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8 new blotted lips 😍
Pic: @cheersrachel 💕
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Just another set of lippies that I still have to try out. Because I liked the colors of the Alexis Ren blotted lips and because I am holding out hope that these new blotted lips will have better formulations, I went ahead and got all of the new shades. 😁 Oh...Drip is missing here. I placed two On a Stick by mistake. But I do have Drip. 😋

#swatchesbyonimpulse #ColourPop #ColourPopBlottedLips

Blotted lips haul from @glamlustre. From left to right: Sucker, Candy Floss, and Drip- Adelina

Oh Happy Day!
Those who have been following me for a while know how difficult it was to receive this order! I added the city incorrectly in the address which led to my order getting misplaced, after which @colourpopcosmetics team agreed to ship it once more 😅
What all did I get?
- Ultra Blotted Lip (their newest formula) in the shades Sucker, Bee's Knees, Lolly, and Candy Floss
- Restocked my fav - eyebrow pencil - Bangin' Brunette - Super Cheek Highlighter - 'Wisp'
- Blending Brush
I was too impatient to wait till the weekend to shoot an unboxing video. But will share the swatches of the lippies soon! 💋
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😍😍ZUMA FINALLY back in stock!


ALL ON HAND!!! brand new

limited stocks available!

- cherry on top
- zuma
- slide
- doozy
- split
- bit o sunny
- out of beach
- double scoop

- candy floss
- drip
- ice cube
- bees knees
- sucker
- lolly
- brain freeze
- on a stick
- deja vu
- lexi
- exotic

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Blotted Lip

Available on hand and ready to ship
Price: P400

Photo credits: @colourpopcosmetics *Kindly check our Swatches album for pictures of models using the products.

Product Info:
Sheer matte lipstick that leaves a naturally chic tint. It creates a blotted lipstick look that you can build to desired intensity, leaving lips looking diffused and feeling super comfortable.g and completely kiss proof!

Application Tips:
Apply like lip balm. And you're done! ;) **Free shipping for total purchase of P2000.
**Full payment is required for orders to be processed since these items are available on hand.

#OnImpulsePH #OnImpulsePHOnHand #ColourPop #ColourPopBlottedLips


💄 Son kem Colourpop đang có sẵn nhiều màu
Giá: 180k/c
- Mama
- Bumble
- Avenue
- Tulle
- Baracuda
- Beeper
- Saigon
- Speed dial
- Frick n' Frack
- Top 8
- Creeper
- Zuma
- Doozy
- Echo park
- Calypso
- November
- Ariba!
- Fresh Cut
#colourpop #colourpopultramatte #colourpopsatin #colourpopblottedlips #ultramatte

💄Blotted Lips
For that perfect popsicle-stained pout, our sheer matte lipstick provides a casual wash of colour that’s buildable and lightweight.
💋Shades Available💋
- Ice Cube *Best Seler
- Candy Floss *Best Seller
- Drip *Best Seller
🔊As for now, we only brought in the best sellers for ready stock but FRET NOT, you can PREORDER with us (Psst! Special PRICE waiting for those who PREORDER with us, whatsapp now)
💯Authentic/ Genuine items from US
💵Price : RM32 EXCLUDING postage
📦Postage Fee RM7 SM / RM11 SS
📱Whatsapp us at +6016 347 4604 or DM us 😊
#colourpopmalaysiamurah #sayajualcolourpop #blottedlips #colourpopblottedlips #colourpopmalaysiaoriginal #colourpoporiginal #colourpopmalaysiaunthentic
Disclaimer: Pictures are NOT OWNED by PrettBlush.co

Forgive the lopsided application but I really love this color. 😁😁😁 #swatchesbyonimpulse #ColourPop #ColourPopMe #ColourPopBlottedLips #ColourPopXAlexisRen #ColourPopLexi

This is the first of the new blotted lips from ColourPop that I got to try.
Sucker is a soft coral that is a nice shade to have for the summer. It's a little bit brighter than I imagined but on photos it looks really good. I'm really not too fond of corals, peaches or oranges when it comes to lipstick shades. I find those colors very hard to pull off. But they are nice colors to have stashed away in case you want to go for something fun and bubbly.
I was really hoping that the formula of the new blotted lips will be better than the Alexis Ren ones. Well...I guess it did improve a little. The pigmentation was better and build up was easier. But there's still the streakiness. No matter how well I prepped my lips, the product is just a bit too streaky. Blotting it with my fingers helped a little.
Longevity wise, it will last a while as long as you don't eat or drink anything. It transfers a bit. I don't think this is the lipstick you want to wear when you have a busy day ahead of you. You need to constantly check it if it's still on. And retouching it also takes a while.

I'm still hoping that the other blotted lips will perform better. I'm loving the colors so I'm hoping that I will grow to love them as well. 😁

#swatchesbyonimpulse #ColourPop #ColourPopMe #ColourPopBlottedLips #ColourPopSucker

Colourpop Ultra Blotted lip💄
Swipe for swatches👄
For that soft, diffused just-blotted look, medium coverage liquid lipstick dries matte, doesn’t budge, and feels soft and comfy on the lips.
Dm to order❣️
#colourpop #colourpopblottedlips

Colourpop Blotted lips!
Shades available:
💋Deja Vu
READY STOCK. Delivery in 3-4 days!
Dm or whatsapp on 9619032859 to order now!

#beingprettyy #colourpopcosmetics #colourpopblottedlips

ColourPop's blotted lips always give me a hard time every time I use it. But despite that, I still find myself reaching for it every now and then. Take this one, for example. Exotic is a red orange that is a perfect summer color. 😋

#swatchesbyonimpulse #ColourPop #ColourPopMe #ColourPopBlottedLips #ColourPopXAlexisRen #ColourPopExotic

One of my favorite blotted lips from the Alexis Ren collection of ColourPop. What can I say? Mauves are my go to lip colors. 💋💋💋 #swatchesbyonimpulse #ColourPop #ColourPopMe #ColourPopBlottedLips #ColourPopXAlexisRen #ColourPopDejaVu

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