RED PILL or BLUE PILL? From @theblerdvision

@johnkrasinski has expressed interest in playing a superhero and said he’d definitely be open to playing #MrFantastic in a #FantasticFour film... and how perfect would that be if his real-life wife #EmilyBlunt played #SueStorm / #InvisibleWoman Do you like my fancast? ⬇️Comment Below⬇️

In the new #Deadpool2 trailer, #WadeWilson forms a new group and called them the #XForce 🔥 A while ago, I made a post claiming that this new group would be called The X-Force and the actor #BillSkarsgard will be playing one of the members..... just sayin’ 😂

Are you more excited to see #JoshBrolin as #Thanos or as #Cable ⬇️Comment Below⬇️

Remade one of @dc.marvel.jpg ‘s posts because it was just too good 😂 How hyped are you for #Deadpool2 ? ⬇️Comment Below⬇️

2012 vs 2017

I love this venom art @erikdiziron I hope he looks something like this in the #Venom film 🙏 (CORRECTION: 2018)

I love this awesome art by @spdrmnkyxxiii Do you like the Deadpool one better or the Spider-Man one better? ⬇️Comment Below⬇️

Who’s your favorite #SpiderMan villain? 🕷🐙🦎🦂🐱⬇️Comment Below⬇️

Which is your favorite #AntMan suit? ⬇️Comment Below⬇️

Who’s your favorite BIG Marvel Character? ⬇️Comment Below⬇️

Venom art by @ajdesigns0220

What do you think these things are in the new #Avengers4 set photos? ⬇️Comment Below⬇️

Which team up would you prefer to see in the mcu? ⬇️Comment Below⬇️

Red Pill or Blue Pill? ⬇️Comment Below⬇️

What’s your favorite #Wolverine movie?
⬇️Comment Below⬇️

My MCU #FantasticFour fancast:
Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards
(Matt Smith)

Invisible Woman/Sue Storm
(Blake Lively)

Human Torch/Johnny Storm
(Dave Franco)

The Thing/Ben Grimm
(Dean Norris)

What do you think about my cast? ⬇️Comment Below⬇️

(See my last post for my edit of him with long hair and in the costume) @IanHarding for #DickGrayson/#Nightwing

My Fantastic 4 Fan-Cast:
Timothy Olyphant: Mr Fantastic
Diane Kruger: Invisible Woman
Nolan Gerard Funk: Human Torch
Terry Crews: The Thing

Fan-Cast colab with @marveldcfacted:
Nightwing: Joel Courtney
Blue Beetle: Xolo Mariduena
Star-Fire: Hailee Steinfeld
Terra: Sierra Mccormick
Bumblebee: Yara Shahidi
Raven: Ariel Winter
Beast Boy: Chandler Riggs

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