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Communication Is Not About Talking Only, It Is Also about Listening Intently While Looking Into The Eyes Of The Speaker. #communicationskillsonpoint #softskillstrainer #peopleskills #listeningskillsonpoint #goodlistener #softskillstrainings #communication #corporatetraining

I know I should be carefully crafting a series of stories that lead up to valentine's day that connects with you or solves a problem you have.. and subtly increase your likelihood of using my photographic skills without me actually selling my product.. but basically I suck at marketing and social media just kills me!

I love people and communicating I'm just crud at the small talk. I want deep and meaningfuls or super inspiring or fantastically funny not trivial, tiny attempts at connection in the 15 minutes a day you've allotted to your social accounts... sighs

So here is a picture of some beautiful people I took at an engagement party that is fitting for a valentine's day lead up and feel free to comment with any kind of communication that you prefer :) <3

#engagedlove #mirandamaylephotography #valentinesday #valentinesdaymarketing #communicationskillsonpoint #socialmediafail #eventphotographymorningtonpeninsula

How BCM leadership get ready for the coming semester. #planninglikeprofessionals #collegeministry #communicationskillsonpoint #bcm

Undisputed king & queen of this game. Don’t ask about his face as I’ve no idea.
#couple #articulate #boardgame #boardgameroyalty #champion #champions #teamDix #winners #communicationskillsonpoint

The problem with modern couples... #cellphonetocellphone #communicationskillsonpoint #can'twejustchatlikeweusedto

If you've been around here long enough, you'll know that one of our love languages we have in common is quality time.
Our favorite, or one of our favorite, ways to spend time together is by going for walks.
We leave the house (and sometimes even our phones!) behind and embark on a journey to see wherever our feet and the conversation takes us.
Sometimes we'll talk about work, sometimes we'll talk about love, and sometimes we'll talk about heartburn and indigestion.
(And no, this isn't a Pepto-Bismol commercial)
This quality time gives us space to connect on a real level and sometimes that's about stomach issues and sometimes that's about the real issues.
Either way having that quality time together is exactly what we need, and going for a walk is a perfect way to do that, for us.
(Especially seeing as we've got some exciting news coming on Friday!)
Where's your favourite place to spend quality time with your loved ones?
Tell us, we'd love some new ideas!
📷: @thisisitstudios

I don't think he has a problem letting me know when he needs attention, do you? 😍 #communicationskillsonpoint #boxeraddict #boxersofinstagram

No mind reading happening over here.
This is a top priority on my to do list--what about you, sweet friends?
Give me a 🙋🏼🙋🏻‍♂️ in the comments if you're giving this a try, too!
(Mainly so I know I'm not alone! Lol 🤣)

Hogan's are Hoganing early this Monday morning #hogangamestrong #hoganshitshow #communicationskillsonpoint #honeyneuners

We are working so hard behind the scenes so we thought we'd let you in on it!
We are working away on our custom workbooks (they're seriously amazing) and we want to share a sneak peek at them!
Check our Instagram stories for insider access!

"RP: So what would you say are common issues that couples seek therapy for?
T: One partner flooding the other partner with emotion then the other person withdrawing is one main relationship dynamic struggle. One person is more of the emotional, they wanna talk they wanna process things and their partner tends to pull back and withdraw. And then the more that they sweat the person the more the withdraw happens.
RP: Mhm.
T: That's a major issue that people come in with. I mean, when we say "communication" it can mean anything, but that’s really what people mean when they say we’re having communication issues. Or another main issue is when people don't know how to listen and they don't try to meet each other's needs. They're just trying to focus on their own. Another one is deep seeded resentment and issues have never been worked out. They just tend to bleed into everything else and there begins to be this deep seeded resentment which is hard to get past. There is certainly is a portion of people where there's been infidelity. There’s no question.
RP: Can you shed some light on that?"
•We're so excited to introduce you to our new-found, resident relationship expert, Tamara Adilman, MA, MEd, RCC. •We recently sat down with her and had a long discussion about relationships, her personal journey, and sex.
(Yep, we went there.)
In part 1, of our 3 part series, we’re talking all things relationships. And, man, she's got A LOT of answers--you need to hear what she thinks about technology and relationships.
•Link in profile, sweet friends!

Whew. We're gettin' real here today guys.
It's not your partners job to fix your insecurities.
(Ohp. We went there. 😳)
And we'd know, because we've both been there, too.
We've both brought our insecurities and plopped them right in each others laps and expected them to meet our needs and fix them.
It really doesn't work like that.
Our insecurities are OUR own responsibility.
Yes, our partners can accompany us on that journey, but they aren't responsible for it.
Check out the video to hear our thoughts, double tap and tell us what you think!
Yay or nah?

But wait--
What does that even mean?
Do you hold my confidence?
Are you reliable?
Do you show up for me?
We know what it's like to feel confused, betrayed and unsure how to rebuild.
Trust is this huge, vague word and when we tell someone we do or don't trust them--it's really not saying much.
What's more effective is to be specific.
Let's look at trust as an umbrella term and work on being more specific when it comes to building or breaking trust.
Try using words like boundaries, reliability, and holding this in confidence--instead of the blanket term of trust.
(It's worth it, trust our integrity in this one!)
(See what we did there? 😜)
We break down trust in our Events as one of our 4 pillars, so we can really get specific with our needs and shortfalls.
We go ALL in.
If this work interests you, check out our event link and let us work together on that resource (and many more!)
Tell us friends, would you say you've experienced trust issues? ('Cause goodness knows we have! 😂)

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