


goddamit #comradeTrump

Credit to @still_beth_ : WTF Ivanka !!! Great rp from @onepublicwriter 💚🌎☮
@JohnnyManGu aka the @IntrovertBartender

That's not how it works, that's not how any of this works!
#loyalty #Trump #comradeTrump
Credit to @nydailynews : Today's Bill Bramhall cartoon.
@JohnnyManGu aka the @IntrovertBartender

impeachment #comradetrump

I don't usually watch CSPAN, but when I do, it's because there's a chance I'll be telling people where I was when America's axis took a ridiculous shift. Dumpster Fire 2017 warming up, here we gooooooo
#trumpsucks #dumptrump #comey #comeytestimony #comeyhearing #comradetrump #makeamericathinkagain #makedonalddrumpfagain #trumpisatraitor #russiainvestigation #senateintelligencecommittee

Wanted investigate Comrade Trump now Photo: @denisevasquez69 #MarchForTruth #LA

Have you ever stopped to think about how strange it is to see such massive, record breaking protests against a person who just allegedly "won" an election? It's because he didn't. All of his accusations that the election was "rigged" were more of his narcissistic projection. When he said that "if Hillary wins it's because the election is rigged" he knew how much they were cheating and he knew that she would have had to cheat to overcome it. There was a large scale, coordinated effort by the GOP and the Kremlin to subvert the will of the people and make sure that Hillary lost. Through republican gerrymandering (that we are used to at this point), hacking our voter rolls to know who to purge from certain states (Kobach-crosscheck) about 8 million people were dropped, almost certainly all democrats, independents, and never-trumpers, hacking into electronic voting machines with no paper trail to flip votes from Clinton to trump in larger precincts (Manafort "the fixer"), and specifically targeting susceptible individuals with fabricated news and propaganda by using stolen voter data and Cambridge Analytica (Bannon, Mercers, and Kushner) #donthecon was able to cheat his way to an electoral college victory. Have you ever stopped to think how fishy it is that in Wisconsin, one of the states that gave #treasonoustraitortrump the EC win, more than 200,000 voters were purged and denied their right to vote, but his margin of victory was only 20,000? There is a statistical analysis of the voting results in NC on votesleuth.com that mathematically shows how votes were electronically flipped in larger precincts to hand trump a win there. This is all from publicly available records and is statistics 101. Anyone with a basic understanding of statistics can see how this was done and also why a statistician requesting to audit the vote results at the time was denied. Numbers don't lie. They are the most non-partisan information available. But don't just take my word for it, see for yourself. This should alarm democrats and republicans alike. Republicans: just because cheating has historically benefited you, doesn't mean that it always will. You could be next. Cont. in comments ⬇️

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