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Game 2 today with this good looking crew. Follow @USAHockeyScores for updates! 6:30pm vs Finland local time. #committotheprocess #squadgoals

I had a goal at the start of the off-season to hit 200Ibs. After two and a half months of training @fortiuscentre and 32 off-season skates so far I've put on 22.4Ibs and grown half an inch. Nice to see the work paying off and there's still 3 months until the season starts. Taking the mindset of not worrying what's happening outside of what I can control and focusing on being the hardest worker every day definitely leads to success and results. Can't wait to see how the next 3 months go. #offseason #committotheprocess #345poundlifs 💪

This morning we did a 4.7mile run and a quick #LegPump. #2017onpurpose #Consistency #CommittotheProcess

Helping unpack. #committotheprocess #10months

Congratulations goes out to Impact Gold Taylor DFW 18U for taking 5th at USSSA Nationals! Great job ladies, awesome way for many of you to finish and get ready for college ball! #betheimpact #trusttheprocess #committotheprocess #igdfwtaylor

I will never use the excuse that someone worked harder than me.
#BuiltByBergeron @ascent_protein #WorkHARD, #CommitToTheProcess & #HaveFUN ✨💛😜

Want to be apart of the 10th Ranked 7v7 Team in North America? Only a few spots remain... #IDFFL7v7

We're back at it TODAY at 3pm... Once the roster is full, we will no longer take anymore players.
Don't miss out on your opportunity to show our coaching staff that you're ready to compete on the biggest stage, against some of the best talent in North America. Once the roster is closed there will be NO EXCEPTIONS! #CommitToTheProcess

FREE FOOTBALL TRAINING CAMP SERIES | Powered By: #IDFFL & The Damon Allen @DamonAllen9 Quarterback Academy

Presented by Jordan Brand @jumpman23 | June 23 - 25 #Pylon7v7

In preparation for the 2017 @pylonfootball 7v7 National Championship in Dallas, TX ...
The Damon Allen QB Academy & IDFFL will be offering FREE developmental skill sessions "every Sunday" until May 31st located at @OntarioPerformanceCentre



4880 Tomken Road
Mississauga, ON

3pm - 4:30pm

For more information email us: info@idffl.com


Helping unpack. #committotheprocess #10months

#megadosingveggies for dinner.
I got in 18 servings of veggies today. •

#warriors4wellness #bedrivenbypurpose #livevigorouslynotvicariously #phil413warrior #committotheprocess #eatmoreveggies

Short and intense! ❗️💪🏾🔥
AMRAP in 11 minutes - 5 squat clean
- 10 Alternating unilateral RDL •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Finished 4 rounds with just a little time to spare. 😅🏋🏽


#committotheprocess #consistencyiskey #liftheavyoften #committotheprocess #bedrivenbypurpose #warriors4wellness #phil413warrior

Scenes from the #warriorwod this morning. It was a hip hinge, squat and run day for them. I had several reach some PRs today.👊🏾 Well done Warriors ⚡️💥🔥💯

Be Driven By Purpose™

#warriors4wellness #bedrivenbypurpose #committotheprocess #consistencyiskey #liftheavyoften #tireflips #deadliftoften #bandedsprints

Haha one leg at a time and slowly!
I'm starting to feel the effects of this now and back pain is kicking in. NOOOOOOO! Haha
Mommas! When did you start having the tying of your shoe problems and other not so fun things associated with pregnancy?! .
#teamtibits #selfloveshorty #loveliferainorshine

In this Life You only get ONE shot so ...Roll up ya Sleeves
...Dust off ya Doubts
...Live ya Purpose

Open invite class THIS SATURDAY @ 10:30AM. COME OUT AND JOIN US! #committotheprocess

Almost forgot to invite y'all!!! -----------------
Y'all wondered how I stayed active and on top of my nutrition (mostly ;) ) during my pregnancy? Yup...accountability through challenge groups!! If you have E V E R wondered what the hell these accountability groups are that I talk about than this is the perfect opportunity to find out more!! -----------------
Join me for a quick little look into what a accountability group is all about and how it was the turning point for most of us coaches in. O U R fitness journey. I can give you the key ingredients (nutrition, activity level and ACCOUNTABILITY) but without actually implementing them...they are just a recipe for someone else's success!! Comment below with your fav animal emoji if you want an invite!!! Xoxoxo .
#teamtibits #selfloveshorty #loveliferainorshine

This was hard but I felt like I still had fuel 🔥 in the tank. Should have gone heavier 💪🏾#nexttimeillgoheavier

If you haven't ever done a #bringsallyupchallenge , try it out. It can be done with any exercise where there is a down and up motion. Try the squat or push-up, they're tough.

Just turn on the song "Flower" by Moby, and the rest is self explanatory. You'll end up doing 30 reps in under 3:30 #giveitago
Be Driven By Purpose™

#warriors4wellness #bestrong2017 #bedrivenbypurpose #consistencyiskey #committotheprocess #deadliftoften #liftheavyoften

Another meal of #megadosingveggies
Every meal of every day is full of greens and veggies, no dairy, no sugar, plenty of fat, and moderate protein. •
#committotheprocess #bedrivenbypurpose #consistencyiskey #eatyourgreens

💖💛 The only way to win in business is to be absolutely 100% committed. 💯. 😵 I am always surprised by the number of people who know they want to run a successful business, but haven't fully committed to it, and are showing up half-heartedly. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🙅🏻 Don't let that be you. 🚨 💍 COMMIT to your vision for the long-term. 💪🏻
👊🏻 Do what needs to be done, and never give up. 😘✨ 💖💛

Excellent #warriorwod yesterday. The #warriors4wellness did pushed 💯% #maxeffort
Strength: E2MOM for 10 minutes (5sets)
- Deadlift
Followed by "Bring Sally Up Challenge" with 3 different exercises:
- Air squat
- Plank ups
- Rope Climb ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Be Driven By Purpose™

#consistencyiskey #committotheprocess #bestrong2017 #bedrivenbypurpose #liftheavyoften

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