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Just got back home to these 3 dweebs. They were happy to see me but not too thrilled when I made them wake up and pose for this picture for me 😂

Regularly scheduled cleveland training coming back at ya tomorrow :)

Maddie.. one of the more challenging dogs we’ve had in for a board and train in a long while. Not due to extreme aggression towards dogs or people or anything.. just because she is a heavily under socialized working like German Shepherd who has never been given the outlets to let some of her energy out with other dogs.

Some of you saw the video I posted a few weeks ago from her evaluation. She is 2 years old and never played with another dog until a few weeks ago. Her owner couldn’t even get her close to them because of how reactive she was. Heck.. I could hardly get her close enough to another dog to socialize her. We have our hands full.

As I’ve talked about before. This isn’t going to be our standard board and train where we teach some obedience and correct for the reactivity. We need to take her back to puppyhood with her social skills and rebuild her views of other dogs from novel and stimulating to something she understands and has an outlet to express herself outside of the walk with them.

Will keep you guys posted how she does :)

Stopping dog reactivity with a #petcorrector and why you should not put your dog into a sit or down around other dogs if you struggle with reactivity.. 3 very very important clips.

Right before I left for Chicago I had an awesome session with Maxi a fairly young beagle mix. Maxi has developed some INSANE reactivity to other dogs that we are working through. We are utilizing a tool called a pet corrector to interrupt this cycle in a very specific way.

A pet corrector is a canister of compressed air that you can use to interrupt behaviors. A lot of dogs that tend to hyper fixate on other dogs can get startled by this tool helping to effectively stop certain behaviors. Now we are using this tool in a very very specific way in order to create the effect we want when he sees other dogs.. these videos will detail that.

We do not put the dogs into sits or downs. My end goal is not these dogs staying in one spot. My end goal is these dogs moving AWAY from the stimulus which is the dog if they feel the need to react. Most reactive dogs are incredibly hyper active. They need to move move move and putting too much physical or emotional restraint on them through the leash or physical positions can cause them to load up and explode. Instead of doing that we interrupt forward movement. As you’ll see in the first clip we use the pet corrector right when he begins moving towards the other dog. Even just one paw in that direction. Because of this he learns to move BACKWARDS.

Once we take it inside and simulate this drill in closer proximity you can see that he consciously makes the decision to move his paws backwards on his own when he feels too much pressure from the other dog. All without the correction because we are being very clear what we don’t want!

Hope this helps !!

Things aren’t always easy. There’s always hurdles.

How are you gonna respond?

Idk if you’re still doing the question of the day. I’m torn between teaching loose leash walking and getting them to follow. Can you provide your thoughts on it?

How much true success with loose leash walking do people truly have though? And I’m talking where they don’t need to nag the dog to not pull multiple times throughout the walk.

Loose leash walking is super grey to dogs. It gives no strict perimeters that the dog can expect to stay within. It tells them you can do anything you want including not pay attention to me but you can’t pull on the leash. The problem is that the dogs can’t SEE the leash. They just feel it. So by the time they know that they are too far they have already made a mistake.

Almost every single one of my clients tells me “well he walks pretty nicely with me until he sees a distraction”. That’s because by the time he sees that distraction he has already been not paying attention to us and his state of mind is in “engage engage engage everything mode” and they wind up making the same choice to engage in the distraction.

Keeping things super black and white is the key to dog training. The dog is either 100% clear of what they need to do or they are not. When I’m walking my dogs they follow me when we are on the sidewalk walking. They know as long as they are behind me they are in the correct position and in turn in the correct state of mind. When we get wherever we are going (say the park or something), because I know that I can call upon their complete undivided attention if need be, I can either let them off leash to run around and go to the bathroom or put a longer leash on them and allow them that freedom to sniff around. But we’re not “migrating”, we’re not going anywhere. That is their reward for walking perfectly up until that point.

Because the structure of my walk is so black and white I rarely ever need to correct my dogs on the walk. They know what’s expected and it’s truly enjoyable and mentally stimulating for all of us. Most people will never get that with teaching loose leash walking because they have never actually achieved undivided attention and focus on the walk.

Hope this helps!!

I do phone consults with people every single day who are interested in the training services I provide. One similarity amongst all of them is that most people are hesitant to tell me what they REALLY want out of training.

Wether they just want to tell me all of the good things about their dog, they have put it in their head there dog can only maybe get a little better and their behavioral issues are just “apart of their personality”, or they are flat out embarrassed about their dogs issues..

The first step to me helping you is for you to be as honest as absolutely possible and ask yourself two things..

Where are you at and where do you want to be??

The more specific of an answer you can come up with for that, the more I can help you :)

Tomorrow I’m going to do a little shopping. I no longer have this baby bump to style nor do I have a waist to style. Not sure what I’ll find but hopefully something I feel good in!! You can click the link in my bio for outfit details or screenshot to shop this pic with the LIKEtoKNOW.it app @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKbump #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert http://liketk.it/2vRYr

Holden’s smile is so contagious! He also smiles and waves at every stranger that walks by. He’s usually facing the other way as I’m holding him so I don’t see him doing it and people just stop to acknowledge him, it’s my favorite! He’s going to be outgoing just like his dad and I! Totally had a Mom moment today and just looked at him and cried because I feel soooo blessed to be his mom and love him so much! He’s my best friend ever.

The harder I work, the luckier I get 🍀👊🏼

The thrill of the side hustle process is interesting- I find that the more I put in (networking, content creation, etc) the more opportunities I’m presented! ✨And MINDSET IS KEY y’all ✨

So maybe it’s not necessarily “luck,” but rather a combination of mindset, putting in the work, timing, and all the other things combined. But if you’re reading this know that you’re right where you need to be 😌 YOU DO YOU BOO ⠀

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I wish I was getting married this summer so I could wear this little white dress all of the time! I got it at @jolieoccasions - such a cute boutique in Columbus! Use the code BECCA10 for 10% off in stores or online!
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Do y’all have any fun travel plans this summer? I don’t have anything planned yet but have recently been dying to go to Nashville, road trip anyone? ✈️
Today on the blog I’m sharing my tips for traveling alone so if you’ve got travel plans this summer, hop on over & check it out! 💗

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Grilled Lemon Chicken Skewers with Mediterranean Orzo Pasta Salad.
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There’s nothing better than exploring the world with your child. So thankful we are able to travel with our boy! 💙 •

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