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Just came back from the most beautiful weekend trip upstate to @supersoulfarm. But until I get a chance to post new art and photos from there, I have this old gem which always finds a way to be relevant in my life. The voice of the EGO. .
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MANTRA // Must tell this to myself!!! #regram @theleaguewomen 📷 @emilycoxhead

only 15 days until 2018 🤯 now is the perfect time to reflect and think about the things that are holding you back or being a negative drain on your life! maybe it's a toxic relationship that you've been holding onto. maybe it's the mentality of trying to please everyone. maybe it's ditching those products that you've been meaning to switch out to something cleaner. for me, it was leaving a job that didn't totally fulfill me, as well as quitting the stupid comparison game 🙅‍♀️ whether it's big or small, physical or mental, I'm sure there's at least one thing that is holding you back that doesn't deserve your energy in the new year.
so tell me, what will YOU leave behind in 2017? 👇
{quote from @janeiredale}

In the swing of holiday season, I am using this space to talk about comparison, jealousy, and feelings of inadequacy. .
I remember visiting relatives I saw infrequently and feeling terribly embarrassed by what I felt was my lack of accomplishment. Sitting around a table, with others pulling out highlight reels - engagement, new home, new car, new baby, work promotion- I felt I must have done something wrong. .
At the time, I lived in a tiny apartment, with my cat, and had a used car that leaked fluids. Grad school and research work seemed like not much to brag about. I felt like maybe everyone figured it out, except me. .
But the thing is: there are many paths to happiness, it’s ok if you’re a late bloomer, and others’ ideas of success need not be yours. So if you’re clinging to someone’s definition of success, and it’s making you feel inadequate, sad, or bad about yourself, it might be time to relinquish this idea. Your path is YOURS. You are steering this ship. .
Sometimes jealousy can help us identify things we want in our life. It can be a great change agent if we can channel that energy. .
But the bottom line is this: please be kind to yourself. Handle yourself with care this holiday season. Remind yourself you are enough. Your path is ok. Their path is ok. There is enough success and love to go around. .
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😂😂😂 I DO try though! My alarm is set for 5 am Monday thru Friday. Sometimes I end up sleeping straight through it because my STILL nursing baby waking up 4-5 times a night. Other mornings, I manage to get up, have coffee, read my Bible, and fall back asleep during prayer and/or worship. #momlife #sleepdeprivationaintforthefaint #unfilteredlife #noiamnotperfect #Godseesmyefforts #idonthavetobelikeyou #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #sahm #homeschoollife #funny #itsjustaseason #lovemylife #eventhoughitscrazy #Jesusandcoffee #withasideofsleep

Recently I've been thinking about how comparing ourselves to people online can be so detrimental to our own success. Here's why.
There is rarely such thing as an "overnight success".
The people that we admire online have been working for what they have for 5, 10, 15+ years.
Social media shows us a glossy portrayal of where these people are now. It leaves out the late nights, struggles, tears, and mistakes they made on the way there.

You should never compare yourself to someone who is already on their journey, before even giving yourself the chance to start yours.
If you've ever told yourself things like you're not "good enough" to change your passion project into a career, or that you "could never do X like Y can" when you're thinking about applying for a new job - remember that the person you admire also had those thoughts when they started.
Nobody is perfect. Especially not at the start of trying a new endeavour! The difference is that they STARTED.
You are no less worthy or able of starting what you want to than the person you admire who has already done it. You got this!


If you’re into Zero Waste or just interested in being more ecofriendly, and you start looking around online, you can easily start to self-judge and notice all the things you’re not doing “right.”
Our day to day lives are a lot messier than what’s shown online; it’s hard to continually be inspired, especially if you’re always seeing other people’s highlight reels.  With Zero Waste, and the emphasis on making as little waste as possible, you can feel guilty for almost anything if you’re not kind with yourself.
You can see zero wasters on Social Media totally crushing eco/ ethical living, and feel like it’s not even worth trying because “If I can’t fit all my garbage into a jar, and make my own shampoo, grocery bags, dinner, face oil, toothpaste, mascara, socks- what’s even the point?” No matter how far you are on your own journey, there’s always going to be something that can make you feel not good enough. This can easily lead to discouragement or apathy, even a desire to reject sustainable practices altogether. If you hear the same message or catchphrase over and over (like zero waste, vegan, or minimalism); you can get sick of it and want nothing to do with it.  We need to be able to figure out why we feel these things, understand how to let go of our reactions, and then learn how to filter out what practices will work for us and what won’t.
We need to be able to use a critical filtering system when we look at what other people are doing, even within ethical and environmental movements like Zero Waste or Minimalism, and ask ourselves- Is this right for me? Will this action help me be who I want to be, or feel how I want to feel? Does it help me live out my values? If we do things without thinking, and just jump on the bandwagon without questioning whether something’s right for us, then it’s not going to be sustainable in our lives long term.
If we want to build a lasting sustainable lifestyle, it helps to know the “why” behind our actions. We can come back to our “why” when we’re trying to figure out if something is right for us. And to give ourselves some self-compassion, every little bit counts- it’s all good. ✌
Image @catherineballas

