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I, - am a sardine.
Actually, I’m Stavros the Sardine - but my maker couldn’t fit that on the name plate. What do you think of me???
I am #needlefelted and I now live in an ACTUAL sardine tin! Which is hugely appropriate as you can imagine. I’m kind of a fish out of water, but it’s nice having a beady sea floor and I’m glad it’s a nice day in here and the sky is blue 💙. I’m originally from Greece (Skiathos to be precise) but I’ve ended up in #Dorking. It’s a long story - I’ll tell you some day.
Anyway I love it here and now I’m living on the studio wall at The Fluff-a-torium so things are looking up. 👍🏼...It really feels like home and I’m looking forward to listening to the racy conversations that go on during knit and knatter that I’ve heard about...😜🕺🏼❤️🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠💙

Add personality to your spaces with colourful flowers 🌺 #colours #shineyourstyle #shinesuperstudio #SuperStudioEN

“The Lion, the phone and the diffuser’

Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈🎶 this is our gorgeous 60cm garland with 30 felt balls ❤️💚🧡💙

COLOUR YES OR NO? Day 19 of #myhousethismonth - Well with a name like mine, I’m hardly gonna say no!!!!!!!!!! My social life is just as colourful as my tastes and interiors!!!!!! Colour makes me soooooo happy either wearing it or sitting on it!!!!!!! And, I’d love to have my makeup done like bottom left at least once a month but then you’d REALLY think I was mental 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝 If id got the time I would!!!!! #colour #colourful #colourfullife #colourfulhome #mystyle #mylife #mycolours #mycolourstory #myhome #myfriends #mygarden #myhaircolour #myflowers #freshflowers #flowersmakemehappy #homegrown #decor #colourfuldecor #details #coloursofmylife #instacolour

Another view of this shocking pink, dip-dyed wall hanging in the home of @house_on_the_avenue. This family sure like bright colours!
#colourfuldecor #brightinteriors #wallart #featurewall #macrame #dipdye #multicolour #pink

I mean don’t you just love the fact (on a rainy Monday in February) that there’s someone out there actually making actual ceramic doughnuts for a living? 👍🏼 That kind of information just brightens my day frankly. So thank you for being you @jae_yong_kim_nyc I am LOVING YOUR WORK and I need one of your doughnuts. 🍩 Although which one would you choose???

Colourful start to a grey Monday morning 🐝 & 🐘 ❤️

As there is not a huge amount of interior inspiration here in Costa Rica (I’m not complaining, it’s beautiful here) I thought I would post this great room owned by the very lovely @matthewwilliamson It also used the colours from my jungle flower pic I posted yesterday❤️🥀🧡 #comourfulhome #matthewwilliamson #display #treasures #flowerinspired #colourfuldecor #bravewithcolour

Happy Sunday everyone! 🙌🏼 Check out this amazing ‘Delft Primrose’ I bought at @vgfarmshop in Ockley yesterday. STUNNING! Immediately set about painting it this morning with my new #acrylagouche (in background) but didn’t quite do it justice with my ‘slather it on quickly’ impressionist approach.
Also new painted sardine tin #nichos in foreground - need something from the studio (made of wool) to finish that off. So watch this space!
Meanwhile back in my real unpainted slightly less colourful life, Betty Bou is giving me the evils 🐾 👀 so I’ve got to leave this colourful scene and go and walk her before it rains! ❤️Byeeee 👋🏼

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