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Compare the Meerkat!! These adorable guys have landed in Australia! Get your health insurance from comparethemarket.com.au to get your own spunky little guy. 😍❤️ Simples... 🤓

Aleksandr or Sergei could be your new friends too if you purchase health insurance from Compare The Market. The Meerkat toys are back in Australia waiting to be a part of your family! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 #comparethemarket #meerkattoys #partner

Wednesday's (oddly) clean work space situation with a friendly little addition. For a limited time only, claim your very own #meerkattoy when you buy health insurance with #comparethemarket #sp

Let's compare this picture to my current situation:
Pictured: laying by a pool in a bikini, full to the brim with pad Thai, giggling away. ☀️🌸
Current: sitting at my dining room table in the same trackies I've been wearing for about five days, staring blankly at a laptop screen. 📚🙃
Compare the pair #comparethemarket.com.au

My collection started about 8 years ago with Bogdan 🤓🤗 Top pic was 3 years ago and bottom my little meerkat family today 🐱❤ Yes I'm odd 😂 #meerket #collection #comparethemarket #meerkatfamily #theyarecomingwithmetolondon

Look what my bro and his kitkat found for me in a charity shop!!!! #comparethemarket #starwars

Hendrix is off to the zoo today 🙇🏼 🐘🦁🙊. He wants to see Mere cats that talk like the ones in the insurance ad #comparethemarket. He is also keen to shake a paw of a tiger, swing on the trees with the monkeys and see if the spiders are as frightening as the one he saw on the wall above his cot one morning 🌅 🕷😨. To my absolute despair, I'm staying home trapped behind my balcony. I don't understand why I can't come to the zoo 😯! I know my friend @barksfrombarkly was left in the car while his baby brother Hunter visited the zoo. Did you protest Barkly? How can other animals take priority over us?! 🐾📲Kafka Wi-fi

Just pop your bonnet and I'll have a butchers....#comparethemarket

Командировка подошла к концу, а с нами остались няшные сурикаты от #comparethemarket. Здоровская поездка вышла 😍 #godeltech #godelfamily


So I have this little guy staring at me... I think I will be turning him around before bed.. So I'm not freaked out.. #sergei #comparethemarket

"While in the garden, I wanted a sit down and a cuddle!"

Kosta is a proud owner of Aleksandro #simple #meerkatdotcom #comparethemarket

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