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Thursday night bootcampers smashing through their 14 min ascending ladder!!

Plenty of front squatting and rowing on Tuesday for the CommandoFit Bristol Bootcampers.

Getting it done.

Meant to be a double? 🤔😂 93kg squat. @catylucas


Heavy doubles

Plenty of squats today!


Solid lifting session today with @n1ckers82
Front squat 80kg
Split Jerk 65kg
Clean 70kg
Complex: 1 p clean, 2 split Jerk 55kg

Amazing to see the progress in Nics lifting! Consistency and repetition!!!

Worked up to 100kg snatch today.
Starting at 50kg and EMOM add 2.5kg. Didn’t miss a lift until 97.5 which I missed twice then hit on the 3rd and then hit 100 first time.
Fair play.

Those lifters mind 👀😍💃🏻 @tomty91

Loves a pairs wod!

Front squatting 💪🏻 @easty_boy27

Depth 🙌🏻

Steady unbroken DT.

F**k high volume front squats 😫😫

Awesome little finisher with @blizz1993 after some heavy snatching.
20 snatch for time @70kg

@n1ckers82 hitting a 52.5kg PB snatch!!! Buzzing!!

@n1ckers82 hitting 55kg double snatch balance PB this morning.

Number going up and strength increasing constantly! @blonyx HMB working its magic!

CommandoFit Bristol Bootcampers working hard through their clean and jerks.

Wall balls and an itchy arse. 😮

Split jerk triples with @n1ckers82

Brilliant session today r kid! @samwthorne

Awesome high intensity workout with @albino25_andrade and @catylucas today!
Nothing but 100% effort to burn the legs and lungs out finishing the week strong!
Great stuff guys.

Decided to go big today on clean and jerk. ✅120

Looking to hit 135 by the new year! 💪🏻

@samwthorne smashing the granny out of his snatch session today!
This is only Sam’s second session snatching and I couldn’t be more pleased with his progress and effort!
Big things coming!! Good effort r kid.

@samwthorne working hard whilst @oliviaperfitt reflects on life.

More DB work. 4 RNDs:

5 tng push press each arm 35kg

@tomty91 aka. Work In Progress WIP at full extension!

@oliviaperfitt smashing through he C+J.

Pairs workout at Bootcamp.

Basic strict work today.
6 rnds:

8 ( each arm ) strict dumbbell press 22.5kg. Working on keeping the core right and zero movement isolating the shoulders.
8 strict pull ups


Chorizo and that innit.

Love being ‘ In The Pit ‘
130 clean
135 split jerk

And some dodgy ass moves from @sammy_boy_osborne 😂💃🏻🕺🏻 Gains gains gains!! @catblonyx @blonyx @blonyxeurope


@easty_boy27 looking great in his snatch session.
It’s only Alex’s 3rd session on snatch and I’m happy with his progress so far. Good movement and speed. Lots of work to do but great start.
Good work dude. 👊🏻💪🏻


3 tough 8 min AMRAPs for James today.
Plenty of OH and engine work to dry the shoulders and the lungs. Brilliant effort.

OH DB lunges on the menu for James today.

Snatch balance today for @nidiavieira_ 💪🏻

Concentrating on footwork on snatch balance with @catylucas to transfer into the full snatch movement!
Looking sharp and a good solid catch position to make sure she’s coming out of that lift.
Good work!

Good pairs workout with @tomty91

30 min AMRAP:
40 cal ski
30 dB snatch 22.5kg
40 box jump overs
30 down ups

Good sweat out and cardio workout and now ready to shift some big tin IN THE PIT tonight @crossfit_ozbox #ITP

Tuesday 5th December.

Pairs WOD done! 👊🏻

Rowing and burpees, a lovely couple!

Classic Dave, levitating 😏

Tuesday night bootcampers smashing it tonight.
Strict pull ups, strict press and slow tempo press ups for a sweeeeet pump!
A naughty workout to finish including lots of calories on the rower and plenty of burpees!
Great work team! 💪🏻🚣🏼‍♀️

Press work this morning.

2 strict press 88kg
2 split jerk @110kg

@catblonyx @blonyxeurope @blonyx

A lot of metres on the rower today.

Loves a snatch mind!

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