“The mountains are calling and I must go” 🏔🥰 After years of hard work, planning, budgeting, stressful conversations and a couple failed attempts later, JADEN AND I FUCKING DID IT! We moved to Colorado!!!! The mountains called so we fucking went! 😅 • nov 2018

Elkhorn stables estes , co
such a lovely time with the love of my life 💜✌🌲 #horsebackriding #elkornstables #horses #coloradophotography #coloradofun #coloradotography

⛰ red rocks, fresh air, & head space #coloradothings 🤩 special thanks to @alexnguyen94 for the hospitality and all the Denver views
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Dawn dwindles as dissolving darkness gives way to the vibrant glow of the morning star creeps up beneath the horizon.  A buck meanders without trepidation among the cornfields enjoying the last moments of placidity before the world gets busier. These cherished moments. An introverts charging station. Alone. Inspired. In Tune.  Photo taken yesterday (11/17/2018) near Barr Lake on a backyard morning safari.

Looking forward to seeing the desert in less than a week! 🏜The mountains have my heart, but so does the desert! ✨

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” - Susan Sontag 🗺🌎🛣
Happy Saturday to you all. ☺️ Have a great weekend!
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Get a break from the cold weather, come in to have a hot meal at Moosehill Brighton. Finish it off with our famous MooseMilk 🥛🍽🌮

First drone video dropping soon ✈

To start the day off today, my car slid into a ditch and it took about an hour to dig it out. Thank you by the way to all the people who helped and the guy with the truck and tow rope! Without you we wouldn’t have made it up here.

We got to the top of the line we wanted to ski and it was FREEZING! Our toes, fingers, and nose all went numb. To top it off, @fourpaws.twofeet caught an edge and hit her nose pretty badly.

All this to say that a pretty picture is only part of the journey. It doesn’t represent the struggle to get to the top of the things that happened along the way. The journey is never easy but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. It’s the things that happen along the way that might not be ideal that help make you into the person you are.
📸: @markdlopez

Having fun with Jade and Sapphire today! 😄