"Fish bowl" is mixed media on 18x18x1.5 in. canvas.


🙋🏼‍♀️You KNOW I’m gonna hop on that Art vs Hero train!!! 🚂 ⠀
Here they are from left to right:⠀

1.) Eduardo Vieira⠀
His work is so vibrant! He’s so versatile with his characters and has a wide range of talent. He inspires me to not settle for “perfection” and try different approaches to the same subject (check out his Over the Garden Wall sketches 🤩)⠀

2.) Isadora Zeferino⠀
Her art is very female empowering, delicate, but strong. She’s always challenging herself and her work is so varying it always keeps me interested to see what she will do next! She inspires me to be brave and try new things.⠀

3.) Tran Nguyen⠀
All I can say is WOW! She’s got awards, she’s got talent, she’s IMPECCABLE in her art and always inspires me to do my best in all my own pieces. Thank you!⠀

4.) Samantha Shumaker⠀
This girl not only paints her awesome images but also makes insanely detailed frames for them! I love how she thinks outside the box and how her paintings always communicate a powerful message/thought/feeling. ⠀

5.) J.V. Raiss⠀
That’s just regular ol’ me 😁. I hope to someday make it into someone’s Art vs Hero montage, and inspire them the way I am inspired by others. ⠀

6.) Heikala⠀
Her art is SO detailed, her color choices SO perfect! Not only does she share her adorable art but also videos of her magical skills. I always look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.⠀

7.) Ira Sluyterman van Langeveyde⠀
She is my watercolor Jesus. If it wasn’t for her I would’ve NEVER waded into the uncontrollable, unforgiving, and unbelievably beautiful shores of watercolor painting. She is single handedly responsible for me getting up the courage to try a medium miles outside of my comfort zone. THANK YOU so much Ira.⠀

8.) Alessandra Criseo⠀
This gorgeous lady’s art is clear, crisp, and leaves you wondering what was going through her mind when it was made. Love it!⠀

9.) Simone Grünewald⠀
Her art inpired me to depict my own life on paper. I’m a mum, she’s a mum. I love drawings of her family and being able to relate to art vs motherhood

Building up layers of color. Love laying one translucent color over the another.
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Just in time for summer 🙌🏼 two new sublimation tank top designs just arrived ☺️💕🧜🏼‍♀️ #lovewhatyoudo💞 #livewhatyoudo #create #wearableart #localart #stainedglass #mexicanstyle_art #diadelosmuertos #colorfulart #columbines #mermaids #bringcolorintoyourworld


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Did a little painting for myself the last couple days. #lindahendersonartist #acrylicpainting #airbrush #treeart🌳 #colorfulart #red

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