It just isn’t FANCY Living to be comparing yourself to others all the time. It is soooooo hard to stay focussed on yourself and your own journey. As with so many other aspects of life we take too seriously, I always try to remind myself its a game! Notice it, smile and keep on moving in the direction you know is right #enjoythejourney #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #competewithyourself #yourockgirl #yougothis #shinebrightlikeastar

COMPARISON- The robber of all joy.
Believe it or not, when I first looked at this picture, I thought, "I look kind of fluffy." I started comparing my body to my friend's. Her stomach looks flatter and more tone, my legs are bigger, and on and on." Why as women do we do this to ourselves? First off we need to remember that our bodies are unique and beautiful period! Then you must realize that everyone's build is different. My friend Daniela is very petite and extremely gorgeous. Now why couldn't I say loving things about my body? Because I was only choosing to see the negative in me not the positive. And if you always focus on the negative, you'll never see the positive.
So in deciding to love myself, I started reframing the way I talked about my body. Now I look at this picture and I think,"My stomach is flat and I can hold a plank for 3 minutes solid, my legs are strong and I've ran 10 miles so if there was a zombie apocalypse, I may have a chance in surviving, and so on. So my point ladies is that comparing yourself to other women is just no help at all to your self esteem or self loving state. You are one of a kind and need to embrace that 100% BC when you do everyone else will see it too💕💕💕

😂😂😂 I DO try though! My alarm is set for 5 am Monday thru Friday. Sometimes I end up sleeping straight through it because my STILL nursing baby waking up 4-5 times a night. Other mornings, I manage to get up, have coffee, read my Bible, and fall back asleep during prayer and/or worship. #momlife #sleepdeprivationaintforthefaint #unfilteredlife #noiamnotperfect #Godseesmyefforts #idonthavetobelikeyou #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #sahm #homeschoollife #funny #itsjustaseason #lovemylife #eventhoughitscrazy #Jesusandcoffee #withasideofsleep

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Is it what you want to see? There are too many times, far too often people compare themselves to others; to their accomplishments, to their income, to their looks, etc.

The real battle is not about you against the world but ultimately you against you. Competition is for the unevolved. You’re beyond that. The only thing you need to outdo is your own negative thinking.

Can you constantly challenge yourself? Every day you set the bar for yourself. Only you know what you accomplished yesterday. Push every day to become 1% better than the day before. For one more minute be present in the moment, be kind to one more person, read one more page of that book, do one more rep, devote an extra minute to personal development. You won’t be distracted by comparison if you are caught up in your own purpose.

Your reality is only as empowered as you want to make it. Success comes when you are living honestly with integrity, being true to your authentic self. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself. The best thing you can be, is fully yourself. Don’t hold back. Live life out loud to its fullest so you will know your worth because you paid dearly for every ounce of it.

You do you.

I've allowed myself to be drawn into the comparison trap today by myself the toughest self critic of all .
Comparison is 'indeed' the thief of joy .
Time to unplug and reset .
#comparisonisthethiefofjoy #comparisontrap

Digital detox ☎️ Anyone who knows me knows how addicted to my phone I am, and some people even call it my umbilical cord 📞 so when I lost my phone on Saturday night at first I was really annoyed at myself and felt a bit lost, but I actually had such a nice day without it! I bought the book ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari, which I have been wanting to read forever! Then I made a friend on the train, shout-out to the guy who let me borrow his phone to track mine and entertained me all the way home, you da best 💕 and then I actually sat and chatted with my family rather than scrolling through different forms of social media! The best way to reconnect with the real world is definitely to disconnect with the online world 💫 plus I was unhealthily comparing myself to so many accounts online, and have realised how much that was getting to me! So it’s made me confirm my resolutions for 2018 to disconnect from the online world for a period of time each day, to reconnect better in the real world and read more📱📚 #unplug #digitaldetox #socialmediabreak #socialmediadetox #newyearsresolution #disconnecttoreconnect #blessingindisguise #sapiens #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #mindsetmonday

Comparison is the key to unhappiness. Each body houses a different and magnificent soul that sparkles with its own light. The sun does not compare itself to the moon. Each radiate life-giving force that flood the universe. You would not have one without the other. There is magic in every one of us. To look outwards as if their light is brighter is only a failure to see your own glow. Know that you are exactly perfect. You are incomparable.

