⬇️15LBS!!!! 🔥🤗🥑🥦🙌💦Non/Scale Victory! I can see my jawline and my face seems a little more defined. I’m so happy with my results and can’t wait to see more!My younger sister tells me, “You can smile! Stop trying to hold it in!” 😁😁😁🙌🙌💕 I’m glowing lol or maybe I just feel like it inside 💕🔥

Where my Queens at! Yall gotta help me frfr #prankwars ain't no being nice no mo...DM pranks and check out he got me (whateva) link in Bio #comingback no emoji cuz I'm still mad #queenkhamyra

• Coming back •

• Coming back to my mat after birth has been... challenging? complex? confusing? hard? It's difficult to explain. It may look like my body bounced right back but it really didn't •

•TMI warning. Keep scrolling if you don't want to know •

• The first few days I needed help pulling up my pants. I felt so much discomfort in so many ways. Thankfully I had a beautiful baby and a boatload of hormones to distract me from the blood and the pain. It took weeks before I could sit on a hard chair or walk for more than 10 minutes without feeling like my insides were going to fall out •

• I had abdominal separation and felt unable to practice yoga the way I used to, so I didn't practice at all •

• I felt discouraged for a long time and was hoping everything would go back to "normal" without doing anything. Only in the last couple weeks I made a conscious effort to heal and strengthen my body. I know my mental health is strongly tied to my physical health so I've made it a priority •

• I'm 10 weeks out and I'm just starting to feel like I have a pelvic floor again. My body is still achy and weak but I'm finally feeling like my it can be repaired and I can get back to feeling strong and balanced •

• Birth is different for everyone. Be sensitive when talking to women after birth. Looking good and feeling good are different things. Try not to assume but ask questions instead •

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Jakiś czas temu @ide.na.rower wrzucił bardzo ciekawy, dający do myślenia post, który mówi między innymi o działaniu i samorozwoju. Ale nie w sposób oklepany i "bezmyślny" jak w większości przypadków. Pomyślcie. Zajrzyjcie. 😉 Dziękuję! 😄🤗
Autumn vibes 🍁🍂
#amateur #justforfun #comingback #phonephotography #cone #autumn #poland 💛 #szyszunia 😍😅

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Does your dog ignore you when you call? Then this recall workshop is what you need!

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Surprise in the morning, when you came back from the bathroom!! #cutestpuppy #surprise #comingback #bathroom

Io sto tornando ma ho ancora un quintale di foto da caricare, io vi ho avvertito!

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The roles have changed 🙃 My turn to meet Him at the railway station 🚊 And I’m happy to meet my superhero coming back from his mission 😁
In my opinion a woman should support and believe in her man even more than himself.
By the way, do you want me to share more thoughts about relationships ?
Put « + » if this subject is interesting for you 👇
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Sorry about the short notice but I will be at @animenyc on Friday! I will most likely be in a causal cute D.Va cosplay. I would love for anyone to stop me and say hi. I miss cosplay so much and hope to really get back to it in the new year. Love to all of you!
#animenyc #adornedbychi #cosplay

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