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Holland and The Netherlands aren't the same thing!
#KKaalai #commonknowledge

TONIGHT Book Life: Julia Kudravetz of New Dominion Bookshop shares the insider scoop on big books and hidden gems for the holidays. 6:30-7:30. @new_dominion_bookshop #commonhouse #chcville #commonknowledge #charlottesville

Estaban Cortazar Cape Back Playsuit and Marni @thefrockexchange
Size 40
RRP $2160
Price $650
#estabancortazar #playsuit #blackplaysuit #nightlife #cape #goingout #marni #commonknowledge

🔭Star gazing and Saturn viewing tonight with @chcville at #mccormickobservatory. #ohill #chcville #commonknowledge #charlottesville

How has your Summer biz been?#bussinesofbeauty #commonknowledge #hairbrained

A fish in water is not wet 🐟#commonknowledge

Survival of the SMARTEST seems more accurate than "Survival of the Fittest" - and Lil' Baby ain't just Book Smart, but her Street Game is wit ittt. 🎯🦉🤞🏽💯 #CommonKnowledge. #Lowkey. #ThirdEyeStrong. #OnASunday.

Everyone knows tennis players are savage #commonknowledge

I wouldn't say color me surprised but I did kinda think everyone knows where #northkorea is. So much for that being #commonknowledge. #dumbass #muricans probably don't even know where Kentucky is or some shit like that lol.


TONIGHT Book Life: Julia Kudravetz of New Dominion Bookshop shares the insider scoop on big books and hidden gems for the holidays. 6:30-7:30. @new_dominion_bookshop #commonhouse #chcville #commonknowledge #charlottesville


As the nights are getting cooler, I am enjoying some warmth and coziness each morning when I wake. With everything going on in the world I have been noticing an undercurrent of stress and anxiety. To combat that, I start the day with this botanical tonic. There is no caffeine, yet it helps with energy, acts as a digestive stimulant, a purifying tonic and a cell regenerator. ⠀

There's so much goodness in one scoop of these lovingly dehydrated herbs. Too many ingredients to list that reduce toxins, support the liver, support restful sleep and balance, make skin glow from the inside, and reduce signs of aging (yes please).⠀

And if that weren't enough, it helps us busy people resist stress and improve mental clarity. And with everything going on right now in the world, I might just have a second cup. #glickenator #yestribe #adaptogens

Estaban Cortazar Cape Back Playsuit and Marni @thefrockexchange
Size 40
RRP $2160
Price $650
#estabancortazar #playsuit #blackplaysuit #nightlife #cape #goingout #marni #commonknowledge

I don't believe there are instructions on how to use a hot water bottle on the internet. Surely thats #commonknowledge ??? #duh

Best way to start the day. Meditation, gratitude, sunshine, saying "I love you" to myself, @rdfrank67 and my dogs, moving my body, followed by a delicious superfood shake. It is a great day. ⠀

I have learned over the years that the nicest thing I can do is to just say to myself, "Good Morning Darling, I love you; we're going to have a really great day today. - Louise Hay #glickenator #yestribe #loveyourself

We lit! 👑💡Come thru and have a good time! Common Knowledge gear will be out there me and Brian Ross will be there ! #CommonKnowledge #Frozenfounders #RageGawd #Badagenda #TeamDaily #Daaaaclothing #BadBoyNation

Just because it seems like it Hip Hop because he can't sing.
The reason why these guys do this is because these young girls endorse that shit #CommonKnowledge
#HiphopAmbassodor #BronxGreatDayInHipHop #GeniusIsCommon

:+TRAVEL:+ Just got back from a great weekend away with friends. I love to travel. Staying healthy and not giving up my routine are part of how I do it well. Here's how I travel: +Klein Kanteen water bottle with me. Many airports have filtered water stations now and it reminds me to hydrate while flying. +EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer: Smells great, doesn't dry out your skin and no chemicals! - Badger Cocoa lip balm: Keep your lips moist even when cruising in the dry air of 30,000+ feet. + AMPED Hydrate: A healthy version of Gatorade and EmergenC combined.....electrolytes, B Complex and other vitamins to keep your immune system firing all while getting extra hydration. + Weleda Skin Food Hand Cream: The best, most hydrating hand cream out there. Also love how it smells. + Healthy snacks: There are so many bad options in airports so I usually bring an EPIC bar and Isa Dairy Free Bar: I eat half of this pea protein and brown rice bar (9.5 grams protein, 5.5 grams sugar) and save the rest! And once I get there, I always plan my time to include morning superfood nutrtition shakes + workouts so I stay on track and feeling good. ⠀
#glickenator #yestribe #healthyhabits

since i was confronted with a lot ignorant caucasian germans this week: If you're a non-black having prejudice against black people, stay faaaaar away from me or at least stay quiet. A skin colour does not define the characteristics of a person! Don't label the things you've never seen as an exception. Just because you're used to seeing the creative black person doesn't mean that there's no academic one. WE ARE DIVERSE!
#commonknowledge #blm #poc

#Repost @opentalentparis
NEW VIDEO ON YOUTUBE ❗️🎥 Go check @saloijeddi and @phophiemathiasmakeup MAKE UP TALK 💄🎨 link in Bio ! #playingwithmakeup #youtubechannel #opentalentfamily #commonknowledge #collectiveattraction #battle

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