Card of the day!
Rafer Alston
99-00 Fleer Mystique
If the player looks familiar to you but the name doesn’t ring a bell, you may recognize him better as Skip to my Lou.
Skip was on of the original stars of the And 1 Mix Tapes. He also was the one player from the And 1 team to have a lengthy career in the NBA

Card of the day!
Vince Carter
99-00 Fleer Mystique, Feel the Game
Through the early 2000s there were few players more collectible than VC. While his card values have fallen off significantly now, I feel his values will rebound after he retires.

Card of the day!
Kobe Bryant
99-00 Fleer Mystique, Raise the Roof
This is one of the few insert sets that remains red HOT despite the fact there is not a Jordan card in it.

Card of the day!
Gary Trent
99-00 Fleer Mystique, Gold
In honor of @gtrentjr2 being draft tonight I thought it would be appropriate to feature his father, @garytrent
I think Trent JR. Will go under drafted tonight. I think he will be a very good player for a long time.

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Card of the day!
Lamar Odom
99-00 Fleer Mystique, Slamboree
This design just screams the 90s. You could probably guess, I’m a fan of the design.
I was also a fan of Lamar Odom. His size, fluid athleticism, and smooth skills with the rock gave him all the potential in the world. I wonder what his career could have been if addiction hadn’t taken control.

Card of the day!
Michael Finley
99-00 Fleer Mystique, Fresh Ink
Fleer was the first to introduce the sticker auto. It was an innovative new way to offer autos to fans. It was much more cost effective for the company and efficient for the signers.
Many collectors prefer on card autos and will pay more for them but sticker autos dominate the hobby now.

Card of the day!
Mike Bobby
99-00 Fleer Mystique, Point Perfect
I have featured this card previously but I thought it was relevant again.
Have you seen the pictures of Bibby’s improved physique? The pictures are causing quite a bit of buzz.
I also thought that showcasing Bibby on #mjmondays would be appropriate since he was a well know member of team Jordan. He wore countless Jordan Brand player exclusives.

Card of the day!
Arvydas Sabonis
98-99 UD Choice, Prime Choice Reserve
This was the top parallel available in UD Choice. Serial numbered to just 100 each, these were extremely rare and still hard to come by.

Card of the day!
Mark Jackson
98-99 UD Choice, Choice Reserve
There were 2 parallels in UD Choice. This was the first level. It’s hard to see in this picture but it is stamped with the words “Choice Reserve” in a sort of cracked ice pattern near his knees.
Now Mark Jackson was a player I didn’t fully appreciate in his playing days. But in hind sight, he was a perfect fit to run the traditional PG role. Also, I was and still am a big fan of the Pacers pin-stripes!

Card of the day!
Kobe Bryant
98-99 UD Choice, Bobblehead
Another card that was great fun. Truth be told, I have 4 of these on my desk. They are popped out like shown on the back. Yes, I know it ruins their value but it’s still fun.

Card of the day!
Gary Payton
98-99 UD Choice, Starquest Red/3-star
These were pretty rare. I can still remember how pumped my brother was when he pulled the MJ. Lots of fun memories with these cards!

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