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Oklahoma City's 1st silent party will be live at VENU 3 DJ's on 3 channels the customers pick who's team they are on! The coolest party you have never been to! Tickets go on sale tomorrow on ticketstrom! #Hush A unique new way to party! #somethingdifferent #venuvibes (share this post to be entered to win free tickets to Hush, The Silent Turn Up Event! #2018

#1sttodoit #oklahomanights #oklahoma #keepitlocal #BrickTown #tulsa #tulsanightlife #cometookc #okcnightlife

OKC holds off the Pacers 100 - 95 as Russell Westbrook earns a triple double 🔥 But forget that, unfortunately I couldnt watchvthe game so I’m based off box score.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS TEAM, The big 3 all shot terrible, Below 30% 😐 They are taking wayyyy too many shots & bad ones too🤦🏽‍♂️ #ThunderUp

Hearing that Lebron is going to Houston I would like to tell y’all that I’m officially sad because Lebron switches teams gives them a championship then leaves #cometooklahoma but he doesn’t do it for OKC #cometoOKC

Our Thunder face off against the Hornets tonight ‼️PG returns with a calf contusion 🔥 Roberson is out 😩 #ThunderUp

Thunder squeeze past grizzlies with an overtime win ‼️Russ shot horrific but made 2 clutch free throws to get us the lead, & He had a triple double ‼️ #ThunderUp |Swipe left for stats |

Our Thunder look to extend our win streak to 4 against the Nets & enter the 8th Seed ‼️ Everyone is expected to play with the exception of PG13 & Jerami Grant, with Calf & Hip contusions, #ThunderUp

Thunder are now 1 win away from the 8th SEED ‼️‼️ #ThunderUp

🚨GAME RECAP FOR YESTERDAYS GAME 🚨Thunder erase large deficit in the 4th ‼️Andre Roberson comes up big on the defensive end & Paul George turns around an ugly first half & ended the game with 21 points, Russell Westbrook comes up with his 8th triple double of the season leading all scorers with 34 points. #ThunderUp | Swipe left for stats |

Our Thunder face off against the Jazz tonight ‼️ Everyone is expected to play, Thunder are looking for their 3rd win in a row today 🔥 #ThunderUp

Happy Birthday Andre Roberson‼️ @flydre21 ‼️‼️ #ThunderUp

Thunder squeeze past the Spurs 🔥90-87 ‼️Russ gets a triple double but the other 2 of the big 3 didn’t have a good game, the get back is great‼️Thunder now win 2 in a row ‼️ | Swipe left for stats| #ThunderUp

PG erupts for 36 & Steven Adams gets a career high 27 as the Thunder beat the Timberwolves ‼️Thunder end 3 gamelosing streak ‼️ #ThunderUp |Swipe left for stats|

OKC faces off against the Timberwolves tonight’s for the 3rd time this season, I would say these are one of our rivals. This is also a big game for us , potential win & momentum boost to get out of a losing slump 🤦🏽‍♂️ #ThunderUp

OKC’s “Report Card” for their performance so far has been rated a “D” 😐 Thoughts ? #ThunderUp

Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

GAMEDAY ‼️ Our Thunder will visit The Magic tonight ‼️ Everyone is expected to play, should be an interesting game, Thunder should come out with the Dub 🔥 #ThunderUp

Despite the love & respect I️ have for Billy Donavan I️ think the Thunder need a new coach, The Thunder are at an 8-11 start,probably the worse start since our first season , We need a more Offensive & Defensively disciplined team, Thunder now have 3 ball dominant superstars, who have played by themselves, most their career (except Russ who had KD & Harden) We need a more sound offense with the ball flowing with occasional Iso for that’s where Melo & sometimes the other 2 strive, Change in lineup rotations & Defensive plays 🤦🏽‍♂️ #FireCoachDonavan

Thunder play mavericks tonight ‼️ We can go 2-0 against them, if we play with intensity & force 🔥 #ThunderUp Everyone is expected to play ‼️

Almost gametime 🔥Thunder vs Pistons ‼️ let’s get another dub boys ‼️ Starting lineup is healthy & ready to play ‼️ #ThunderUp

Forget the splash bros, Forget what I️ said about the Iso bros, we got the steal bros 🔥 Russell Westbrook is #2 in leading steals behind Paul George ‼️ PG13 for DPOY ?🤔 #ThunderUp

OH MY GOD ‼️ Russ hates rims 🔥 #ThunderUp

Thunder Blow past warriors with 17 point lead Russell just 1 assist shy of a triple double , PG with 20 points & 4 steals & Melo with 22 points & 5 boards 🔥 we are now 8-9 #ThunderUp | Swipe left for stats |

Thunder Up at the half‼️65-48🔥 Russ is playing aggressively , PG playing great on both ends, & Melo doing what Melo does‼️ #ThunderUp | Swipe left for Stats |

TONIGHT ‼️ The most anticipated game of the season (Well second most) Thunder Vs. Warriors 🔥 everyone on both sides are expected to play 🔥 This should be a goodie #ThunderUp

Kiwi & Kanter putting in that work 💪🏽🥝Predict Steven’s PPG & RPG for the rest of the season ‼️#ThunderUp

