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The Giants are protesting in unique fashion

Joepie!!! Hij is er weer! De nieuwe @wereldswonen . Mijn column staat erin, dit keer over mijn oude winkelwagentje😉. Heb jij hem al gekocht? Je kunt hem o.a. Bij de Bruna & de Appie kopen! Natuurlijk geef ik er ook weer 3 weg, dus laat hieronder een leuk berichtje achter en wie weet zit ie binnenkort in je brievenbus! #wereldswonen #column #interiorinspo #urbanjungle #urbanjunglebloggers #interiormagazine

Barbados shares Dominica’s pain - https://www.barbadostoday.bb/2017/09/23/barbados-shares-dominicas-pain/
The top story of this week was the lucky escape for Barbados, yet another time, from a hurricane as menacing and deadly Maria passed to the north of the island as a category one system.
Though Barbados was largely untouched, our neighbours in Dominica weren’t so lucky. In fact, by the time Maria

If you missed the @latimes this weekend, you can catch my column at the Link in my Bio 😉


Very excited to announce @loveisland winner @amb_d as @new_magazine's new weekly columnist. Her full shoot and interview is in today's issue and next week will be her very first column. She's had me in stitches (mainly telling me funny stories about @kemcetinay) and I'm looking forward to chatting every week 😘🤳📝💕 #LoveIsland #newmagazine #column #magazine #celebrity #London

Experiment 2: Cross Metathesis of Eugenol with cis-2Buten-1,4-diol .

Pictured is the main set-up of the experimental apparatus. Carefully clamped is a glass column consisting of many things! Although difficult to notice, there’s a small amount of cotton wool just where the body meets the neck of the column. This is followed by the addition of sand (Yep, a specially modified version from Sigma-Aldrich that’s surprisingly also carcinogenic 😝 ). The cloudy white colour you notice is silica consisting of a 4:1 mixture of cyclohexane to ethyl acetate. This is followed by your solution of interest (roughly 1mL of not more). .

The main technique here was apply your solution of interest. Because you’re applying this on top of a silica layer which is in liquid and not really solidified, it’s important to apply your sample down the side of the glass column via pasteaur pipette in a 360° motion, that way your solution of interest will be universal and won’t mix with the silica. This is essentially why we see such an even pattern between the layers. This is again followed by the addition of sand through which a 3:1 mixture of cyclohexane : ethyl acetate will be added.

The 3:1 solution will then fall though the column with the solution of interest being collected by a series of test tubes (labelled, of course). Once a significant amount has been drawn, TLC plates will be prepared with samples from each test tube being observed by UV light. Following this, any specs noticed from the TLC plate will be accounted for and the corresponding solutions from the test tubes will be transferred to a 250mL RBF. A rotatory evaporator will then be used at 260 mbar at a temperature of 60°C. What’s left behind is the expected solidified product and as you can probably guess, it won’t be much! That said, it should be suffice for IR and NMR spectra and if all goes accordingly, hey presto!...... a pure product will be accounted for.
#science #chemistry #experiment #sand #sigmaaldrich #column #chromarography #tlc #ppe #fumehood #scientists #synthesis #accuracy #precision #report #silica #glass #product

Tonight is the night! Our first meeting is at 8pm in the Student Media Center of O-House. Come and find out what we're planning for this quarter!

Watch out ! 12 lions hiding in the palace 🦁انتبه ! ١٢ اسد يختبئون في القصر

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