Something that I’m committing to HUGELY in 2018... #minimalmindlessscrolling 🙅🏽 you have too much else you need to be worried about babes.. go out there and create your magic 💕💋 XOX


This morning I didn't want to go to church, I hadn't had time to shower, I was uncomfortable with how I looked and I was just generally miserable. Then I got to church.... and remembered, it's not about me at all. It's about him 👆🏼It's always about him! Thank you Jesus! Your ways are far better than our ways and your love for us greater than we could imagine 🙏🏼#humbled

My littlest one is almost seven months.... there have been a lot of ups and downs taking progress pictures over the last few months. Some (a lot of) extra skin, flab, you name it. Many negative thoughts about my body, many comparisons...I will continue to work out hard and eat right. BUT I will also continue to work on affirmations and positivity. A bad workout week, dessert, or flattest stomach post shouldn't determine how or what I think about myself. #mombod #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitness #pantsuit #affirmations #positivevibes #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #fitmom #positivelife #postitvity #ownworstcritic #daughteroftheking

Next time I’m stuck in the comparison trap.... I will STOP, count my BLESSINGS, and put my focus back on MY own journey because that’s what MATTERS. Double Tap if you’re going to do the same. 💕 ✨

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My biggest flaw is comparison. I'm always comparing my weightloss journey to someone else's. I keep telling myself that this is my journey, and it's going to take me however long it's going to take me. Progress is progress, no matter how slow.

•Comparisons make you feel inferior or superior; neither serve a useful purpose•
-Jane Travis

I’m still learning to be proud, yet humble of the goals I set and work to accomplish... All while only striving to be a better version of myself, not to meet, exceed, or compare myself to someone else’s growth. Oh, and grow some #bouldershoulders in the meantime💪🏻
#fitfam #girlswholift #comparison #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #goals #accomplishments #stayhumble #selflove #selfloveclub

Saturday afternoon thoughts. Was feeling not prime and had to do some self love talk. #beauty #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #edrecovery #selflove #squeekychair

How many social media apps do we really need? I was listening to @margaritatalk discuss Social Media Disorder (it's a real thing! how scary!) I started thinking about how much we are on social media 🤔 Then I started thinking about those of us who may need social media for our businesses...many entrepreneurs can’t take breaks from it without there being a negative impact to business. However, too much social media can also be detrimental. Part of the issue with social media is that many of us begin comparing ourselves to others, which will kill our (and our biz's) possibility and authenticity (and we don't wish that upon anyone!) I’ll throw the podcast link in my bio if you’d like to check these gals out. P.S. their tagline is "it's like a conversation with your best friend over drinks”. 🍹👫
The Margarita Confessionals: "How Is Your Endless Instagram Scrolling Impacting your Life?"
#socialmediaaddict #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #beauthentic #youareenough #entrepreneurcoach

This is a friendly reminder (mostly for myself), that comparison is the thief of joy. 🙅🏼‍♀️ This one is a hard lesson for me to learn, but I’m workin’ on it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We had a wall at my Grandma Janet’s house that my family would use to record my height and my brother’s height as we grew up. We’d stand with our backs to it, and someone would place a ruler from the top of our heads to the wall and mark our height. We’d write the date and our initials and watch ourselves grow through the years.
Now that I’m an adult myself, I appreciate this so much more. The wall was right on the intersection from her dining room to the living room, not hidden away in a closet somewhere because it didn’t look “right” or fit my grandparents’ home decor or theme.
It wasn’t done perfectly like a Pinterest project. We didn’t use separate colors for my brother’s growth and my growth. There wasn’t a fancy marker for this project. The person with the best handwriting didn’t do all of the recording.
It was done with a #2 pencil, the lines weren’t ever perfectly straight (despite the ruler) and my brother and I were allowed to write our own initials in our shaky, little-kid handwriting. It was a conversation piece for everyone who passed through their house, a proud display of their grandkids, our childhood and our growth.
May we all look at ourselves through the eyes of the people who love us and admire our individual growth the most. May we only measure our present selves to our past selves and celebrate how far we've come. ❤️

Sergio’s been having some trouble in his pizzeria this week - and has an important(e) message for you that might help you appreciate yourself a little more! Tune into latest Sophbox video via link in bio. #sophbox #selflove #selfappreciation #comedy #beautyofimperfection #imperfectandproud #flawsandall #comparison #compare #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #mindfulness #perfect #perfectasyouare

EVERYONE SHINES • given the right lighting 🌟don't compare yourself to others • there's no comparison between the ☀️ and the 🌙 they shine when it's their time 💛

