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I HATED MY BODY FOR DECADES 👋🏻 I remember being a teen and scouring the magazines that promised a flat tummy. I would do hundreds of crunches, swear I’d only eat crackers for a month, and hang “thin-spiration” on my bedroom walls to keep me focused on that ultimate goal.
Now? I wonder what would have happened if I saw cover models with curves or headlines that read, “Learn to love YOU, just are you are!” I think maybe I would have saved myself years of hating my size 10 body because it didn’t look like those on the glossy pages of magazines.

This photo? It’s anything but flattering but maybe if I had a photo like this when I was growing up, I would have understood beauty and confidence in a different way. That true beauty is in showing up and not shying away, it’s found in extra chins, luscious rolls and dimples, bumps, scars and stretch marks, too.
Double tap if the world needs more reminders that real, non-retouched bodies are BEAUTIFUL. #aeriereal

Lately I’ve had a weird new thought: How wonderful that I run a business + therefore no woman I hire has to stay silent about sexual assault under a powerful man to keep her job or advance her career.

The fact I have this thought breaks my heart + was nowhere on my radar 6 years ago when I began.

I love helping women to feel more beautiful, free + powerful. Only recently did I realize I am also helping those women who work for me feel safe.

I don’t like the hashtag GirlBoss because it implies I’m not a CEO, I’m a girl CEO. But lately I’m feeling grateful for that in a new way.

It means not only safe CEO, but a supporter of good men. The 3 guys on our team have such exceptional character. They love seeing the confidence + joy that exudes from our female style students just as much as the women on our team!

I don’t think girls need to rule the world. Integrity does. So while I am not the President, I do not wield great power over anyone, we can each create safety in our corner of the world + speak up in support even when we are the lucky ones for whom #MeToo is not our story. ❤️ #WomenHiringWomen #WomenHiringGoodMen

PS Do you want to start a business or help grow yours to employ another person in 2018? Raise your hand below. We are the ones we are waiting for.

Home sweet home :) Loved our time in D.C. but so glad to be back in our (80 degree!!) desert, snuggling our kitties and sleeping in our own bed!

I dropped out of college. I didn't leave my corporate job to pursue my dreams until I was 34. I run my business completely different than any life coach or author I've ever seen. I had no marketing or branding training. I self-published my first six books in under five years. I don't have a staff. I don't follow the traditional rules when it comes to anything I do. I never have. As a little girl I failed my first test because I refused to draw circles around letters. I drew hearts instead. My mom got called up to my school and she defended me 😂 I've always done my own thing and I wouldn't have it any other way. Know that you CAN and SHOULD do life AND business your way. It's great to have mentors or role models but it's even better to be your OWN inspiration.💗You're not too old. You're not too inexperienced. I see so many young women racing to this imaginary finish line. For what? Fall in love with the process. Suck every moment dry. Fall down and get the hell back up. Wear your failures proudly. Be PATIENT. Be different. Be you. 🌟🦄

There is nothing that I want more than Jesus. Yet, I still have to preach that truth to my heart. I have to remind myself that I would rather face sorrow with Him, than an easy life without Him. I want Him more than success, more than relationships, more than a perfectly decorated house, more than money, more than popularity, more than acceptance. I want Jesus. I want Him, because I have faced the darkest nights with Him and He has been faithful. I seek Him, because He has sought me first. .
So I am choosing to s u r r e n d e r.
I am choosing to surrender and placing my shaky, inconsistent, little bit of faith in a Never Changing, Always the Same, Big and Almighty God.

Happy Monday 🌿 The ever talented @jamasonbmbry @madebyfern has been busy working on an animated short of Unexpected Discoveries. It looks so good 😌 you’ll love it. But for now, here is a trailer. So exciting ✨
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Aloha! Howdy! Hi! 🙋‍♀️⠀
I'm not 100% sure how I feel about Insta-introductions. I would MUCH RATHER have a coffee with you and have you get to know me in the flesh (or over Skype 😉)! ☕️⠀

But, this will have to do! I would love to share some fun facts about me, in the hope to get to know YOU better! 😘⠀

Here it goes:⠀
•⠀⠀This year I faced my fears and launched my online biz where I help people build their empires with my social media course, and upcoming branding course. 💻📱🖨⠀⠀

•⠀⠀This year I also faced a massive fear of mine and went public with my (nearly) official clothing label, @saltypalmscollective 🌴⠀
•⠀⠀I run an incredible, godly online community of over 30,000 women called @shetheroar roar (I'm obsessed with it! 😍).⠀⠀
•⠀⠀I grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa, but now live in Australia. 🌏⠀⠀

• I'm a huge animal fanatic (I used to own 21 guinea pigs 🐹).⠀⠀
So... imagine we're having a coffee date (a virtual coffee date 😜). What little facts would you tell me about you?⠀⠀
Comment below! I'd love to learn more about you 😚💚⠀⠀


Grateful for a weekend filled with family, friends, and laughter. Time flies when you’re having fun ❤️

🏆Dear God, If today Or this week i lose my hope please remind me that your plans are far more better than mines? Keep going Champions, YOU GOT THIS!!!🏆

So we've had lots of gorgeous prints floating about the Print Ark instagram feed and @yourframer is your answer to ensuring that they are presented beautifully and ready to hang. It's the icing on the cake!
With 20% off STORE WIDE @yourframer is your very own Australian based online custom framing shop. Have your frames custom made or your images professionally printed and framed by expert picture framers.

