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We've got an olive egger! One of the babies we hatched this summer is laying these beautiful dark eggs in the lower right, and I'm obsessed. I've narrowed it down to 2 of the black hens. But, it looks like our white layers have all given up for the winter. I guess a leghorn or 2 are in our future, as I must have a full pallette!
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Found this great illustration on Backyardchickens.com that shows how Olive Egger chickens and eggs are created. Taking a blue egg and fertilizing it with a Maran rooster is the most common I believe. Our Olive Eggers are Ameracauna (blue layer) x Black Copper Marans (dark brown layer). We hope to keep some Olive Egger hens and maybe one Rooster, some BCMs hens and a rooster out of our 10 chicks now. If we can get two roosters to stand each other that is ha. I hope to trade or sell the extras for some blue layers and easter eggers. That way we will have a full spectrum of blue, green, and brown eggs. Then I can start working on some fun genetic projects for F2 Olive eggers, and maybe some other fun combos. #Oliveeggers #Eastereggers #Marans #eggrainbow #coloredeggs #farmfresheggs #eggsforsale #raisingchickens #backyardchickens #chickensofinstagram #genetics #chickengenetics #science #womenwhofarm #homesteading #farmlife

I never tire of this sight. About a month ago, the hens egg production had dropped so low that we had to buy eggs from the store. It was the first time we’ve had to in a year & a half. Our chickens have spoiled us because now I think store bought eggs are kinda 🤢. Thankfully, the ladies production is back up & we are once again swimming in eggs.
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#wall of #easter already. We haven't even had Valentine's Day yet. #holidays #early #shopping #browsing #easterdecor #bunnies #coloredeggs #fmspad #fms_wall

Colored eggs. They each have a rich and uniquely colored shell, but on the inside they hold the exact same lovely yolk. ➕
It’s a great lesson when I teach my children about Martin Luther King Jr., his ministry, and his life. It is certainly to be celebrated and understood; that we love everyone, no matter their race, their religion, their sexuality, their weight, their anything.....because at the end of the day, we are all HUMAN. ➕
I strive to teach my children to love everyone. To be sympathetic. To have ears to hear hurts. Eyes to see where there is need. Hands that serve and hearts that understand that we are all equal and equally loved by our Creator.

But even more than that, I hope to teach them that loving people isn’t enough. We must stand up for injustice wherever we find it. We must never be afraid to use our voices to speak truth boldly and with courage, and to show compassion for the broken, the hurting, and the marginalized.

Choose love. Choose courage. Choose peace. ➕
“He who accepts evil without protesting against it, is really cooperating with it.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.
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