Don't compare yourself to other people. We only envy the best parts of other people and their lives. ⠀

We have to remind ourselves that for every enviable part, there are the dark parts that they suffer- just like we do. ⠀

If there is something you see that you think will make your life better, observe it and say "I'll have what she's having- that or something better." ⠀

Then turn your energy toward manifesting it instead of envying it. ⠀

Is this something you're willing to try? If so give me a thumbs up in the comments. And remember if you have any trouble with these concepts I'm here for you! ⠀

Today I’m suffering from ‘comparisonitis’ and it blows.
My head reminds me that I can only compare my business to the external, beautifully branded and curated packaging of another. I don’t see what’s behind the door. I don’t see the stress, the hard work, the failed attempts, the vulnerability.
Let’s be honest, if you looked behind the door of my business you’d find all these things and more.
Comparison will nearly kill your dreams.
So it’s important to put the blinkers on and just ask yourself one whopper of a question... What do I really want?
2018 is calling

I've been struggling with comparing myself to others in a way I never have. In the gym. In classes. In relationships. In monetary concerns. • jeeeez it's a nightmare to feel inadequate at every turn! • I keep reminding myself, "I get to choose happiness. I get to be grateful for things. No one else is perfect. Be kind to yourself." • so if you're struggling with comparison or perceived inadequacy as well, this is for you. You're not alone. And just cause you feel something, doesn't make it true. 🍻

#slowdown #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #honoryourpace #warrior #keepgoing #youdoyou #selfimprovement #selftalk #perspective #mindset #positivevibes #goodenergy

What if Van Gogh had never tried because Monet was so good?


It takes so much practice to quiet doubts and hush those voices that say "I can't." That does not mean you have to let those thoughts win. Trust yourself. You were born with gifts and talents that this world is waiting for. LIVE... WITHOUT LIMITS! •

Sans Limites! "Live without Limits!"👑✨

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Forge your own path.

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms. 🌱 - author unknown
I am going to definitely have a new rhythm of growing something green in the winter. 😍When it has become darker earlier sometimes it is hard to see what is growing and cultivating gratefulness can be hard. These little blooms have become such a joy this month- Benjamin and Ian also love coming down each morning to see how they have grown! ☀️🌿 This also reminds me so much of that sweet reminder that comparison is the thief of joy- each of us has a unique story, we have each walked a different journey. We each have a story to tell and not compare, we each have something to bring to the table and not hide. Working from home and also homeschooling our little men has taught me so much in this area of life and I truly do love every bit of our sweet adventures! 🙌🏻 #thekempchristmas #kemphomestead #fridayinspiration #comparisonisthethiefofjoy

Yes @thechampagnediet tells the truth! Comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t compare your life to someone else’s highlight reel. Follow your intuition. There will never be another you, so just go on your own path and journey. And don’t just go on it, kick ass at it! Silence the inner mean girl. You no longer need her. #beyourowncompetition #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #doyourownthing

Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to others. 🙌 Good morning and happy FRIDAY friends! ❤

#BrodtBeauty #twinmamaboss #wahm #BraveBeautyTribe #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #bebraveandbeautifuleveryday #beyou

When was the last time you complimented yourself? Probably not often enough! Instead of wasting energy comparing yourself to others how about we channel that energy to loving ourselves!!
And go....
I AM.....perfectly IMPERFECT ❤️✌🏼

#honestmoment Am I the only one who has to remind herself of this on the daily? Do you find it easy to slip into comparing your life to other people's highlight rolls? Eveyone else has these perfectly clean homes, adorable children who don't ever make them crazy, they are posting pregnancy announcements.. again, they are ranking up in their career, they just in general have their lives together. Some days I can let that get to me. I'm trying to shift the perspective though... No longer say, "look what they have that I don't" but say, "our paths are different, our journeys beautiful and I'm so happy for them, and I'm happy where I am". There is a lot to be said to push yourself to something better; but not to the point of being bitter about were God has you now. There is a lot more to be said about the joy to be found in contentment and in praising God through the ups and downs of the journey. #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #unique #different #notworthyofcomparison #stopcomparing #betternotbitter

It’s Friday and a new video is up on my channel NOW! In this video, I’m sharing four Mental tips for dealing with holiday stress! Please like, comment, share, and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already! Thanks! https://youtu.be/dfPruOAfJ8E #youtube #youtuber #holidays #holidayseason #stress #holidaystress #stressrelief #mentalhealth #mentaltips #destress #mindbodyspirit #inspiration #happyholidays #thegrinch #jimcarrey #happiness #love #mind #body #spirit #walkitout #tuneout #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #randomlykind

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