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Better Together
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#happybirthdaydaniel an iconic moment by Mr. Sharman.

THIS IS THE CUTEST SHIT IVE SEEN ALL DAY (it’s 10:33 am but pshh) •

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The love of my life 💜

To the man who stole my heart.
First of all, I have no idea how but you found the fountain of youth.
You're supposed to be 32 yet you look like 25 year old puppy.
Second, I love you. I love you with all my heart,
Everything you do, everything you say, makes me happy and in love.
Third, a few compliments, you are a phenomenal actor. In every work you get, you give your spirit and passion and you go for it no matter what.
You dedicate yourself to the things you care about, inspiring not me but everyone to do our best,
Lastly, this day is all about you. It's your birthday, the glorious day where you were born and made the whole world be bright and nice again.
To my dear Daniel Andrew Sharman, I love you, baby boy, happy birthday ❤

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