Thunder fall to the pelicans as Russell Westbrook gets a triple double. Gsw Wednesday 🔥 #ThunderUp | Swipe left for stats |

Predict Russell Westbrook’s End of season stats ⚡️ #ThunderUp

Our Thunder are up at the half‼️ we’re playing a good game & capitalizing off of turnovers 🔥 #ThunderUp | Swipe left for stats |

Our Thunder are visiting The Spurs today & try to extend our win streak to 4, Hopefully we can contain a Kawhi-less spurs, Steven Adams is back in the rotation & will start tonight‼️ #ThunderUp

Forget the Splash bros, We got the ISO bros 🔥🔥 #ThunderUp

The Thunder secured their 7th win of the season & their 3rd in a row, as we move 7-7 & we are now .500‼️ |Swipe for final stats| #ThunderUp

Russ with the steal & elevates for the slam‼️ 🔥
🎥: @westbrookxgeorge

Thunder Up at the half ‼️58-34 | Swipe left for Stats so far | #ThunderUp

Thunder Vs. Bulls tonight ‼️ Let’s extend this win streak to 3 💪🏽 Adams is out tonight Dakari Johnson will start in his place, Melo will start today after missing Sunday’s game‼️ #ThunderUp

Thunder WIN ‼️
Pg - 37pts, 8Rebs, 5ast
Grant - 10Pts, 8rebs, 3ast
Russ - 27Pts, 6reb, 5ast
Dakari Johnson started for the 2nd time in his career and had 5 points & 3 rebounds, Roberson with 5 rebounds & 2 stls, The team shot 50% from the floor tonight ‼️ #ThunderUp #HappyBirthdayRuss

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRODIE ‼️ Let’s catch a win on your birthday 🔥 #ThunderUp

Thunder vs Mavericks 🔥 tonight 7 pm EST, Let’s capitalize & continue this win streak ‼️ #ThunderUp

Thunder WIN ‼️
Pg - 42pts, 9Rebs, 7ast
Melo - 14pts, 6Rebs, 3ast
Russ - 22Pts, 3reb, 8ast
Dakari Johnson first career start with 9 points, & 1 rebound, Roberson also had a season high 11 rebounds, & Abrines with 14 points. Thunder snap 4-game losing streak ‼️

Russ doing his pre game ritual 🔥 #ThunderUp

Thunder host the clippers tonight ‼️ Patrick Beverley will not play today💫 Hopefully we can get out of this slump starting now 🤦🏽‍♂️ #ThunderUp

@carmeloanthony has passed Allen Iverson in scoring during last nights game ‼️He’s now 24 in all time 🔥 #ThunderUp

Thunder lose 😕
Pg - 13pts, 8Rebs, 4stl
Melo - 28pts, 5Rebs, 1stl
Russ - 13Pts, 7reb, 5ast -

Russ,PG, & Melo on the 4-6 start, Have faith in my guys 🙌🏽#ThunderUp

Gameday ‼️ Thunder vs Nuggets ‼️ Hopefully the refs can let us play & stop calling BS 😭

Gameday fellas ‼️ We are going to bounce back from this slump ‼️ #ThunderUp

THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS, I’ve said this before & Imma say it again @carmeloanthony is the WORST OFFICIATED SUPERSTAR EVER ‼️ How is this a flagrant - 2? 😐🤔 How?! He initiated the contact & got an AND 1, are you serious ? This is complete UTTER BULLSHIT 🖕🏽

Thunder Down at the half ‼️
Pg - 9pts, 2Rebs, 2stl, -
Melo - 11pts, 3reb
Russ - 13Pts, 2rebs, 5asts

BRODIES I DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT WAS GAME DAY 🤦🏽‍♂️ Hopefully we can get an early lead today& hold it 🤷🏽‍♂️ #WhyNot #ThunderUp

Rumor has it , Thunder could release a New Jersey mid season called “City” thoughts ? #ThunderUp

Thunder lose ☹️
Pg - 25pts, 10Rebs, 1stl -
Melo - 10pts, 14Rebs, 3ast -
Russ - 19Pts, 6reb, 11ast -
Thunder Blow 18 point lead going into the 4th 🤦🏽‍♂️

Thunder Up at the half ‼️
Pg - 10pts, 4Rebs, 1stl, -
Melo - 8pts, 1ast, 6reb
Russ - 9Pts, 5rebs, 7asts

PG superstar matchup today ‼️ Thunder vs Celtics ‼️ #ThunderUp

Do you think with the addition of PG & Melo the Thunder are western conference finals contenders, if not title contenders ? Are these two good teammates ? #ThunderUp

Thunder win ‼️
Pg - 20pts, 3Rebs, 1stl -
Melo - 17pts, 8Rebs, 1ast -
Russ - 12Pts, 10reb, 9ast

Gametime in a few fellas 🔥🔥 Hopefully we can contain the Greek freak ‼️ #ThunderUp

Thunder win ‼️
Pg - 20pts, 5Rebs, 4stl -
Melo - 21pts, 5Rebs, 2ast -
Russ - 12Pts, 13reb, 13ast

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