Since @_sclabs employees👨🏻‍🔬are not going out and sampling products, we rely on clients to bring us representative samples of their particular batches of products for testing. It is up to these clients to uphold their own code of ethics with regards to their batches, products, test results, and packaging. The sample material that we receive is photographed (to give a representative image of what we received) and then tested according to what the client is requesting (not what proposed regulations suggest). Again, since this is not regulated, that can range from any combination of a simple potency (cannabinoid profile), residual solvent test, terpene test, pesticide test, or microbiological test. With our pesticide test, we have set our reporting limits to half of what Oregon has established in the void of regulated limits here in California. Right now, limits do vary from lab to lab within the industry with regards to reporting and what analytes they are actually testing for. Once California settles and releases a final list of analytes and limits, we will implement those across our battery of tests. These regulations will help to eliminate issues such as this one by standardizing what labs look for and what levels we report at. For a concentrate, we require 2.5 grams of sample material to run the full panel. Moving into a regulated market, this sample size becomes significantly larger proportional to the size of the production run. Unfortunately, we have no way of verifying these samples against their production batch (as mentioned we are an analytical lab and not a regulatory body). That being said, SC Laboratories stands behind our results and dedication to our quality system. We recently received our ISO 17025 Accreditation. Our internal quality system is robust and is applied throughout our testing process regardless of assay. We encourage the cannabis community to work with a licensed and ISO 17025 Accredited laboratory for their testing needs. #ISO17025 #thescienceofcannabis #cannabisscience #cannabiscommunity #knowyourmedicine #committedtoscience #labtested #transparency #topshelflife you #cannabiseducation

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Since we first opened our doors in #NewYork’s #EastVillage in #1851, we have taken great pride in the scientific savoir faire which lies at the root of our apothecary heritage. Our foundations in science have helped us deliver the most efficacious
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