Беззаботная жизнь ...

On Friday we went to
Salvation Mountain in Slab City for the first time, and it was not what we expected. Salvation Mountain is usually quite glamorized in music videos, movies, and Instagram photos...but I don’t really see people talking about the surrounding area as much! Instead of exploring East Jesus, we accidentally took a wrong turn into the community, and left with so many questions. We stopped at a diner about halfway back to LA ,and spent the whole time researching as much as we could about where we just were. What was once a military base is now “The Last Free Place in America”, Slab City, Niland Ca. The community is lawless and thrives on donations. They have a population of roughly 200 people, and their entire community is completely off the grid. Every commercial looking building around had been abandoned. Now when we first arrived at the mountain, we did take some lofi footage for a music video, some 35mm photos, and even posed in front of the mountain for Instagram like everybody else. But taking that wrong turn really changed our perspectives on the whole experience. I’m not religious, and I’m also Jewish, but driving out to Slab City from LA on my day off was most definitely worth it. Thanks to Leonard Knight (1931-2014) for creating such a beautiful piece of art that continues to bring people from all over together....and thank you to the community in Slab City for welcoming tourists and outsiders such as ourselves into your space. I learned a lot. 📸 @aliendawgz


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