He needed to keep focus for that moment, he needed to be the king and leader that he was as he stood before his army. They had to know that they would also be answering to him, and he couldn’t bring that power forth when he was a trembling, sexually frustrated mess in need of a fix from the drug that was his dark angel. •

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I’m unsure if I like the 44mm head tube and the 28.6mm down tube/ 25.4mm tip tube combo. Is it to fat upfront and or too skinny in the back? #framebuilding #roadbike #buisnessupfrontpartyintheback #comingsoonish #cycling #handmade #welding #tig #steelisreal

Sneak peak at the progress from the team on 642 St.Cloud
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#reality vs #render

Client Courtesy. Earn 🌟 Gold Stars 🌟 with fashion clients by treating their garments with respect while their apparel is on your body during fittings, go-sees, castings, tests and bookings. All too often models/actors take off garments and leave them as a lump on the floor/chair only for the stylist to pick up and then hang up. I highly recommend that you never drop your garment/s and walk away. Disrespectful behavior is noted by clients and stylists. And quite often it’s the stylist that has an influential voice with the clients as who to hire or not hire. Also, please wash your body before putting on their garments, wear clear deodorant, and do not eat, smoke or sit in your clients clothes. Being considerate of the other creatives working with you is always appreciated. ✅❤️😃

Yessss!!! My lovely wife’s new show cast their first lead. 😍 Please welcome Christina Applegate to ‘Dead To Me’. 😱👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #netflix #deadtome #comingsoonish #christinaapplegate

Perfection! Our stunning teen ballerina/model @madelynhopejackson shot by @iamkrislou in Chicago. For Madelyn’s new fashion video from this shoot check out our previous post. 💣💯❣️

When you desire something in life - you go for it! This precious young Chicago teen musical theatre actress/ballerina/singer @siennamaelarson reached out to us through Insta which lead to a sensational coaching session yesterday with her amazing mom @coffy2love. It’s very exciting to be a part of their journey due to their fierce determination and not allowing the industry’s absurd challenges to deter them. (Not to mention they are both TOTALLY ADORBS and tons of fun! 🤣) 💯😻💥

repost from our new sister brand @romeyloveslulu #comingsoonish 🌸🌼🌻💐🌷🌹🌺🥀 #organic *weird clothes for little weirdos*

Beginning the barista bar. We are all smiles. ☕️😊

Mezkin Blackbird, our gold medal winning blackberry sage gose, returns today for #TartTuesday! @dbpizzaco will be here slangin' #pies at 5pm too! #sourtothepeople #tartlife #mezkinblackbird #comingsoonish #pizza #goldmedal

A model’s first modeling excursion outside of their hometown area is always exciting to help coordinate. Here’s a couple of #BTS of our sweet teen beauty @bellla.balllerina on set in NY testing with @theidentitymodels. Snaps by mom @wbertellotti. 🌹☀️💯

Receptionists. Always be friendly and considerate to the people sitting behind the reception desks at companies. They have a very challenging job managing everyones needs coming and going. When you arrive - smile, immediately introduce yourself, clarify who you are there to see and what your appointment time is. Please don’t take up their time complaining about your challenges of not getting enough sleep, coffee, traffic, you forgot your portfolio, parking, blah blah blah. You should make their stressful jobs more pleasurable because it’s the right thing to do and they are often a direct influence on the outcome of your visit. AND you never know if that person is actually the receptionist or an agent just filling in during the receptionist’s break. 😀👌🏻💝

Gorgeous new batch of 100% hand-carved Chakki tables getting ready to be shipped soon. We have watched in awe as these come to life one stage at a time using carving techniques which date back hundreds of years💛. Our new container with restock of sold out pieces and exciting new pieces will land in September. Good things are worth waiting for 😊🙏🏼 #supporthandmade #handcraftedinindia #behindthescenes #comingsoonish #pieceswithsoul #pieceswithstories #uniquepieces #handcarvedinindia #chakkitable

Word. Thank you @nshahrik. ✔️✔️✔️

Things are about to get real exciting around here! 🚨🚨🚨 Just the first bit of color, but still 🎉💃🏼💥. Happy Friday y’all! #warningwarning #tomatoesincoming #fournowfourhundredsoon #redredred #comingsoonish #bigbeef #evenpullfarm

Panty Check. Ladies when you wear a skirt or dress that is too short you often make it awkward for the person sitting across from you. Don’t have your panty become the embarrassing focus of your castings or interviews. Before you leave your home - please sit in a well lit room, across from a full length mirror, wearing the shoes that you plan on also wearing with that outfit. If you can see your panty color - so can others. (This should also apply to bending over to pick something up) If your skirt or dress is too short, I suggest you then modify your outfit to a bit longer length so that the person speaking with you is only focused on your intelligence, personality and talents. ✅✅✅

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