Imperial Japanese troops move through a billiard in north French Indochina, September 1940. The goal of the Japanese occupation was to prevent the Republic of China from importing arms and fuel through French Indochina along the Kunming–Hai Phong Railway. Prior to the Japanese entry into French Indochina the Japanese government and Vichy French government had come to an agreement on the hand over of the territory. However, Japanese troops crossed the border prior to the agreed upon time sparking a series of engagements between the two sides. For several days Vichy French forces fought the Japanese in a sort of fighting retreat, though several French units were surrounded and forced to surrender. On September 26 had completed the occupation of their objective in north Indochina and hostiles came to an end. On October 5th the Japanese issued a formal apology for the actions of they military. The rest of French Indochina was invaded in July 1941 to prepare for the coming war with the West and only after the Soviets were occupied with the German invasion.
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