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Great athletes and champions can train together despite there being a language gap. Passion is a universal language. @elojiujitsusouto and @luisfelipesouto are visiting from Brazil for the BJJ World Championships and stopped by to train with us. They are brown belts! Thank you for blessing our gym @elojiujitsusouto and @luisfelipesouto #epicstrong #bjj #combatworkout #bjjtraining

【トリプルX 再起動】で大暴れの

グループエクササイズのインストラクターがガッツリ動くのは当然でしょう👊🏿 まだまだ精進せねば‼️ #combat

From 4 down to 2 😆budak dua org ni paling energetic! Kalah kakak2

Decided to throw in les mills combat today for an amazing sweaty work out. Gotta love that feeling when your dripping in SWEAT 😅 #combatworkout #sweateveryday #endorphins #exerciseismedicine

「何か 質問は?」
「うーん 僕達の仕事は競技ではなく フィットネスなので 引退はありません 同じように武道家として歳を重ねても 〜」 って 語り出す僕も僕ですが 神妙に耳を傾ける君達も君達だっ😜
ポジティブ 勉強熱心で楽しく研修させて頂きました‼️ 4月が楽しみです🎉


Smashed two gym classes today...safe to say I can't walk anymore 😂🙈🏋🏻😴💜 #combatworkout #legsbumsandtums #ismybikinibodyreadyyet #hurryupabs #hurryupandgethere

Trying to look like a badass while doing my combat workout! 😂😂😂Thankful no one was watching! #ithinkiamabadass #combatworkout #badassmama #keepfighting #toughinmyownmind


Kick Butt workout if combat kicks and push ups. Many of the push ups in this challenge were plyo(jumping). I take the jump out of the push ups. My have tendinitis in both arms and so I know what exercise I can do and where not to push. I get a huge workout just doing the variety push ups. As you get stronger with your workouts and start listening to your body you know what your body can do and what doesn't work for you. But always give the harder way a try first. You might surprise yourself 😀

Getting my fight on this morning~ I look pretty wimpy doing this workout but it is such a killer core and booty buster with all the knee and kicks. I certainly don't move as fast on that ground to fighter stance as they do but I get them done. Power walk and abs done too. Now to prep for a BBQ with friends. Life is about balance right?

A serious butt kicking without. 9 rounds of. MMA fighting repeated twice filled by a 30 second spike(hitt workout). Wowza. I really woke up with a neck ache, sinus pressure and did not feel like pushing myself. But as I always tell my challengers. Give your workout 7 minutes and if you are not feeling after that go do something else. But as always when the workout DVD starts getting you pumped you never turn back and you are always feel so much better when it's done. Can anybody relate? I don't think there are many of dying to workout but the reward for when you are finished is so worth it.

Yep ~ you get one boring street fighter move today~ than the video died. Lol. Great MMA 🥊🥊🥊🥊style workout and than a 15 minute core. Name your favorite style of workout dance, combat, lifting, running, spin? What gets you engined revved in the morning besides coffee. My body can't handle Caffeine ☕️so I need to create my own energy~ 💃🏻♥️🏋🏼‍♀️

Combat workouts are one of my faves! ❤ Intense, hard work, but letting go of everything! 😰 #combatworkout #punchandkick #battleforyou #hitit #killthatworkout #intense

Muerta es poco, but i did the whole 30 mnts !!! Llevo meses sin mover un dedo asi q woohoo para mi jeje
#lessmillcombat #combat #combatworkout

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