Use the code PACHRISTMAS at their check out to redeem this offer and YourFramer will have your memories framed and looking beautiful for Christmas.

Happy Monday! This is how I look when a brand new week kicks off with some good espresso and, most importantly, an exciting company of @foodiesinrome

Is it just me, or does Christmas planning overwhelm anyone else? 😬 The shops are crazy busy, everyone seems to only care for their own agenda, and then there’s navigating families and schedules too! 🙈 Don’t get me wrong, I ❤️ Christmas but this year just thinking about it has me feeling all anxious thoughts already 😬
On the “work” front though.... another win this morning for us when we found a pram travel bag for someone in Sydney needing a super quick turnaround. I honestly have NO idea how we do it.... but we do.... so let us know if we can help YOU find baby equipment for your next holiday! 😘 Maybe we could all just go and chill on this beach together?!

Just a tiny preview from yesterday's magic at @plummeadows eek so much more goodness to come!

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Tag someone who would appreciate this.

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Repost via @millionaire.medicine

Happy Monday!
Do what you need to do for you. Take care of yourself. Not everyone will understand. Not everyone will like it. But those people aren’t your people. So keep working on you and doing what lights you up and fuck the rest. Self care is not selfish, it is necessary.
What are you doing for you today? #teaminspirejoy

Monday, we meet again. Busy busy with the 'big girl' job this next few weeks 😭but well and truly on the countdown to Christmas! 😍

SHOUT OUT TIME! I want to get to you know better, and so does everyone else here, so give yourself a plug and let everyone know what it is that you do, who it is you do it for, and where those people can find you. Don’t hold back, there are people out there that need you.

Estos días de parón semi-obligatorio me tienen un poco descolocada.
Siento que no me da la vida, pero al más puro estilo @soyiremartin en quiero que la vida me dé y #emprendersinsufrir, aunque los días no tengan 30 horas (de las cuales al menos 5 de las extra me gustaría pasarlas durmiendo), mi cabeza ya está dándole vueltas a ese next step, surgiré de las cenizas cual ave fénix.
Pero sobre todo mi pregunta es ¿por qué esperar a que lleguen los días de 30 horas? ¿Por qué esperar a que crezcan mis churumbeles y duerman toda la noche?
La vida me da lo que me da y aunque despacio, voy avanzando.
Estad atentos, porque se acercan curvas y novedades.
#daelsaltodigital .

Why do Human beings STRUGGLE to grow ?
The incomparable Shanel Copper Sykes ( Mrs. Imonite)

EAT, SIP, PARTY....’Tis the season to REPEAT 🎉 A reminder to pop in to @baedeker.bar on Sunday 24th between 2pm - 5pm for the @bubbleandflute Champagne Sunday Session 🍃🥂 🍃Super excited to be attending and purchase FRENCH bubbles by the glass in the garden bar. ☀️🥂🍃 Are you coming too? Let me know below, TAG a friend, and let Marnie from @bubbleandflute know your favourite champagne so she can order up big 😘See you there, cheers Anna xo #brisbaneevents #champagnesundays #brisbanebars
This Luxe 'Champagne High Tea' created by @favorlanepartyboutique in conjunction with:
All Decorations and Favor Bags + tags @favorlanepartyboutique
Photography @thedayweddings
Venue & Food @bitesbyd
Invitations, Menu's, Marble Coaster Place Settings @squiddlyink
Champagne Cart @thelittlechampagnecart
Chalk Board Signage @chalkofperth
Acrylic Wall Signage @xoxodesign_au
Flowers @jane_and_jones
Champagne Bottle Labels @kelsgiftlabelling

We've got a lot of new friends here, so how about some introductions and I'll share a few facts about me and you share a bit about you too?
👍🙌 I recently got married in a castle to the fabulous Mr. B. It was the best decision I've ever made.
💍❤️ I'm an accidental artist. I've always been creative and even dabbled in paint as a child, but I started a career as a dental hygienist before I truly discovered art.
🎨❤️ I've been teaching business education to other artists for over 4 years now, sharing as I continue to learn along the way. Now I'm studying how to create courses online so I can help even more artists reach their dreams.
✍️❤️ If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be a grilled cheese. 🧀❤️Now, how about you?

"Every time I come to #lovelocalfleurieu I leave inspired, motivated, touched and in awe of the power of people.
Spring Love Local Fleurieu was something else!! The theme of BE KIND cut straight to my heart and cracked something open.

Seeing you and Kirra talk from your heart, obviously had a big effect on the women collectively as things got pretty raw and honest for many of the ladies I spoke with.

From the bottom of my heart to yours - thank you for what you have created. It is special.
I left the event with much to consider and much to work on. None of it business related, but I know it will flow through.
So as always I was touched and motivated but this time I feel a BIG shift on its way.
Thanks beauty." Thanks Kate Doyle - Sol Yoga with Kate @kd_perspective and Little Acre Foods @littleacrefoods
THIS is what Love Local Fleurieu is about, connecting, getting real, going deep and KNOWING that its all so interconnected that it will flow though to all areas of your life, including but not limited to your business.

Feel so blessed to have you and your beautiful sunshiny heart contributing to this heart-driven community of women.

What a support system we are creating!

Excited to see what comes from the next event. Bring on Summer Love Local Fleurieu at @fox_creek_wines 1.12.17


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