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💜А почему бы и нет? :D
THIS IS RAD! 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

Bright color basket ❤️🌹Call for your special order ➡️☎️ 016 363838 / 012 396816 #florist #flowershop #colorfulicious #lamaisonfiore

Life Is Colorful by @etsystudio

A year ago today was when I flew to Toronto to start my 9 month adventure with Disney Cruise Line. From wandering the streets of Cadiz to drinking all the piña coladas in Nassau to telling children that Minnie had to go cuz she was late for her spa date with Daisy, calling the Disney Wonder home and being lucky enough to work alongside my cast every day was one of the most influential and rewarding experiences of my life. I'll always be thankful for my time with the Mouse ✨


It's been all about flow for me this year. Following my flow, getting in alignment, following what feels good, doing what feels good. Learning to trust myself, letting go of what no longer feels good. Lots of things came up to the surface and I didn't release all of it yet, but I am #onmyway. At the times there was a perfect flow of syncronicities, where I felt surprised that life can be so freaking good. In my meditations I almost always came to the point, where a vision of river, ocean or waterfall would pop up in my minds eye and remind me, that is all good, everything flows... That I am a wave and I am the ocean.
These are my "flow sessions" handpainted tote bags. I painted them while contemplating flow and feeling in the flow. I enjoy making them so much that I will for sure make more of them. But today I wanted to offer them to you. If you are feeling any of them calling your name, drop me a message here or at anita.puksic@gmail.com and I will send it to you.
They are sewn in local institution here in sLOVEnia by people with disadvatages (they are for sure amazing at sewing), hand painted by yours truly with colours for textile (you can wash them) and will arrive to your mailbox in ecofriendly packaging made by me (recycle game full on here). Each one is totally unique.
Price: 30€ per tote bag (you can call it wearable art). Love, Anita
3 Ptice

"Onca çiçeğin adını bilebildiğine göre, ya bir bahçıvan olmalısın ya da bal yapmak için tüm çiçeklerden tatmış bir arı.
Söyle, gül toplarken elleri dikenlere batanlardan mısın yoksa çiçeklerden tadarken, dikenini görmeden güle tapanlardan mı?" #kenantaban 🌞🏵️🐝
#flowers #marigolds #marigoldflower #beautiful #lifeiscolorful #colorfulicious #honeybee #animal #animallovers #autumn #nature #naturelovers #naturecolors

is choosing the color of the week 🌈🐕🐦🐦🐦

*-Natural INSPO-*
He aquí la aplicación de la última #naturalinspiration 😍 esa linda de colores vinos y grises 💙
El piso de porcelanato maderado gris es la base perfecta para proponer elementos fuertes y con carácter como silla Cangaço de los maravillosos Hermanos Campana, mientras la #fusionchair y el sofá gris de esquinas redondeadas permiten que los cojines #notknot hagan de las suyas con colores y texturas*
Texturas de flores 🌸🌹🌻🌼 y líneas aportan contraste y vida a esta composición ❕la mesa de centro nos recuerda al entramado de ramas de la foto original & los recipientes de vidrio celeste a su pedazo de cielo ⛅ #enjoytheview

GCamacho Diseño
pH: @gkmacho28

#textura #desing #naturaltexture #paletacromatica #pantone #wine #color #593 #cuenca #interiordesign #hechoenecuador #colorfulicious #ecuador #lovenature #natureinspired #allyouneedisecuador #ecuador593 #rednblue #greys

Monday 23 October 2017 5:35am ⛈

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